In the hot summer, prepare more bird’s nest wolfberry for your family, nourish and strengthen your body.

As the saying goes, “Winter Nongzu Tong at the time”, this sentence is often regarded as a classic by many “health people”. However, the original intention of this sentence is not to say that other seasons cannot be supplemented, but should be analyzed according to the specific situation. For example, in the first summer, the human body’s metabolism is accelerated, and the water and electrolyte will also exacerbate the loss with sweating. It is necessary to choose nourishing, clearing or flat supplement depending on the actual situation. During this year’s JD in the middle of 618, launched a large number of high -cost tonic products. Let’s take a look together.


Zhengguan Zhuang Gaoli Ginseng Drink

When Chinese people mention nourishing products, they often think of “ginseng” first, while South Korea’s imported Korean ginseng products have the effects of great supplements, replenishment, and anti -aging, which is the first choice in ginseng nourishing supplements. The Korean ginseng drink produced by the Korean ginseng brand centennial official Zhuangzhuang, selected 6 years of raw materials rich in 32 kinds of ginsenosides, with ginger, jujube, cinnamon, wolfberry and other auxiliary materials. It is a blue hat health food approved by the Ministry of Health of my country. It can be drunk and easy to carry. It is a daily nourishing product that is very suitable for middle -aged and elderly friends.


Qingyuan Tangsai Ginseng Slot

As one of the common ginseng products at present, Western Ginseng is more suitable for clearing up compared with Gossi. At present, the western ginseng products on the market are mainly sliced ​​products. The western ginseng slices produced by Qingyuantang are used as raw materials from 5 -year age ginseng produced in Changbai Mountain. Qualified products are packed through three layers of locking to ensure that each piece is rich. In addition to drinking, making wine and soup, it can also be taken directly. It can also be taken directly. It has the magical effect of refreshing the brain to resist fatigue.


Tongrentang Breaking Wall Ganoderma spore powder capsules

In addition to ginseng products, Ganoderma products are also one of the representatives of nourishing health products in recent years. This broken wall ganoderma spore powder capsule produced by the well -known old -fashioned Tongrentang in the Chinese medicine industry uses advanced low -temperature wall breaking technology to ensure that the nutritional ingredients are not damaged while absorbing. The content ensures the purity of the raw materials. Every 100g ganoderma spore powder is as high as 3.0g. Plant capsules can effectively avoid the optical oxidation of spore powder, which is very suitable for the undergraduate of all ages.

Fudong Hai Ningxia wolfberry


Wolfberry, which often appears with various high -end ingredients as a common supplement, is no stranger to everyone, but today we are talking about this Fudong sea can wolfberry. Fudonghai wolfberry uses the authentic Ningxia wolfberry grown naturally, from picking, drying to selection of fruits, and its products have the characteristics of high floating rate, obvious white tip, and long -lasting pieces. The good products in wolfberry can be brewed separately or with Cordyceps sinensis and American ginseng slices.


Xiaoxian stewed fresh stewed bird’s nest ice sugar weekly setting

In film and television dramas, we can often see the scenes of various “local tyrants” eating bird’s nest. With the gradual popularization of bird’s nest products in recent years, the bird’s nest is also the real “flying into the home of ordinary people”. Essence As a representative brand of fresh stewed bird’s nest in China, this fresh -stewed bird’s nest selected by Xiaoxian stewed in Malaysia/Indonesia’s forest rainy season bird’s nest, which is known as “Golden Swallow Paradise”. In success, the addition of natural polycrystalline rock sugar effectively enhances the taste. On that day, fresh stew and cold fresh distribution ensure the quality of fresh stewed products, which is an excellent choice for summer nourishing.

East Armos

Dong’er Ejiao has a history of about 3,000 years as a well -known internationally renowned brand. Since ancient times, it has been hailed as “blood -replenishment medicine” and “nourishing national treasure”. This East Ejiao film produced by Dong’er Ejiao uses exquisite non -remedial glue technology that has been inherited for more than 2,000 years. With a good taste and nourishing effect, you can also get a dedicated powder grinding grinding machine during the 618.


In addition to the above explosion models,’s health during the entire 618 period will continue to focus on the health consumption needs of consumers at different stages and scenes. Lien 150,000 pharmacies and medical institutions, tens of thousands of medical beauty, physical examination, oral cavity and other institutions to participate in comprehensive participation, bringing consumers to cover the health of medical treatment, health nourishment, medical equipment, consumer medical care, and other scenes. Good things and quality services.