Chinese style blooming dress, showing the unique oriental charm

Spring and summer alternate, blooming flowers, ghost original innovative products are online, Chinese style blooming dresses, meet you with a good time with you!

The fresh and elegant light green dress, the ancient style of the ancient style, the elegant temperament is natural.

The unique word collar design, the bead buckle embellishment, improved temperament, slightly exposed collarbone, sexy and generous.


The loose version is all -encompassing, and the high waist lace is protruding curves, and it is easy to lengthen the height ratio.

Inheriting the classical side split design, the small split of the craftsmanship is more waist, and the feminineness of women is revealed in delicate.

Advanced temperament gray -tone blue seven -point sleeve dress, the color tone is soft, quiet and natural, and pleasing to the eye.


Real silk blooming fabrics are soft and comfortable, gray -tone blue blends with the ancient style, and the beauty is shown in fine carving.

The high waistband waist back to the waist, and the skirt’s vertical folds help the self -cultivation to enhance the overall charm index.

The seven -point sleeves of blue and white fight, modify the perfect arm lines, simple and generous, without losing fashion.

The gentle and inclusive light powder dress uses the water drop neckline and hand -made plates, which highlight the ladylike temperament and enhance the visual focus.


The edge modification of the neckline and the edges of the cuffs, the contrasting color design of the same color system, the color contrast is more layered, and easily shows the beauty of women’s outline.

Really shot -blooming fabrics, comfortable and skin -friendly without losing clever details, light pink set off the gentleness of water, high waist laces collect curves and proportions, optimize the proportions comfortable and beautiful.

The gentle and generous pearl white dress is looming inner lining, dignified and elegant, and the bristical pattern flashes slightly luster.

Traditional round neck design, two eye -catching green bead buckles, and the soft pearl white complement, low -key luxury and temperament.

People can’t help but sigh, gentle and demure, temperament, a beautiful and pretty woman!