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Spherical glass packaging is too wasteful, Core i9 will change into paper box packaging

Recently, Intel officially released product adjustment notice and announced a very interesting thing. The content is to deactivate the Core i9-9900K existing product packaging including the Chinese market, and all the front-duplex glass boxes used in the previous are all modified to standard paper boxes, and Intel means that the previous packaging is too wasteful when transportation.


When you release Core i9-9900K, the most unique and conspicuous is its similar spherical positive twelve body packaging box, which uses a semi-transparent glass material, which is very motivated. In order to solve the transportation problem of this packaging, Intel has done multiple changes. Initially, 5 large boxes were used, and the foam plate was separated. The latter is directly designed, and the amount of foam is reduced, and the safety during the packaging is guaranteed, but the two methods are very wasting materials and capacity.

It may also be the problem of packaging box transportation, resulting in the shortcomings of Core i9-9900K, but Intel leaks, June 26 received the last batch of orders, which will be the last batch of cool decent I9-9900K will be shipped before July 10, follow-up to replace all replacement into standard paper box packaging.


With the debut of the ten generations of Core, the Core i9-9900K has not been on the flagship product, and Intel is in the reasonable adjustment. But I didn’t expect such a unique orthodox glass package to be an out of print, and the follow-up should be difficult to see, and friends who are interested can start to collect a wave.