Do you remember these old brands in Zhaoqing?

Those old brands that make Zhaoqing people miss the most


They used to be very popular for a while


These old brands are accompanied by our growth,

Carrying the unique memories of Lao Zhaoqing people

How much do you recognize now?



Zhaoqing biscuit factory

Classic green packaging:

Fruit stacked, English words,

Part of the transparent packaging bag,

You can see the delicious and crispy cake.

It was very fashionable at the time!

Classic fruit prestige cake


Zhaoqing Biscuits Factory was founded in 1956 and can be called the “big brother” of the biscuit factory industry.

A number of different varieties of biscuits such as “Star Lake”, including crispy crispy crispy, ice flowers combed cakes, vegetable grams, etc., have received domestic praise.

Workers are packaging biscuits (1983)


In early 1986, the biscuit factory introduced the first advanced equipment and technology from British companies in the country, producing European flavors “

Star Lake “Dorvik rack cake, pearl cake

Wait, it is comparable to similar international products.

The automated production line introduced by the factory

When children’s shoes were bought a few years ago, the packaging would be changed like this …


Zhaoqing Pai rice noodles

Zhaoqing’s row rice noodles can be described as a household name,

With fans oily, transparent, and smooth,

The characteristics and unique taste are popular with the characteristics and unique taste.

From the 1960s and 1970s, Zhaoqing’s rice noodles were exported as export products and sold at home and abroad.

It is mainly sold to the United States, Canada, Italy, South Korea and other places for decades.


Although the packaging has long been replaced, the familiar taste and smooth taste can still evoke great appetite.


Zhaoqing Brewery


In addition to the blue belt beer factory you are familiar with now,

In the 1980s,

Series of beer produced by Zhaoqing Brewery

(Zhaoqing Beer, Happy Beer, Dinghu Beer, etc.)

Also selling at home and abroad,

Created a brilliant beer world.

The picture shows the corner of the beer production line. (1983)


In the 1980s, Zhaoqing Brewery used high -quality mineral water to make Zhaoqing brand, happy brand beer and Dinghu brand ginseng beer. The US Tao and International Calenda also visited the Brewery.

Although Zhaoqing Beer has faded out of the historical stage, there are still the memory of Zhaoqing generations. Occasionally, when you see old photos, how many old stories will be in your mind.

Xinghu MSG

With the approval of the State Securities Supervision and Administration Commission, Zhaoqing Xinghu Weibin Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 18th.

Become the first listed company in China MSG Industry


The “Xinghu Opper”, the archway of “Xinghu” was a generation of landmarks in Zhaoqing.

On August 21, 1988, the company’s Xinghu MSG Factory was officially approved by the Ministry of Light Industry as a “national secondary enterprise” and “national energy -saving second -level enterprise”. Standard enterprises.

▲ Figure 1

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Zhaoqing Flour Factory

Zhaoqing Flour Factory, located in Nan’an Town, Gaoyao, was the largest flour factory in Zhaoqing.


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“Lily Flower”, “Egg Flower”, “Sword Flower” card

Special -level flour and flour and

“Seven Stars” card

High, medium, low -gluten flour and noodles, etc., are sold to the province and Hong Kong.

Xijiang Brewery

The Xijiang Brewery, located at No. 2 Huxi Road, South Bank of Zhaoqing, has a long history of production. In the 1990s, it was the largest brewing company in western Guangdong.

Zhaoqing Rice Alcohol Series and Morquetting Wine Series won the Guangdong Four Rookie Product Awards and high -quality product awards, and the 94 China Food Fair Silver Award.


Moroda Halberglason Ganoderma lucidum and silkworm moths have filled the gap in domestic products.

The Omarton Halberd’s Morning Halberry Replenishment Series with a variety of medicinal materials has the effects of aphrodisiac and strong body, which is exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States.

Kirin Mountain mineral water

Zhaoqing’s earliest Kirin Mountain “Source of Life” mineral water.


Water sources are broken with limestone. The cracks of the tap band are pressed water. According to experts, the water quality is stable, and it contains more than 20 trace elements necessary for the human body, which is very rare.


In March 1989, it passed a national appraisal in Beijing to confirm that the water quality was precious and high -quality natural mineral water. It is said that water quality can be comparable to French Vittel mineral water.


Gao Yao Food Factory

The Gaoyao Food Factory was founded in 1957 and is located in Factory Factory Street, Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing. It is an ownership of the whole people. The predecessor was Gao Yaoyan Pesticide Factory. In 1962, it was named Gaoyao County Food Factory.

In 1985, the automatic glass bottled beverage production line was introduced from Hong Kong, and soy milk drinks were launched.

The daffodil flower brand Vita soy milk was awarded the third prize of outstanding new products by the Provincial Quality Review Committee.

“History of Weishui”

后 After 1987, three automatic glass bottle beverage production lines were added and developed

Chrysanthemum tea, coconut milk juice, coconut milk, sunflower treasure soda, orange treasure soda


Wait for a series of beverages and start production of self -use glass bottles.


香 In 1991, it cooperated with Hong Kong Kaiguo Company to form a “Gaoyao Shuixian Flower Beverage Co., Ltd.”, which invested 1.66 million US dollars to introduce the first Swedish Telle Soft packing beverage production line with an annual production capacity of 21 million boxes.

In 1992, it developed steamed water, cool tea, winter melon and rice juice, and put into the market. In March of the same year, it cooperated with Huoqiao County to build Zhaoqing Xiangshan Mineral Water Beverage Factory.

进 Then invest in the introduction of the second Swedish Telle soft packaging beverage production line, with an output of 18,700 tons and an output value of 45.556 million yuan.

Daily use


Guangdong Instrument Factory

The Guangdong Instrument Factory is located on Xinghu East Road in Zhaoqing. It was founded in 1958. It has been produced for more than 30 years. In 1994, the output value was 71 million yuan and the tax profit was 10.38 million yuan.

In 1978, the rubber film of the Guangdong Instrument Factory established in the 1950s won the National Science Conference

“Excellent Science and Technology Project” award

Product sales nationwide, and exported Asia and non -country countries, are one of the eight generals in the country’s production automation instrument.

Young service team members of the Guangdong Instrument Factory and other units in Zhaoqing City took to the streets to repair bicycles for the masses (1982)

Zhaoqing Unified Stockings Factory

“Pretty Beauty” Stockings Series

It stands out with quality and high quality. On April 29, 1994, he was awarded the title of “Chinese recognized brand -name products” and won the first medal of the national socks industry.


(Web picture)

The “Zhaoqing Unified Stockings Factory”, located in the third road of Zhaoqing City, is an enterprise in cooperation with the Duanzhou Foreign Economic Development Corporation and Hong Kong Unified Knitting Co., Ltd.

In the series of products, it is especially famous for pantyhose. It is known as the domestic product market and is called “

Pantyhose king “

Essence The “pretty woman” trademark has been registered in the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

South China Bicycle Factory

Speaking of bicycles,

Lao Zhaoqing people will know,


At the end of the last century,

South China Bicycle Factory, located in the west of Zhaoqing.


The Nanhua Group Corporation of Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province is a designated and export base for bicycle -based bicycle production and export bases approved by the State Council’s Mechanical and Electrical Office.

In the 1990s, at the exhibition held in the factory, it had already sold more than 1,000 bicycles and more professional highway cars.

The development of Zhaoqing’s bicycle industry has occupied a place in the domestic market in that era

Several production lines with contemporary international advanced levels, advanced production processes and quality testing systems, so that

“South China” seven -star series sports cars and mountain cars

Creating international markets such as the United States, Japan, and Europe, creating a product export rate of up to 90 %.

Now that the living conditions are gradually increased

These old brands are gradually forgotten

But they used to bring us memories

But how many ipads can’t compare

How many years can’t be wiped out

Zhaoqing released the editorial department

Source: “The Most of Zhaoqing”, Xinghu Meimei

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Zhaoqing Unified Stockings Factory


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