Whether it is a coat or a down jacket, it is elegant enough to wear the right in the New Year. These methods are worth learning.

When it comes to winter wear, many people will hesitate between coats and down jackets. In fact, as long as you choose the right inside, whether you wear a coat or a down jacket, or even other coats, I believe that ordinary people can wear themselves to belong to themselves. Fashion.

So how should I wear it in the inside to be practical and elegant? For some girls who do not match the clue, it is recommended to learn from the internal dressing demonstrations shared this time. Whether it is a coat or a down jacket, it is elegant enough to wear in the New Year. These methods are worth learning!

1. Sweater+beam guard pants/jeans


For some girls who have no deep foundation on wearing, it is recommended to wear it from the double -layer, that is, when wearing a coat or down jacket, it is directly stacked with a sweater, bottoming shirt or sweater.

Such a French victory is simple and practical and thin, especially the sweaters, which can easily add a casual atmosphere to the dress and make the match look more youthful.

First of all, there are hats and hooded sweaters on sweaters. Among them, the hooded sweater is easier to enrich the matching level, while the round neck sweater is simple and convenient to wear. Most down jackets or coat combinations will not bring a sense of burden.

Like beige, light gray, khaki, or black sweater, with the proper version of the pine, fashionable and comfortable, you can choose a bouquet guard pants or small straight jeans to shape the casual street style.


Second, knitted items+bottoming shirts

Knitting items are also good partners of down jackets or coats, such as knitted sweaters, knitwear or knitted cardigan, but knitwear is not as casual as a sweater. If it is paired with down jackets or coats, it is recommended to use stacking ideas.

The knitted cardigan is warm and comfortable and gentle. Like beige, coffee, or dark green, jujube -knitted cardigan here, it can not only be versatile in winter, but also shape an elegant and intellectual dressing style.

Stacking white low -neck or semi -high -necked bottom shirt. The white system can not only have the effect of reflective board, but also enrich the layering of color matching.

In addition to knitted cardigans, knitted sweaters or knitted vests can also improve the sense of layering by stacking through a slim bottoming shirt. In addition to the white bottoming shirt, some bottoming shirts that are the same or similar to knitted vests are also very good.

Like light coffee color knitted vests can be paired with beige bottoming shirts, and the shades of different shades can make layered changes.

In addition, whether it is a knitted cardigan or a knitted vest, you must choose a V -neck or love collar, so that you can present a distinctive collar type with a low -necked bottom shirt, a half -high -necked bottom shirt or a high -necked bottom shirt. In contrast, it plays the two effects of modifying the shape of the face and the monotonous sense.

On the bottom, in addition to jeans, wide -leg pants and pleated skirts are also very suitable. The color of the bottom can also be thinner by forming an echo with the bottoming shirt.

Third, knitted vest+shirt

It is also a knitted item. The knitted vest is more abundant in the method. In addition to the bottoming shirt, you can also use a long -sleeved shirt to create an elegant and neat dressing effect.

When we wear down jackets or coats, we can also use this pair of partners to shift their attention to make the center of gravity move up.


And knitted vests adopt sleeveless design, with some thick jackets, it will not bring bloated sense. Take off the coat indoors. The shirt and knitted vest are also a very complete match.


For some girls who accumulate in the arms, waist and abdomen, this method can also have a thin effect of hidden meat. Even in the winter with a thick dress, you can make you have a good figure.

However, it should be noted that it is best to choose a three -dimensional and simple style in a shirt, which is more likely to create a dressing level.

Fourth, suit vest+long -sleeved shirt

Of course, it can be used as a coat or down jacket. It is not only knitwear, but also a high usage choice.

Unlike the gentleness and comfort of the knitted sweater, the suit vest is either short and narrow short, or it belongs to the smooth and smooth waist style as above. With down jackets or coats, it can highlight the sense of capacity of the shape.

However, it is best to choose a pure -colored long -sleeved shirt, or the style of the printed pattern to make the dress more casual and casual.

Five, small incense wind short coat+bottom shirt


There are some coats with some jackets, such as suits, leather jackets, light down jackets or small incense wind jackets that can be paired with coats or down jackets.

Here are the most recommended for everyone to choose a small fragrant wind and short jacket. This type of jacket is not only exquisite and stylish, but also the style is relatively profitable. It will not be as bloated as a down jacket, nor will it be as serious as a suit.

Like white, beige, milk tea style or gray models, they are more suitable for ordinary people.

Conclusion: In winter, no matter which age you are, if you want to wear a coat or down jacket elegant and temperament, then you can wear the right inside is more important. If you like the above methods above, you may wish to learn from it!

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