Can’t the weight of the diamond ring be new? Citizen: Why not inform in advance

China Mianyang News Network (Reporter Zhao Xinru intern Cao Yutingwen/Figure) On the 22nd, Ms. Ms. Ms. Ms. Mianyang called Mianyang Daily News Hotline to reflect that she bought 3 diamond rings at Tianxinyang Jewelry Store in Anchang Road in the city three years ago. When he wanted to exchange styles in the store on the evening of the 21st, the merchant did not change the weight below 5 points (0.05 carats). “I didn’t say that I couldn’t change it when I was buying less than 5 points at first, so the handling was too unreasonable.” Ms. Xie believed that her rights and interests were violated.

On October 7, 2014, Ms. Xie bought 1 flower ring and 2 convection ring at the Tianxinyang Jewelry Store in Anchang Road. When buying, she asked the salesperson if she could be replaced in the future. “The clerk said that the flower ring was a special diamond ring, which could not be changed, and wrote it on the invoice at the same time.” Ms. Xie said that the clerk did not explain about the two rings, and she thought it could be replaced.

On the evening of February 21, 2017, Ms. Xie took two rings to the store to change, but was told that one of the diamond rings could not be replaced because of less than 5 points (0.05 carats). This made her feel angry: “If the weight is insufficient, you can’t change it, why not make it clear when you buy it.” Among the sales settlement form provided by Ms. Xie to reporters, the reporter saw that the document wrote that “Special offer does not participate (and and and and with it (and and and and. ) Instructions for replacement, in the “warm reminder” invoice, clearly stipulates that “can be replaced by the old as the old, or the discount can be recycled”, there is no instructions for whether the weight can be replaced.

On the morning of the 23rd, the reporter came to the Tianxinyang Jewelry Store. A person in charge in the store said that because the diamond rings in the store are different, and the activities such as old replacement are also different, the invoices cannot be written down to write clear regulations. “The regulations for changing diamond rings in the store are that the weight is less than 5 points.” The person in charge said that Ms. Xie’s weight of the weight less than 5 points could not be replaced, but it could be depreciated and recovered or polished.

Later reporters interviewed the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Wucheng District. A staff member said that because the refund standard was not agreed on the contract, the store did not violate the previous commitment. The staff suggested that merchants should actively cooperate with consumers and negotiate.


Lawyer Liu He, a Law Firm of Sichuan Ruqiao Law Firm, said that in accordance with the law and the current information provided, when there are no other confirmed materials, the clerk currently informed that “the ring diamond is less than 5 points” is inconsistent with the sales list, so the content of the sales order is inconsistent. Diamonds are less than 5 points.