Liaoning province’s business requires to destroy two kinds of clothes pants

On July 15, the Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce notified the results of the quality sampling inspection of clothing products in six cities and counties in the province. The results show that there are two types of goods endangering personal safety; 124 products produced by 124 companies are unqualified.

The Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau commissioned the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Dalian, Fushun, Benxi, Jinzhou, Liaoyang, Huludao, and Changtu County to conduct quality spot checks on clothing products in the circulation fields in its jurisdiction.

According to laws and regulations such as the Consumer Rights Protection Law and the Quality Law of the Products, the Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau is determined that the unqualified goods that endangers the safety of the human body and property and do not meet the national compulsory standards are the production and bidding of Beijing Ordos Wool Products Co., Ltd. The trademark is a round neck woman’s suit of the Ordos Olympic group, with a specification of 110 170/92A. Level, the measured value is 1-2 or individual items is 2. The fiber content is not standard. Named that Shanghai Joefu Clothing Co., Ltd. produces and nominal trademarks are qiaofu Joev jeans, with a specification of 175/92A 35. The standard value of dry friction coloring the coloring of friction should be ≥3, and the measured value is 2-3.

The Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau requires that all operators who operate the same trademark as the above two commodities (those who have not labeled the trademark, the same nominal producer deemed the same trademark) operator of the same specifications should be immediately stopped to sell and adopt the same time, and at the same time adopt adoption A need for warning, recall, harmless treatment, destruction, stop production or service to avoid harming people’s body and property safety. Producers shall also report to the Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau and the Quality and Technical Supervision Department or Market Supervision and Administration Department. The content of the report includes: the names of the unqualified products, the number of products processed, the value of goods, etc. Industry and commercial administrative departments and market supervision and management departments at all levels will investigate and punish the overdue without correction.

124 companies produced by men and women, dresses, dresses, T -shirts, short sleeves, jeans, casual pants, shirts, knitted sweaters, sweaters, etc. The fiber content does not meet the standard.

Reporter Yufeng reports