Liu Tao finally changed the style, wearing a handmade flower skirt to become smaller and fresh, and the temperament is more than 10 years old

Liu Tao’s image of the workplace elite since he played the TV series “Ode to Ode to Joy” has deeply rooted the people’s hearts, especially in the recent “Dear Inn”, Liu Tao jumped from the boss to the boss who was alone. The ground is full, and the styling in the show is also a suit with trousers, which looks full of gas, and a bad boss sent the head.


When Boss Tao appeared, he seemed to see the original Andy, and he was really very serious and serious about his work. It was really a good actor. It is indeed a good actor. Entering the role is very fast and it will drive the audience’s emotions.

Liu Tao not only had his own ace variety show, but also recently participated in “The King of Cross -Border Songs”. This time, the small fresh style made a stunning appearance that made people shine.


Liu Tao is a very strong artist. Not only does every role play the role of popularity, but her singing skills are also very good. Previously, she won the championship in the first season of cross -border song king. It can be seen that the singing strength is good. At the same time, she also worn very much, especially this gentle and small and fresh shape.

The overall shape is also very simple. The main color is fresh blue and green, simple and atmospheric. The blue shirt with a green skirt looks delicate and capable. It is also the most essential part of this set of shapes. It makes the simple shape look young and lively, and the handmade flowers and some literary atmosphere.


The shirt is bundled into the skirt to shape the waistline. It can be seen that Liu Tao’s waist lines are very slender and the figure is very good. With a pair of silver -gray strap high -heeled shoes on the feet, from this perspective, the heels are still quite high. Looking at the instep and the ground are almost 90 degrees angle, the heels of the female star dare not compliment.

Liu Tao successfully put herself into a woman who was more beautiful than Huaer this time. It looked pretty and chic, and turned into a small fresh as if she was more than ten years younger.

The flower basket sitting in the air seemed to be gentle. Sister Tao was so beautiful in the temperament. It is so beautiful anyway, especially this time the hairstyle is more elegant. It looks more gentle.


Liu Tao has rarely changed the style this time, and it is rare to take the small fresh line. You must know that she has either domineering suit style or a sexy and elegant goddess line.


The sexy goddess style was memorable when I participated in the brand activity in the first two days. The deep V -neck opened to the waist directly, and the high split was so powerful that it was solemn to the root of the thighs, and there was a sexy big back. Essence


In the previous period of the cross -border song king, Liu Tao wore a velvet dress twice in a row, which was also a deep V -neck high split. With the velvet material, elegant red and retro green all worn different styles. Fan is full, elegant and sexy, and goddess Fan is full.

Liu Tao often exercises his body. Therefore, her figure is very good. Although she is not very thin paper, her lines and curves are very good. The temperament is too outstanding.

This time Liu Tao finally changed the style. The small fresh style not only did not decrease the temperament, but looked younger. Looking forward to this episode! Original text, the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.