Go to Fuping, Shaanxi to watch the “Persimmon Red” TV series shooting place, create a photography blockbuster

Weinan City, Shaanxi Province




The Weibei Plain, located in Shaanxi, is a typical loess plateau gully landform, which is about 70 kilometers away from Xi’an.

It is the hometown of persimmons in China. It has a long history of planting. The persimmons are huge and sweet and delicious.

Its species include more than ten varieties such as littering persimmon, pepper pepper persimmon, bead persimmons, square persimmons, four unstetering persimmons, heavy beaches, pork persimmons, cricket yellow persimmons, mountain cricket persimmons, mirror persimmons, grinding panels, etc. The quality is excellent,

As early as the Ming Dynasty, he served as the emperor as a tribute. It is said that more than 100,000 acres of persimmons in Fuping County, 28 million kg of fresh persimmons, and more than 3 million kg of persimmons, and persimmons have been sold well in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. The cultivation and processing of persimmons in Fuping County has a long history. Especially in Caocun, Zhuangli, and Changchun in the main production area, the masses have accumulated rich experience in processing cake -making, forming a selection of fruits, spirals, drying water, pinching cakes and returning to softness. , A cream, plastic cakes and other procedures. The most famous place for persimmon is called “Majiapo”. Every year when the frost falls, the village becomes a busy and joyful ocean. Looking at it from a distance, it is really beautiful.

This year’s frost descending season, as the leader of the photography group, I led more than 40 photographers in Linfen, Shanxi. I made a special trip to photography and created. I wanted to take a masterpiece of photography and participate in the National Photography Contest held here.


Drive to Fuping for more than three hours, first tasted the local cuisine “lamb bubble”, and then reached the most famous “Majiapo” village. Picking the place, here is also the scene of the TV series “persimmon red”. The original rural houses, the original ecological environment, the villagers are busy working. Shipping home, someone giving the persimmons in the yard, the dried rods built in the yard hang the persimmons. Each fruit farmer’s face is filled with joyful expression. Take good photos is an honor, maybe you can still be famous.


Since the fruit farmers in Majiapo Village cooperate with everyone’s shooting, they are willing to provide you with all -round help. Some filmmakers use the herringbone ladder of fruit farmers to board the high place to dry the persimmons. Persimmon, the vision is the fruit farmer, and the photographer of the peers said that this angle is awesome, it should be a rare blockbuster.

Other photographers took down the peel of persimmons as a prospect, and the persimmons were filled with the background. The fruit farmers sitting around the persimmon sitting in front of the persimmons, the flying persimmon skin with the fruit farmers in the laughter, a pair A very harmonious and joyful picture appeared. The movie friends who took this picture said that this photo can participate in a contest of poverty alleviation and get rich.


It is the best place to take persimmons in Majiapo Village. In addition to the process of picking and drying of persimmons, there are also farmhouses to stay. The farmhouses are typical of local caves. The local rural cuisine “oil splash noodles”, the bowl is scary, which is bigger than my pot. When you go to the wind, you must be careful when you eat. Do not make a joke, or there is too much left.

Take persimmons in Majiapo Village. Wide -angle and ultra -wide -angle lens are indispensable. Wide -angle lens can make the prospects bigger, make the persimmons fuller, and unexpected artistic effect. How richer, in short, take good photos, one is to see the scene two depends on your own level.

Zhang Dan’s original work