When does it unified the phone? Apple’s new watch charger exposure: Finally used it

On January 19th, according to the charging head network, Apple launched a new Watch Fast Charger module for smart watches. The module uses a special separation design, and the induction coils and control modules are independent of each other.


The most important thing is that this new charger is equipped with a “extremely advanced” USB-C interface, and Apple is one step closer to the C-port alliance.

The new Apple Watch charger supports the wireless fast charging of Apple Watch Series 7. Xiaolei learned that Apple has begun to provide related induction coils and control modules for companies in the MFI Alliance to facilitate subsequent design and production.

From the announcement of the charger, we can see that the control module adopts double -sided design, with power input and output pads. The advantage is to accelerate the production process of third -party accessories manufacturers.

At present, Apple’s Apple Watch Series 7 special charger is a combination of charging modules and wires. If one of the wires or charging parts is damaged, then the user can only replace it and buy a new one. The “concept of environmental protection” is against each other.


The best way is to separate the charging module from the wires. If the wire is broken, the wire is changed. It is good to change the charging seat if the charging part is broken.


After some iPad used the USB-C interface, Xiaolei had not seen Apple’s launch of the C-port device for some time.

Don’t look at the Type-C on the accessories, it is a bit painful or itchy. This is already a big step towards environmental protection. Maybe which generation of iPhone will really use the USB-C interface.

On the other hand, Apple Watch Series 7 is compatible with Apple’s 18W, 20W, 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W, 96W and other USB-C charging heads.

If the new charger lacks the “restraint” of the wire, it will be more flexible to charge the Apple Watch in the future. Almost all Type-C wires and charging heads can be compatible.

I believe that in the near future, we can see the new Apple Watch charger launched by various third -party accessories manufacturers. The friends who intend to replace the charger can look forward to a wave. In Xiaolei’s view, Apple’s launch of the C-port watch fast charge module may be a signal that turns to the port C league, and USB-C on the iPhone should be a matter sooner or later.