Want to be luxurious? These European -style light luxury dining chairs are essential

Several European -style light luxury dining chairs recommended for you today are based on modern light luxury style, and the core of comfort and simplicity. Through the clever fusion of materials, it builds a modern space full of texture and comfortable. If you want to be light luxury, these European -style light luxury dining chairs are essential!


Among the many Italian brands, Baxter is definitely one of the top furniture brands in the world, and recently Baxter released interesting short films to make us deeply feel the creative soul of this brand. In the design world of Italy, there is a design style called “Baxter”.

Established in Italy in 1930. As a furniture brand with leather as the core, Baxter ensures that the best leather material is selected. It is positioned as the most luxurious handicraft furniture in the world. More like a artwork worth collecting and owning.

BAXTER uses the best quality leather, adopts traditional pure handmade craftsmanship. Pay attention to every detail, personalized fashion design and harsh rear selection procedures to ensure the noble quality of Baxter products. This comprehensive quality management strategy runs through the entire industrial production steps and guides its professional direction deepening.




The business and design history of Bonaldo’s 1984 has always followed the concept of artistic life, combining modern design with technology to beautify every corner of the home. Bonaldo has both the minimalist of Nordic style without losing the elegance of Italy, so it has become an international brand image.


Through advanced craftsmanship and technology, it perfectly integrates and presents art and daily homes. Each of Bonaldo’s home products can be called art. The minimalist lines, perfect curves and Shuya colors make Bonaldo home at the forefront of fashion.



Calligaris is the most well -known furniture brand in Italy. Founded in 1923, the headquarters is located in Manzano in Udian County, northern Italy. Essence Calligaris’s products are reliable, flexible and easy to accept the company’s vitality.


Calligaris started with a classic Marocca chair, and then gradually expanded its business scope, forming a furniture product line that can meet all -round decoration needs such as restaurants, living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. Calligaris was founded by Antonio Calligaris in Venice, Italy in 1923. It has a history of 95 years.

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