What preparations have the office made in order to welcome PS5 and XSX?

Author: xizongbu

In the blink of an eye, it came to November and experienced the information bombing for nearly half a year. The next -generation host PS5 and Xbox Series X | S were finally on sale. In fact, I was still talking about this with my colleagues. Every time I greet the most exciting in the second generation, it was the preparation stage before getting the box and the moment of the box. But if you think about it, in addition to the host itself, the supporting facilities must also be upgraded correspondingly. Otherwise, how can we be worthy of the official performance of various flowers that the official bragging?

PS5 homepage introduces a new picture performance

Generally speaking, the new host brings better sound and painting performance. Show and audio equipment must be the first choice for our selective upgrade. Other aspects may include headphones, storage space, surrounding protective cases, storage equipment, etc. Look at the answers from all the collections in the office in the past two days, and see what good things they have purchased in advance in order to welcome the next generation of hosts.

Nadya (the fans who have learned professional non -professional radio anchors who have learned professional vocals)


In order to enable yourself to enter the second era as soon as possible, and at the same time, the old computer that will take more than a minute to start at home will officially retire. After some thoughts, I still choose this time in this point where it is not suitable for buying computer accessories A new machine is assembled.

As the saying goes, how much water can a wooden bucket is not dependent on the longest wooden board, but depends on the shortest piece of wooden board. Since the computer has been greatly upgraded, then the relevant peripheral products are also related to it. It should be updated once. Compared with the keyboard and mouse as the input device, the upgrade of the display may bring me more intuitive feelings. After all, in the years, the friends around you have added high -resolution and high refresh rate In my camp, my heart couldn’t help but envy and jealous.

After some research, I decided to put the Xuanlong Knight G7 display launched by Samsung. Of course, it is not really “income”. After all, it is difficult for you to install a 32 -inch 1000R curved display in your pocket. The Xuanlong Knight G7 uses a VA panel, supports the resolution of 2560 × 1440 and the maximum refresh rate of 240Hz. In addition, the gray order response time of 1ms and the HDR 600 certification indicate the powerful capabilities of this display. In terms of interfaces, the Xuanlong Cavaliers G7 has a HDMI (2.0) interface, two DP (1.4) interfaces, two USB 3.0 interfaces, a USB upward interface, and a 3.5 mm interface. In the current situation, I am not Worried about what problems this display will bring me on the interface.

One thing I have to say in advance is that as a 32 -inch curved display screen, the weight of the Xuanlong Cavaliers G7 reaches 8.2 kg. When I take it out of the box and install The energy of the year is used up. However, when I successfully stored those connecting cables scattered on the desktop into the bracket of the display, when I saw the “Circle of Victory” on the back of the display screen lit up, when I saw the 240Hz refresh rate smoothly smoothly smoothly, it was smooth. After moving the mouse, I think it is worth it. By the way, the light circles on the back of the display screen are very “dazzling”. If you don’t like colorful lights, you can choose to close it in the settings.

In support of the performance of the game screen, the Xuanlong Knight G7 supports G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro. In principle, I can tear it to the screen and say goodbye, but because I also just got this display, so the specific ones are specific The effect is still after I use it for a while before sharing.

Finally, share the feeling that the 1000R curved surface brings to me, that is, you must ensure that your table is wide enough to allow you to find a suitable use distance. If the distance is inappropriate, the surface of 1000R may make you feel a little strange during the game. However, once you find the distance that suits you, this curved surface will bring you different immersion in the past. The original bracket of the display supports high adjustment and 90 -degree rotation of the display. No matter what kind of usage habits you have, it can meet your needs as much as possible, but in the end, because the new display is a bit large, the size of the new display is a bit large.

Or do you estimate your use distance before changing, don’t urge too much

Otherwise, you need to adapt for a long time.


I have also been upgraded before. Of course, there are actually more than half a year. The model is selected by the BenQ EW2780Q. At present, this display is 27 -inch, 1440p (2K) resolution, and 144Hz refresh rate. It also includes 1 DP, 2 HDMI 2.0 and 1 Type C. Given that in the early days of the next generation, this solution should be a more acceptable choice. (And also bring a remote control)


But I only saw the news last week. Sony said that PS5 would not support 1440P resolution, and it was supported by testing Xbox Series X. Coupled with the future XSX games, it should still focus on HDR and Dolby panorama and Dolby vision. I may intend to see if there is a more cost -effective display for half a year. Maybe it is still the BenQ brand. After all, my own space is getting smaller and smaller, and it is impossible to play games on TV.



Me: Hello, what preparations for the CEO of “Gaming Culture Push” to welcome the next generation of hosts, you must pay great attention to the overall acoustic and painting experience when playing games.

Simon: But can I say something else, I have changed a 2080 show recently …

Me: I have heard of this period and I have heard it.

Simon: Oh, it’s okay.

Me: OK …

Ziming (one of the four heavenly kings in the product group, the meat version of the nuclear selection)

Me: Hello, Brother Ming. In the year of the console generation, what are the new home appliances/furniture purchase plans?

Ziming: The TV is not very optimistic this year. The brand and model are very poor. I always feel that next year is the complete whole. Look at the discount of Double Eleven.


Me: According to my observation, you can be regarded as the leader of digital consumer goods in the office. Are there anything more concerned about in other aspects? Is there still some things to buy in the HDMI 2.1 era?

Zi Ming: There is also the sound. Now I am urgent to be an amplifier or Soundbar with HDMI EARC, otherwise it will not be able to support 7.1 or atoms.

Me: What are you talking about?

After the interview, my brother told me what it was for half an hour

Ziming: And I bought Sony’s SONDBAR, which not only supports ATMOS, but also has multiple HDMI interfaces in the end. There are more devices in my home. The HDMI interface of the TV is not enough. Usually, the game console will connect Soundbar video transparency.

Me: … Or do you still talk about the topic of the game machine.

Ziming: Of course, the game console is planning to buy both, but looking at the current form, you may give priority to the Xbox Series X. PS5 is really difficult to do. And watching the volume of this game console, the traditional TV cabinet may not be stuffed at all. I played the game with a TV. After all, OLED is too strong, so I plan to find a power amplifier.

Me: Then you recommend a cabinet.

Zi Ming: Oh, just find a wood for Taobao, such as this.


Ziming: It is also possible to do the IKEA dining car.



PS:上面这段对话发生于10月中旬,然而在11月2日铭哥突然告诉我双十一折扣太香了,自己买了一台LG OLED65CXPCA,还12期免息……男人啊,呵呵Essence

Emperor Group-Sun and Tian (Rotten Stalk Harvest Machine, I like to hold a dog recently)

money! I prepared money!


(the image is only a reference)


As a player who treats the Xbox series as a common machine, I must buy XSX. However, I didn’t plan to buy the start, because the office was on a business trip when I booked XSX on the official website. At that time, I was lying on the hotel’s bed. When I saw everyone was out of stock, I was abandoned by the organization. So I thought about it, and I ca n’t enter the starting price normally. In order to give full play to the host performance of the next generation, I plan to change a 4K display, and then let the installed master NA teacher staff staff.

Although there were more than 3,000 yuan of model replenishment before the end of the year, I still left a budget for XSX and the display. In addition, I also plan to organize my desktop and around. The finished products and assembly models that have been purchased over the years have not only occupied my desktop, but the model box can only be placed on the top of the cabinet. When it is full, it can only be placed under the table, and then beside the table … I feel that my rooms are all being being taken away. These things are full. If there are more things, the window breaks are also produced.


It’s a bit far away. In short, I don’t have any place to put XSX on the desktop. Thanks to Microsoft for giving me the motivation for packing the room.


Yu Luo (Machine nuclear shop shopkeeper, the leader of the nuclear gout mutual assistance group)

After learning that the new host supports HDMI2.1, it is very distressed. Why do you ask why? That’s because I bought 65A9G at the first time that Sony was released last year. The flagship OLED is good, but it cannot fully reflect the host of the era! At that time, there was no HDMI 2.1 technology. Naive I even thought it could be “one step in place” …

As for the speaker equipment because the living room space is not large and does not want to show too many equipment lines, I saw the Sony HT-S5000 echo wall in a coincidence, but it did not surround the speaker. After seeing the release date of this model, it was even more right. Sony’s slow words are hard to say. After some investigation, a Samsung Q90R echo wall was added to the TV table. This thing not only allows me to get rid of the previous wearing heavy headphones to distinguish the position of the opponent in the “Call of Duty” battle, but also bring it to bring the position of the opponent. Come more sense of presence. Take a break and watch movies can already meet my needs.

PS: After experiencing the experience, I bought this year’s Samsung Q950T Echo Wall (I cried again, why update so fast)

Listening to Nadya, Western Headquarters, and Simon said a year ago how cool the number of high frames (but Simon may not be refreshing now). I have not experienced a person who has not experienced a smooth picture that brings a smooth picture by 60 frames, but the TV I bought just last year can not be said to change it, so I heard that the company is ready to update a TV for the second era console to update a TV in the secondary era. When I was determined to have the TV experience of Bai Ji Company. Limited to the budget, and the Western Headquarters and I also have the product department, Mr. Zi Ming, finally decided to buy a 9000H series TV launched by Sony this year.

(Finally, the new host, who grabbed it and raised his hand …)


The update of the game console is not easy. It has been waiting for many years, so in order to welcome the arrival of the new host, you must arrange some high -level treatment. We are not reorganized, and we are really prepared.


I bought an elite handle before, the feeling, the weight, the perfect transition to the next generation is not a problem. The most important thing to buy the host is to have a place. This time the host is not small. For those who are still rented, the small room must not be loaded, so the old machine must be put away. Sorry for Scorpio.

With hard ones, I have to arrange some soft ones. When Double 11, I plan to add some more objects, such as headphones. The Sony headset I used before is usually suitable for wearing work. If you play games with your brothers, you will look lack of microphone, so then you plan to buy a headset with a wheat. Later, I also planned to buy another Windows notebook to bring it with it to make up for the shortcomings of the MAC system. Of course, it is possible to open the road of live broadcast.


In the end, of course for the most important preparation for the next generation–


Buy a console of generations! Just wait for delivery!


Wing (Machine Consultant Consultant, Article Review Toolman)

First of all, I changed my home … (I: 艹 …)

Although moving is purely a coincidence, after moving to a new home, I watched a more spacious and more comfortable space, and then thought of the XSX, which had been scheduled to be successful, waiting for the official release. One mesh -the first goal is to replace the display from a freshman to the present. At this time, I had the opportunity to collect a AOC Q27G2S display, so I did not hesitate to take it off.

Maybe because the old and new devices are too different, even if this AOC display is an old product of previous years, it still feels good for me.

First of all, the 27 -inch monitor is now more comfortable. Secondly, this display is 2K 155Hz. Although there is no suitable game experience 155 effect, playing games with 2K resolution should not be bad in the future. The choice (Wing wrote to me this period without PS5 without supporting 1440 resolution).


Unfortunately, this display has only one display mode that simulates HDR. This mode feels good when playing “Goddess Different Records 5R”, which is pretty good, but I feel improved when I tried “Biochemical Crisis 2 Remake Edition”, “Subway Gone”, and “War Machine 5”. Not obvious. And it is troublesome to turn on the game manually when you turn on the game.

In short, I am currently a small improvement in the game experience. I look forward to the day when it takes XSX and runs up the game.

The display was in place, and suddenly I wanted to arrange the desktop machine again, so I had the story mentioned in the previous news program. I accepted the two mobile phones of Brother Shang En — and the two -day installation self -study course — preparing one for a one -day self -installed self -study course -to prepare a one -one After Fan, I have a machine that can accompany Albin to play “DOTA2”.


Then when I asked Abin’s joy to start with a happy knife, he was rejected by the indulgence of other games.

After installing the computer, I also bought the first mechanical keyboard that belongs to my own life. However, Nadya and Lao Bai were extremely disgusted after seeing it, and threatened to play with me in the future. ” Working. ” I won’t expand it.

Oh yes, I haven’t given money as of the computer and display as of press time, and I don’t know if the sellers have forgotten.

Dragon horse

I may be like most players. At this stage, I also intend to implement the strategy of “PS5+3080+XGP”, because according to the current strategies of Microsoft and Sony All the second -generation games -of course, the premise is that both parties have no new directional adjustment (such as Sony announced the exclusive PC, or Microsoft announced that XSX will have exclusive games that do not log in to PCs, etc. Of course, almost both are now watching almost both now. It is unlikely to occur).


Therefore, I am currently only PS5 (of course, it may still be not small).

Considering that in the next 12-16 months, PS4 Pro and X1X may not be able to retire completely (maybe X1X) immediately, and the space and HDMI sockets in the TV area will be very nervous (after all, there are NS). At the same time, in view of some other reasons, (specifically you can listen to this program of Teacher Heart [In order to enter the second era, what kind of display device should I choose?] Https://www.gcores.com/radios/130382),),), As a result, I plan to delay the purchase of the new TV until next year. I plan to use a monitor in the middle of these months to transition. So in summary, if I get PS5, I may not be put into the TV+game machine group for the time being, but I need to arrange it with the PC.

Then the huge PS5 made me encounter a new problem: my PC area may not be able to put this product. Change a table? Or change a cabinet? However, the furniture is moved to the whole body. After repeated intra -brain simulation, it finally decided to completely adjust the layout of the entire room. These days are under construction, and it is really a chicken flying dog jump. Because a next -generation console that may not be available, my entire room has moved. So what impact do you say that the majority of the host does?

Snow Bean (claiming “I am the second dimension”)

Me: Hello Brother Snow.


Snow Doudou: Hello.

Me: What products did you buy in order to welcome the second generation?


Snow Doudou: Oh, I saved a particularly powerful computer, and 3080 was also equipped.


Me: Uh … but someone upstairs has already told the story of his computer, is there anything else?

Snow Doudou: Oh yes, I just had a expenditure for the next generation.

Me: What?

Snow Doudou: State B member!

Me: … it makes sense

Snow Doudou: Now XSX and PS5 are too late to eat it. It’s too expensive. You see the PS5 startup 1w. It is not beautiful to watch the anchor “The Soul of the Devil” every day!



In fact, this interview has been modified for nearly half a month before and after. On the one hand, there are friends who just said that there was nothing to buy like Zi Ming. The Xbox Series X can arrive early in advance, to get earlier than X9000H, and now that our TV has not received a new OTA update, we can only take one as an article with a picture. Seeing that it is about to be Double 11. In addition, the this generation is in front of it. I wonder if everyone can’t help but prepare some hardware for themselves to welcome the arrival of the new host?