Thirty years of New Year, “Five Ring Ring Dumplings” in the police camp

In the 30th year, the Beijing Railway Police who insisted on working in the job used the time of the post -work room to dress up the new year atmosphere in the police camp, sticking blessing, hanging windows, dumplings … The policemen werehed their hands and were busy with their sleeves. Purple cabbage, carrots, ink fish juice, spinach, dragon fruit, and the police put the juice squeezed on the juice and poured five -color dumplings to welcome the winter Olympics and welcome the New Year.

“In the 30th year, everyone can’t return home at the job. We will concentrate on the police officers who have changed their posts and divide them into 5 groups of competitions to make dumplings. , New Year together.

The dumpling competition is hot. Chen Chen, a new policeman who just participated in the work this year, will not make dumplings. How can he roll out the skin, but also make the rolling pin covered with noodles, sweating.


The old policeman Wang Rulin took the dough and rolled his skin in person, and at the same time directed Chen Chen to make dumplings. After teaching several times, Chen Chen learned it. The dumplings were wrapped out of each other, one by one on the cutting board. In the end, the red fire dragon fruit dumplings of the Wang Rulin group got the lead.


After all the five -color dumplings are packed, everyone places the five -ring pattern and uses “five -ring dumplings” to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics event. On the same day, Beijing West Railway Station, South Station, and Qinghe Station Police Station also organized various activities to let the police officers feel the atmosphere of the New Year.

Under the night, the major railway stations in Beijing have disappeared the hustle and bustle of the past, but the posture of the iron police on the square is still upright. The flashing monitor is like a beating notes. The red and blue light draws a stars on the square to guard the reunion of tourists from home.