The screws that are never loose in Japan, Hudlord, to see what production testing equipment

I think everyone is well known in this Japanese company. There are not many people and there is no strong background. However, it can be the most powerful company in the world’s “screw industry”, which is really shocking.


NAS tester (vibration and impact tester)

(National Aerospace Standard)

The impact and vibration test equipment that meets the US aerospace standards. Bring the screws to the specified framework, vibrate and impact at about 30 Hz and about 11.4 mm at 30,000 times (about 17 minutes), and check whether it is loose.

Junker vertical vibration tester

A typical example of the screw loosening test method was designed by Dr. Jun in Germany and is called the Rongcak orthogonal vibration tester. Use test bolts and nuts to fix the fixing board and vibration board, and apply external forces to the vibration board on the direction of vertical axis to make it shift and check the axial force.

Narut tightening tester

This is a test device that can measure the axial force by automatically tightening the nut and install the torque/angle and the weighing sensor.

Tightening the test at one time can get the data of the torque-axial force diagram, the rotation angle-torque diagram, and the rotation angle-axial force diagram.


Universal test machine

The machine has a metal, composite material, and its product and component execution strength test (stretching, compression, bending, shear, etc.), and the maximum load is 1000 kn (100 tons).

Used to ensure load testing and screw cutting test.


Fatigue testing machine

This is a device that checks the fatigue limit of the fatigue of the product and component fatigue characteristics by repeatedly using the setting value and the fatigue characteristics of the component, and confirms that the load and stress amplitude below the fatigue limit will not cause fatigue failure.

Maximum load: ± 100kn @ 21MPa,

Itinerary: 100mm (± 50mm)


These testing equipment is actually very ordinary, but if each screw can pass these successful tests, then this screw is definitely high -quality. But it is not enough to never loosen.

Production equipment

6 CNC lathes, 1 milling machine, 3 drilling machines

55 special processing machines 8 special screwdriver industrial robots 1 1 (1 (1 (1 (1 (1 Gallest Robot Lidio 3, 2 Plane Stills, One Slot Machine 6 Calcule 6 Automatic Packing Machine 2 Automatic Packing Machines 1 (1 (1 (1 (1 (1 (1 (1 (2 automatic packaging machines 1 bucket automatic warehouse

Inspection and measurement equipment

Luo Rice Hardness 1 Capsule 380 Threading Ring 50


3D measuring instrument 1 Automatic image measuring device 1 image size measuring instrument 1 ring regulation, used for base point setting 1 gap regulations, 1 standard surface roughness, standard parts 7 electromagnetic film thickness meter 2 Digital pH meter, 1 stroke meter 1 surface roughness measurement measurement measurement measurement 1 surface roughness measurement measurement measurement Instrument 1 manual speed table 1 bolt axial force 4 Digital scale 3 Simple scale 3 Low osmotic meter distance 3 Digital depth, 8 depth, 1,000 -foot 22, 22 thousand points, graphics tape 33 temperature humidity data recorder 4 regulations 4 regulations 4

Laboratory equipment

NAS vibration tester large 1 SHIMADZU universal test machine UH-F1000KHX 1 MTS 810 100kn hydraulic servo fatigue test machine 1 High-temperature electric furnace 1 torque axial measuring machine 4 torque wrench 21