How to wear in early autumn? From the autumn costume of Sanmu blogger, I found 5 inspirations and fashionable temperament

There is a rule in the fashion industry: look at the figure in spring and summer, look at it in autumn and winter

Essence In other words, if you have no proud figure or a peerless face, then autumn and winter is a good opportunity for you to counterattack ~

How should I wear in the early autumn? We can find some inspiration from Sanmu blogger’s autumn costume, so that you have transformed into a fashionable Disney princess from the unprecedented ugly ducklings!


The first inspiration >> Find a color matching color

Choose the color matching color matching, and you will directly win on the starting line of the autumn and winter.


What we know

Black, white, brown and gray

These four basic colors are very advanced.

You can also try to combine with these color -free and other low -saturated or low -brightness colors, but the overall must not exceed three colors ~

1. Blue+brown

The combination of blue and brown is the favorite color matching of Sanmu blogger in early autumn. The blue is reminiscent of the clear blue sky, and brown takes you to appreciate the beauty of autumn. How can these two beautiful colors combine together?

If you wear blue, it will show dark, you can put blue jeans like Samu on the lower body.


2. White+brown

White has a good brightening effect on skin tone. Using white in large areas can make your skin look more well -proportioned and shiny.

The warm skin is suitable for the warm white with beige tones. People with cold skin are more suitable for cold white white with gold or blue.


Sanmu blogger is a typical warm skin. Choosing this beige pearl white cardigan looks softer and more temperament. With the brown border bag, the beauty of autumn seems to be concentrated here ~


The second inspiration >> accessories that can improve the texture

The key to dressed in early autumn is not whether your clothing has a sense of design and whether the clothes are expensive, but to see if you will choose accessories.


If you want to dress better in early autumn, you must master some good -looking and versatile high -level accessories.

They can make your seemingly ordinary items glowing with extraordinary glory.

1. Cortexbret hat

Retro literary girls are essential for early autumn items, which must be a leather shell hat.

Cortic should choose a soft and delicate material, preferably matte style.

Both brown and black leather shell caps are very versatile and have an autumn and winter atmosphere. With a brown sweater and pleated skirt on the left, the gentle little fairy. With a checkered suit on the right, it is the young Master British young man with a sense of youth ~


2. Simple and silver accessories

Metals and cortcings are the best items that can improve the overall texture.

You can choose some exaggerated gold accessories to increase the sense of atmosphere.


Gold and silver accessories can control exaggerated and daily materials, such as this leather skirt on the left, with exaggerated golden earrings, it will look very advanced.

Gold and silver accessories can also make ordinary basic models fashionable,

For example, the combination of the right shirt and suit pants.

3. Brown leather bag


If most of your wardrobes are casual items such as T -shirts, chiffon shirts, etc., but if you want to have a high sense, leather bags are good accessories.


The third inspiration >> single product with autumn and winter atmosphere+basic model

A good set of good clothes must pay attention to the creation of the overall atmosphere. Spring and summer must be refreshing, vitality, and it is stable in autumn and winter.

1. Knit sweater

Like the soft and gentle sweater and trench coat, it is a signal of autumn. Wearing a soft sweater, we put on all the tenderness of autumn on your body.

The slim sweater on the left can be paired with straight suit pants, which is advanced and capable.

Ordinary khaki sweater can be paired with delicate knitted skirts and boots.

That’s the high sense of envy ~

2. windbreaker

Now that the sweater has been arranged, how can you get a trench coat?

The best choice of windbreakers in the middle length near the calf. Small girls can choose simple design trench coats.

Sanmu blogger uses the simplest khaki trench coat to match with a white skirt, open and wear a belt to highlight the waistline, and a simple combination can also wear a beautiful atmosphere ~

Fourth Inspiration >> Use accessories to determine the overall style

The reason why people who will only follow the trend will not give people a sense of fashion and high -level feeling is because they do not have a fixed style.

The style of dressing is like your postcard. With representative characteristics, it will leave a deep memory point.

When wearing, the overall style is the accessories.

1. Basic model+accessories leading style

If the clothing you wear does not have obvious style characteristics,


Basic styles of neutral style, then you can determine the overall style through accessories.

The white shirt and khaki trousers worn by Sanmu blogger here have no obvious style. The British Wind Hat wearing has become the main body of the style, and the elegant British style is created in this way ~

2. Mixing and matching accessories and clothing


If the style of clothing is relatively fixed, you can also try to use other styles of accessories to create new styles. The popular sweet and cool style before is the principle.

Take the small fragrant breeze jacket on the Sanmu blogger as an example. Light gray small fragrant breeze jacket belongs to the celebrity style. The brown leather bags and boots are retro fashion style. This different style of single products combined, you can find new beauty!

Fifth Inspiration >> Adjust the local details to avoid the sense of accumulation

Putting not only pay attention to the whole, but also the details. Details can make you look more delicate and durable.

1. Different figures need to choose different designs

Different figures must choose different designs that suits you,

The purpose of choosing a single product is to avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses.

For example, people with long necks should choose a neckline with a sense of extension, and people with short legs should choose clothing that can lengthen the legs of the legs.


2. Pull your sleeves up

In addition to choosing a single product that can be avoided and avoiding weaknesses, you must also learn to handle the sense of miscellaneousness brought by clothing. The unknown coat, the long sleeves are easy to wear a sense of cheapness.

For these sleeves with too long jackets, the sleeves can be pulled up, and the slender wrists can not only be thin, but also sexy.

3. Put the corner of the clothes

If you are too long jacket or the proportion of the body is not good, you can try to stuff the corner of the clothes.


To adjust the proportion of the body, and can save unattractive clothing.

If you wear a unfacked sweater, you can try to stuff the sweater into high waist pants. Just like the Sanmu Bo owner, choose a coat with a moderate width to modify the figure. It is not strange to wear it!


How to create a beautiful dress in early autumn?

First of all, there must be a high -level color matching color matching, and then to choose the high -level accessories to increase the texture, and determine the style, the single product that can modify the body to show the figure, and finally handle the details.



It is better to grant people to fish with fish. Instead of wearing big clothes in other people, it is better to learn other people’s wear inspiration.

The five Mu Boshiers, these five masters of the early autumn, have been inspired by dressing in the early autumn, have all the small books remember it?