China Light Textile City: Cotton bed fabrics are partially selling well

Recently, the marketing of the traditional market beds of China Light Textile City has been unobstructed. The cotton printed sheets and cotton prints are partially available for the listing of some stores.

Recently, the cotton printed sheets and cotton prints were added to the spot in the market. Extra width of 250cm, with cotton combed yarn 40s × 40s, 133 × 72 slanting active printing printed plans, the counterclocking customers are mainly small batch multi -varieties matching subscription. Extra 230cm, with pure cotton combed leas 40s × 40s, 133 × 72 slanting active printing prints, and the choice of flower customers with small batches and multi -varieties and subscriptions. Extra width of 235cm, with pure cotton combing gauze 40s × 40s, 128 × 68 slanting active printing prints, and counterfeit customers to refurbish the flower type with small batches and multi -varieties with each other.

Recently, the market, the secondary markets and clothing manufacturers in various places have begun to subscribe. Pure cotton active positioning printing, cotton active entire printed sheet cloth, pure cotton color woven color grid, pure cotton strip lattice bed cloth, pure cotton color weaving lattice Pure cotton tattoo printing and pure cotton high -density printed velvet sheet cloth, cotton cotton high -density flower printing activity is covered with new and old cotton, high -density embroidery, and other new and old varieties such as 160cm -280cm. Among them, 280cm width cotton 80s/2 gauze -40s gauze activity entirely printed oblique patterns, active positioning printing diagonal quilt, cotton 80s/2 gauze -40s gauze active stamp mid -high dense bed single cloth, active positioning printing print The mid -to -high -secret bed sheet cloth has been continuously purchased by small batches of customers in large cities in the southeast coastal cities. Occasionally, the second -level market is enlarged by a single batch or a large number of matching transactions.

Recently, the China Textile City Home Textile Market has been increased by the bed sheets. The spot transactions are widely batch. The orders of orders are small, and the sales vitality continues to appear, and the sales are expanded day by day.

In the past few days, the special width of 235cm has a pure cotton combed yarn 40S × 40S, 128 × 68 active printed diagonal lines. There are batch subscriptions. Pure cotton noodles, pure cotton semi -fine gauze new flower -type active print sheet cloth, active printing is covered, and continues to be subscribed by foreign customers with small batches day by day, mostly small batch decentralized matching. Some Guizhou Zunyi and Hubei Wuhan counterfeit merchants mainly subscribe for small batches of multi -variety flower types, and occasionally multi -variety of flower -type group purchase of small and medium -sized transactions. Extra width of 250cm, with pure cotton combed yarn 40s × 40s, 133 × 72 slantive -line activated printing sheet cloth, active printing is covered, and at present, the varieties of pure cotton combed yarn, semi -essential comb, or full combed yarn are still the varieties of all varieties of all varieties. There are small batches of multi -variety of flower type spot, and local small -batch multi -variety color flower -type sales.

Recently, the T/C polyester -cotton printed sheet cloth, T/C polyester -cotton printing is a T/C polyester cotton yarn 32S × 32S flower print fabric. Various variety of flower merchants in the local area, multi -variety of flower types, occasionally transactions are relatively large in batches, and some batches have been shipped directly to clothing manufacturers for re -processing and consignment.

Recently, the traditional market has been added to the new and old spot for the new and old spot. The basic models of the new and old varieties have their own sales, which has become a new highlight in the autumn market fabric.

In the past few days, pure cotton printed sheets and cotton prints have been contained in Guangxi, Fujian, Hubei, Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi and other places. 40S × 40, 32S × 32S, 80S/2 × 80S/2 pairs of mouth flower type varieties of small batch multiple varieties of flower types, cotton yarn 40s × 40s counter flower type varieties occasion Small and medium -sized groups such as Guangxi and other places purchased the transactions, and the transactions were unobstructed.

Source: Global Textile Network

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