The classic will not end! 618 Laibuku to see Burberry men Vintage checkered mesengers

Regarding wearing, some people are pursuing big -name classics, some people are pursuing fashion and leisure, and some people like new season. No matter what style wears, you want to choose your favorite items and you have to go to the temple. Siku is the leading online and offline boutique lifestyle platform in Asia. It has been committed to providing users with boutique lifestyles. The platform has gathered a large number of luxury brand brands from all over the world, including Burberry, a men’s Vintage plaid mesengers bag Essence This 618, Temu also organized many preferential activities, don’t miss it!

经典不落幕!618来寺库上看看Burberry 男士Vintage格纹斜挎包

Burberry is the internationally renowned British luxury brand. The unique British lattice and the war horse badge design deeply penetrate the hearts. The brand meets the needs of different ages and gender consumers with a multi -level product series. The Burberry brand has a long -lasting classic plaid element for decades. The brand’s clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. have all used this element. Now Burberry’s classic plaid pattern is already one of the brand logos.

The Burberry Men’s Vintage cross -body bag uses a classic Vintage plaid. This plaid design is highly recognized among many big -name luxury goods, and the retro British Fan is full. In addition to the big -name style, in fact, the design of this plaid is also very grounded. From many products that imitate Vintage plaid, it is enough to see. The general public also loves it.

This men’s Vintage cross -body bag is also called camera bag, which is the title because it looks like a camera. The bag is used to outline the coating type of the camera with leather decoration. The top has a zipper, and there is no partition design inside, which makes the use space greater and can easily store daily travel small objects.

If you look closely, you will find that this seemingly casual bag is actually very rigorous and meticulous in design. Even though the bag has a stitching design, the plaid direction of the entire bag is always symmetrical. From top to bottom, from left to right, the direction of the checkered lines is very smooth and meticulous. The charm of big brands is probably so exciting.

The bag strap is a adjustable mesh nylon strap, which can adjust the length according to personal preferences to create a delicate oblique back shape. The wide -flat shoulder straps will not cause pressure on the shoulder, enhance the use of bags, and the shoulder strap is decorated with the brand of “Burberry”, highlighting the brand temperament.

经典不落幕!618来寺库上看看Burberry 男士Vintage格纹斜挎包

Burberry, a men’s Vintage cross -body bag, has always been the darling of the fashion industry. Even the male star Wu Yifan is also a fan. He has appeared in front of the camera many times with this bag. Friends who like this bag can buy it, the girl’s back is also very good ~