Box Qifeng Cake

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Author: Nini Nini

Creation time: 2015-11-22 13:09:08

Description: Now the box is very popular for thousands of snow cakes. I personally like to eat Qifeng cake, so try to try it


5 eggs


Orange juice or milk 80g

Solor oil 50g

Sugar (Qifeng Cake) 70g

Flour 90g

Animal cream 500g


Sugar (cream) according to personal taste

Several mango (or any fruits you like)



0. 1. Egg white separation 2. Pour the oranges into the egg yolk, stir well 3, pour the color pour in 2, stir well, sieve the flour, mix well with 3, 5, the protein pass (dry foam) sugar three times, add three times to add sugar, add three times to the sugar, add three times to the sugar, add three times to the sugar. In the protein 6. After the protein is sent, add the egg yolk paste three times and mix it gently (roll it up from the bottom, do not stir the circles to avoid the protein bubble) 7. After mixing well Billing, the surface is flattened, and the middle layer is baked at 180 degrees for 15 to 18 minutes!

1. Take it out after the cake body is tested. After cooling, press the box size and cut into pieces


2. After cutting, put the cake at the bottom of the box, apply the cream after passing, put it with your favorite fruit, then take a piece of cake, apply the cream and put it on the fruit. Wipe another layer of cream and flatten the surface.

3. In the last step, put some fruits on the smooth cream and decorate it! It’s really convenient, and it tastes clean, just one spoon!

Box Qifeng Cake