“Survey+Science Popularization” some mother -to -child chain stores in Haikou is off the solid drink, doctors suggest: try to choose well -known big brand products

One mother and baby shop clearly reminds: health foods cannot replace medicines. Photo by Wu Fengmei


Recently, a mother and baby shop in Luzhou, Hunan will be sold for infant milk powder for protein solid beverages called “Bolin”, which has led children to have problems such as dysplasia and prominent skulls and the masses. event”). On the 14th, the reporter visited some mother and infant shops in Haikou to find that some mother -to -child chain shops have been removed from all the solid drinks, but some mother -to -child shops are still selling special doctor milk powder and solid drinks. Essence Among them, no products named “Bolin” are found, and no mother and baby shops have been found to use solid drinks as special doctor milk powder.

Haikou’s mother and infant shop set up the sales area of ​​infant formula milk powder. Photo by Wu Fengmei

There are few specialty products recommended by maternal and infant shops

Some are not even involved in the special medical market


When a reporter from Haikou.com asked “What milk powder can babies eat”, some mother -to -child shop assistants recommended Meizhichen Qinshu’s protein milk powder. ), This product clearly labels the words “This product is a baby’s auxiliary food, cannot replace breast milk” and other words; some maternal and infant shops recommend Nestlé Yiershu, peptide Min Shu, Xiaobai Taineng, Xiaojia meal, New Dishi Special doctor milk powder such as Yabai Kangte (special medical use baby formula powder formula) and other special doctor milk powder. These special medical milk powder clearly indicate the words “national food note Ty …” and other words. In general, there are fewer specialized products recommended by maternal and infant shops, and some do not even get involved in the special medical market.

Special doctor’s milk powder note “Special Medicine”. Photo by Wu Fengmei

Mr. Wang, the owner of a mother and infant shop on Longkun South Road, told Haikou.com that his family originally purchased 3 special medical milk powder of different brands, but because a product failed to get a national license last year, there was only the store in the store this year. Nestlé and Nestle and New Disia’s two brands of special doctor milk powder.

“The baby’s problem cannot be joked. Children are allergic. It is best to go to the hospital to find out allergens. What is the allergies? How is the degree of allergies? Then buy a special doctor milk powder under the advice of a doctor.” When milk powder, Mr. Wang did not recommend the product strongly, but asked the specific situation of the baby’s allergies in detail, and told Haikou.com that it was best to go to the hospital to learn about the allergies and allergies, and finally follow the doctor’s order to buy.

Some stores clearly told Haikou reporters that they would not recommend special medical products to consumers. “No specific recommendation! Generally, doctors ask the other party to buy directly. In the past, the store was sold (for babies required for deep protein allergies) amino yogurt powder. Milk powder that specializes in medical supplies can not be sold randomly! “Because I feel that the specialty milk powder market is high, the chain store owner and shopping guide Mr. Mo who has been engaged in the mother and baby store industry decisively abandon the market.

Special doctor milk powder stipulates the registration number of “National Food Note Ty”. Photo by Wu Fengmei

Some mother and infant shops remove all solid drinks

No product named “Bolitamin” has not been found

Haikou.com reporters visited and learned that the solid beverages sold on Haikou market include Tomson Bijian’s protein powder (fruit flavor) solid drink, Midunli enhanced zinc solid drinks, high -Pei composite/ice pure probiotic solid drinks, as well as wisdom Dragon, baby Shang, cool gold and silver flower preparations, Ying’s Qingqingzhe plant solid material, etc., they have help to improve immunity, help digestion, clear fire, balance the stomach, supplement vitamin C, zinc, calcium supplementation, etc. Features. The price of these solid drinks is mostly 100 to 400 yuan. There are square box packages and round iron cans similar to milk powder types. The shopping guide told Haikou.com reporters: “Some solid drinks are shape in shape, which are made into round iron cans, which can be easily available and preserved.”

When some maternal and infant shops recommend solid drinks, they are recommended for assistance foods. At present, no products called “Bolin” are not yet found, and no maternal and baby shops are found to use solid drinks as formula milk promotion.

Ms. Wu, a health manager and guide, said that during the growth of some children, the shortcomings of the shortcomings, the shortcomings of the shortcomings, etc. are normal. When the constant is lower than the normal value, the child needs to add some trace elements. It will affect children’s healthy development.


“The solid drinks sold in the store meet the national standards of food safety. Some also clearly marked the word ‘food’. Most of them have auxiliary effects. Solid beverages are rich in types. Probiotics are called solid drinks. There are some colostrum of cattle, and consumers should correctly understand solid drinks and don’t be too sensitive. “Ms. Wu believes that there is only one” general “(referring to full formula milk powder). Solid beverages such as probiotics and cattled milk), “soldiers” play a helping role, and cannot be “noisy.” When consumers need to buy solid drinks such as probiotics, Ms. Wu will understand the baby’s symptoms in detail before it is recommended that customers buy it.

During the visit, a reporter from Haikou.com also learned that shortly after the Chenzhou milk powder incident, some chain maternal and infant shops moved, and all solid drinks were removed. According to Mr. Mo, according to the company’s requirements, he has removed all the solid drinks, and when he can re -list it, you have to look at the company’s arrangement. “It’s a pity to withdraw it! Parents who have recently purchased probiotics cannot find probiotics at our store for the time being. In fact, iron powder, calcium powder, zinc powder … Most of them are solid drinks. The drink itself is not milk powder, and the solid is solid. It is a mistake to sell drinks as milk powder. “

Solid drinks on the shelves. Photo by Wu Fengmei

Expert: Parents when buying special medical products

Try to choose a well -known big brand product

Round canal solid drink. Photo by Wu Fengmei

What are the special medical use formula food? When a child has protein allergies, how should parents choose correctly? In response, a reporter from Haikou interviewed Zeng Xia, Director of Gastrointestinal Medicine of the Women’s and Children’s Medicine Center in Hainan Province.

The full name of the special medical milk powder is a special medical use baby formula, which is designed to meet the nutritional needs of babies with special diseases or specific medical conditions. “As far as the type is concerned, the special doctor’s milk powder, amino acid formula milk powder, deep hydrolyzed formula milk powder, moderate hydrolyzed formula milk powder, etc. The baby’s disease to protein allergies is mainly caused by an abnormal immune response caused by one kind of milk protein or more milk protein. Milk protein allergic gastrointestinal diseases can be manifested as various forms, which are common manifestations of digestive systems, such as repeated diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, blood stool, etc.; Skin and mucous membranes, such as eczema, erythema, etc Non -infectious runny nose, breathing, cough, etc. “Some children will also cry for no reason and not be able to soothe, reject milk, and do not gain weight. Severe allergic reactions are even manifested as dyspnea, hypotension, gastrointestinal ulcers, anemia, etc.”. “

Zeng Xia reminded that if the baby has these symptoms, he needs to go to a hospital with a child with a child digestive department in time, and the specialist will be evaluated and judged.

“For babies who are diagnosed with milk protein, doctors will guide parents to choose different special doctor milk powder according to the degree of allergies and condition.” Zeng Xia said that parents should regularly follow the clinic in the process of feeding special doctors to monitor the baby’s baby’s The growth and development is usually once every 1 to 3 months.


Zeng Xia said that protein solid drinks are just ordinary drinking products, and the types and contents of nutrients cannot meet the nutrients needed for children’s development. If parents use protein solid beverages as a baby’s long -term nutritional source, it will cause malnutrition of the baby, affect normal growth and development, and even decrease in intelligence, anemia, etc.


How to buy special doctor milk powder for milk protein allergies? Zeng Xia suggested that in the choice, we should try to choose products of well -known brands, such as New Dihia, Nestlé, Mead Johnson, etc. Parents should read the label information carefully when buying, and pay attention to the “infant formula”, “special medical use formula” or similar meaning on the accident. Special doctor milk powder will indicate the registration number of “National Food Note Ty”, which can retrieve product information on the “Special Food Information Inquiry Platform” on the official website of the General Administration of Market Supervision.

Reporter Wu Fengmei Li Jiajia Photography Report

(Haikou.com, May 15th)