Denim shorts with navel installation, what kind of fairy matching, people around you are envious

Hello everyone, I am a ticket uncle. I shared the combination of denim shorts and sling yesterday. Everyone already feels very beautiful and cool.

So today, Uncle Tickets recommend the matching method of denim shorts and navel installations. I believe you will fall in love with you after reading it!


A very exaggerated ripped denim shorts with a short black vest. The light -colored denim blue looks fair, and black has the same effect.

The tight vest showed the body curve to the fullest, and the waist denim shorts also made the slender waist more attractive. A long pair of beautiful legs also sneaks their beauty through the holes.

Blue -gray curl -side denim shorts, upper body with a white -collaring bubble shirt. The hem of the loose waist just makes the navel have room for display, and the combination of bubble sleeves and wavy curly hair is also more goddess temperament.

In addition, the length of the super shorts appears longer, and the color can be more fair.


Light blue A -shaped denim shorts, with Oversized boyfriend’s wind -column vest, rolled up the front and slightly exposed the navel.

This is refreshing, and there is a little cute. Denim shorts with width and wide legs, even thinner legs.

The exaggerated beggar denim shorts with short white letters print T -shirts can also wear a umbilical effect.


The tight T -shirt is perfectly outlined, and even the right -angle shoulders can be clearly seen. The combination of light blue and white is more fresh.

A glamorous red lips make the whole set, in addition to the small freshness, there is a trace of mature little wild.

Some people say that the navel installation is synonymous with mature and sexy, but it is not. The navel installation can also wear a small fresh taste.

A colorful gentle wind and short T -shirt with the space on both sides of the hem brought the space displayed by the navel. With a simple rolling denim shorts, the white skin tone and thin body are even more obvious.

Of course, pay attention to the choice of accessories. Small curly hair and air bangs can indeed play a role in age -reducing, but if it is paired with a purple flower card, it is even more kawaii ~

Speaking of age reduction, girls can also try the matching of horizontal stripes, long -sleeved T -shirts and denim shorts.


Of course, long sleeves must be exposed to the navel. The tight -fitting shoulders make the perfect figure show off better, and the unilateral butterfly nodes are also very designed.

Dressing this is very age -reducing, especially when the figure is so perfect, it is said that you will definitely believe that you are under 20 years old!

In addition to choosing short tops that can be exposed, the choice of hairstyle is also very particular. The most age -reduced hairstyle is not a ponytail, but a ball head.

The pills are born with a cute and playful feeling, making boys’ desire to attract and protect them. Coupled with the short navel vest and T -shirt, it is so cute that there are wood? The return rate in minutes is over 100 million!


If you don’t like a T -shirt or suspender vest, you can try a new combination of shirts and denim shorts.

Black -green checkered shirt, the loose design of the hem makes the small waist more charming; the low -waisted light -colored jeans look more clean under the action of small white shoes, and can effectively “add white” to make the skin tone More fair.

In addition, for girls with white skin tone, a red lips are perfect at this time, both bold and small.


There is also such a white deep V shirt with a slightly perspective feeling, which pulls the clothes as a whole to the back, exposing more collarbone and shoulders, and the right -angle shoulders are also looming under the action of see -through outfits.

The method of cross -line bow in front of the shirt, in addition to being able to expose the navel, is more playful and cute, and with a light blue rolled denim shorts. When it is tied to a small black leather belt, you are the most beautiful scenery in our hearts ~

Things such as shirts can be put on and can be used as “accessories” of the whole set of matching. For example, this set, light blue denim shorts with black lace camisole.

Some girls will always worry that if she will be cold and having a stomach if she is exposed … Then, with the artifact of a shirt, I will no longer worry about physiological problems ~

Also, this kind of dressing not only looks good, but the effect of taking photos is also excellent!

Especially the collision between black and red, one is sexy and mysterious black, and the other is the red -like red, and the two of them are fighting together, which is enough to make you fun during vacation.

Come here, pose, 3,2,1, beautiful girls are good ~


As mentioned yesterday, lace will give people a mature and charming first impression. So in addition to the lace edge, the gray short camisole can also have the same effect!


The thin strap design makes the effect of the scent of the scent of the shoulder more obvious; in addition to showing the body, the tight strap design of the chest also adds vitality to the entire set.


In addition, do not wear “serious” cardigan with the same color. The method of wearing shoulders is the most popular. As long as it is popular, there is the truth of its existence. Try more fashion elements and items is serious.

If that group is suitable for vacation, then the following group is inherently combined for vacation!

The darker blue denim shorts, coupled with pure white waist camisole, the short vest made the body’s quality at a glance, and the proportion of the goddess in accordance with the denim shorts also became the focus of discussion.


If you wear a vacation like this, your uncle recommends that you can bring a thin cardigan to help you block the boasting of some sun.


Since it is going to vacation, then the beach must be arranged! Keke, Uncle Tickets is ready to go to the sea for a good time this year ~


When you return to the seaside, when you want to wear denim shorts to show the umbilical outfit, you can relax the choice of navel installation, which can be more free, comfortable, wild, and charming.

However, Uncle Tickets want to recommend to you is that this one is a bit close to the swimsuit shirt. The ruffled side design shows cuteness, and it will not be too exposed. In addition, the blue and seawater blue echoes, it is perfect! The girls who are afraid of sun can also bring a straw hat ~


Introduce so many denim shorts and campaign composition of the navel god set. Next, give you a short suspender vest with FEEL ~

Short straps with knitted or sweater effects not only look design, but also make your thin waist more slender.

In addition, the super -exaggerated “penetrating” fake zipper of denim shorts can also improve the different goddess Fan Er for you ~


It is also a short camisole with sweater effects, but the lower body is matched with hairy denim shorts. The exaggerated big pockets and black belts are good bonus.

Of course, your big red lips are also very attractive!

Red lip collar bone niggare shoulders, thin waist long legs, praise!

Uncle tickets have been conquered by you.

The next short suspender is more design. It is not a simple suspender, but to maintain the integrity of the clothes through the black system on the chest. It can be said that the designer is very attentive.

In addition, shorts that are short to a certain point, which not only extends the proportion of legs, but also helps the owner show a good figure.

In addition to T -shirts, shirts, and suspenders, there is also a kind of clothes that can wear a navel effect -wrapped the chest.

Black bubbles wrap their chests and show their charming collarbone. They do not forget to show the white and tender skin on the waist and abdomen. If you still have vest lines, it will definitely make everyone into lemon essence and become your little fart ~

Well, today’s introduction is over here, the uncle ticket summarizes it.


Denim shorts plus the umbilical umbilical outfit, clavicle, showing shoulders, showing navel, showing horse nail lines, beautiful legs, such two clothes arrangement and combination can complete so many things. What kind of fairy matching is this? Do you like it?