2021 In the second half of the year, Sichuan civil servants test the real question

The first part of common sense judgment

7. The following famous quotes are incorrect to the author:

A. Know the Grass of Geori, and I know the consciousness -Liu Bang -Liu Bang

B. There are Bole in the world, and then there are thousands of miles -Han Yu

C. There are talented people in Jiangshan, and each leader has been led for hundreds of years -Zhao Yi

D. Dapeng rose the same wind a day, and Fuyao went straight to 90,000 miles -Li Bai

8. The human body includes the eight major systems of motion systems, nervous systems, endocrine systems, circulation systems, respiratory systems, digestive systems, urinary systems, and reproductive systems. Regarding the eight major systems of the human body, the following statement is wrong:

A. Saliva glands and gastric glands are digestive glands, belonging to the digestive system

B. The body circulation system that constitutes the body cycle is body circulation and lung circulation

C. Diabetes is a disease caused by the disorders of endocrine system

D. The urinary system consists of kidney, ureter, bladder and urethra

9. Regarding geographical knowledge, the following statement is wrong:

A. Beijing’s climate type is characterized by high temperature and rain in summer, cold and dry in winter

B. The area between the north -south ports is directly exposed to the sun twice a year, forming a tropical

C. Eurasian earthquake zone, the Pacific Earthquake Zone mainly affects the southwestern and central regions of my country

D. The North Tropic of Tropic has passed from the west to the east to the Yunnan -Guizhou Plateau, the southeast hills and other major terrain areas

10. Regarding the monuments of the famous victory in my country, the following statement is wrong:

A. Guilin landscape is a typical Danxia landform

B. Dunhuang Grottoes are the most existing murals in the world

C. Most of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the Qin Shihuang Mausoleum use soil to cultivate firing

D. The construction of the Great Wall is to resist the invasion of the nomadic tribe

11. Regarding the virus, the following statement is wrong:

A. Use the material and energy in the host cells to reproduce in a duplicate manner

B. According to the parasitic hosts, different hosts are divided into animal viruses, plant viruses, and bacterial viruses

C. Most cold -resistant and heat -resistant and non -sensitive antibiotics can be used to be activated with iodide

D. Contains one or two types of nucleic acids: DNA or RNA, or two types of nucleic acids,

12. Regarding fire safety knowledge, the following statement is wrong:

A. The width of the residential community fire channel should not be less than 4 meters

B. Electric appliances can not be used to save water when it is on fire, oil is on fire

C. The fire extinguisher that should be configured in the living area is a foam fire extinguisher

D. Bottle liquefied petroleum gas must not be used in high -rise civil buildings

13. Graphite is a kind

① compound

,were able

② guide

Electricity, available

③ lubricant

, To be with diamond

④ Galgin alien


Essence For the description of graphite properties, there are several errors in the drawing line:

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

14. The following teaching behavior and the teaching principles that correspond to the incorrectness is:

A. After finishing a class, Mr. Chen will arrange the assignments related to the content of the class -the principle of consolidation

B. In the new class, Mr. Wang told the element of “radium” and introduced the story of Mrs. Juri and Rama to the classmates. The students were deeply educated -the principle of inspiration

C. Teacher Liu pays attention to the horse -tiger students, pay attention to their learning habits, students who are not actively responding to the classroom, and inspire them to take the initiative to answer questions -the principle of teaching according to their aptitude

D. When Mr. Li talked about the article “The Yellow River Chorus”, in order to allow students to better feel the momentum of “Yellow River Chorus”, the corresponding songs -the principle of intuitionalism

15. Xin Qiji’s “Shengcuzi · Youyou Yuyan” wrote: “The stream is shining at the bottom of the stream, the sky is at the bottom of the Qingxi”. The following verses are consistent with the physical principles reflected in this scenario:

A. Toast invites Mingyue, to the three people in the shadow

B. Tan Qing is suspected of shallow water, the lotus moves Zhiyan San

C. The bearing of the Lonely Pond, counting the trees edge

D. At the beginning of the incense burner, the waterfall sprayed into a rainbow

The second part of speech understanding and expression

16. It is clear that children’s tickets have shifted from “tailor -tier” to “seeing age”, which conforms to the direction of reform that the public’s general expectations is. Whether it is the Convention on the Rights of the United Nations or the relevant laws and regulations of my country, the only criterion for defining children is age.

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line of the painting is:

A. Investigating

B. Script analysis

C. Original clear source

D. Pragmatic

17. The biggest problem faced by innovation is the high failure rate. The high failure rate leads to the _______ too high, so some entrepreneurs choose “copy” and imitate the innovation of others. However, even people with innovation failure should get the ________, because it is a constant failure, creating a real innovator.

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line in turn is:

A. Threshold understanding

B. Risk sympathy

C. Recognition

D. Respect

18. The media has always been considered as _______, and through news production mechanisms such as news facts, news value judgment, etc., the changes in the world of thousands of worlds supervise the changes in the world. The understanding and cognition of facts, exert the function of agenda settings and social coordination.

A. Influence

B. Guide to the controller

C. Night Tourists Revitalize

D. Spokesman around

19. The treatment of interpersonal entanglement directly reflects the spiritual appearance and personality of social members, and also reflects the degree of civilization of a society. Some people face bumps, not _______, but the fire; not to deal with it calmly, but to vent their emotions. The imbalance of mentality, emotional out of control, may have excessive pressure, but the increasing abuse on the Internet, the violence that is smelled in reality, reminds people that “spiritual inflammation” needs to be treated, and the rational _______ needs to be made up.

A. Wide to treat others and defect

B. Lack of calmness and calmness

C. Calm -free defects

D. Strive for scarce

20. Although the Americans took corn for a long time, Europeans _______. It was not until the end of the 15th century to North America that this wonderful food was discovered. However, the dissemination of food and species has always been _______, and some people think that corn spreads to Europe before Columbus.

A. Dedication and carelessness

B. Don’t take it for granted

C. Sneed at the nose and see wisdom

D. I do n’t know that there are divergent opinions

21. In a diverse symbiotic cultural context, film and television art _______. However, in recent years, some works that are contrary to mainstream values ​​and aesthetics have been mixed in it and even lived. However, some audiences, especially young audiences, have ________, and thus have identification and follow -up, allowing bad thoughts to gradually spread.

A. The colorful is rushing

B. Hundred flowers and talked about it

C. It’s not tired of this day and the moonlight

D. There is no one to Feng Ruo Gui

22. In the ancient times, there was the Queen Mother of the West “it is like a person, the leopard tail tiger teeth”, and today there are leopard clothing. It can be seen that in human culture, Leopard is always associated with ________. At the same time, the leopard is mostly a symbol of _______. The alcoholic god in the Greek Roman God, Dionoshos, appeared mostly in the image of a ride or a leopard skin. It is also “Lao Qiu Leopard, Kong Wu is powerful”.

A. Fashionable

B. Burly personality

C. Beautiful wisdom

D. Elegant

23. In an endless era of new words, it is precisely to say what you think, and it is more ________ than not thinking about using popular vocabulary. Many times, the limelight of the network language is only temporary. The language that really has vitality always has a wave of sand under the precipitation of time. Only by facing the differentiated expression of the inner feelings can you ________ and create a classic of language.

A. Meaningful

B. Difficulty

C. Value

D. Personalized

24. National music is considered an elegant art, but elegance does not mean _______. Ethnic music comes from life. It is the most _______ -thing, and it is easy to resonate. In various concerts, we pay attention to the ________ when you see which works are played, the atmosphere of the scene will be pushed to a climax.

A. Perfect and close -close experience

B. Appreciate emotions alone

C. Qu height and widow are familiar with the reaction

D. Yangchun Baixue likes the state

25. Naming irregularities has become a monster of the Chinese property market. Following Cai Tou, seeking Geely’s _______, but if you chase the vulgar, the glittering wind and decorative culture will “________”. If it is just the market vulgar, it does not violate the principles of the rule of law and the market rules. If you use the “big, foreign, strange” or “unauthorized name” method to _______ commercial profits, not only do you sit in the name of capital greedy, but even may even be possible Violation of the law.

A. There is nothing to go and chase after the response

B. Of course, water to get into the canal to obtain

C. It is accustomed to the endless demand

D. By the way, it is natural to make the wind and make it

26. At present, Zhongchuang Space is iterating towards the trend of differentiation, professionalization, and branding. There are more than 400 “Investment+Incubation” type of crowd -creation space established by investment institutions in the country; open crowds of public creation space represented by various themes represented by entrepreneurial coffee and entrepreneurial teahouses, which effectively reduces the threshold for public entrepreneurship; The joint office form of the concept development to help mass entrepreneurs sharing information, knowledge, skills, ideas, and widening social circles; the specialized crowd -creation space established by large enterprises or universities and scientific research institutes has promoted the integration of large, medium and medium -sized enterprises Development; in addition, there are platform -shaped crowdsome spaces that combine professional services such as entrepreneurial training and entrepreneurial investment with Internet platforms. These creative spaces have their own characteristics, and their development momentum is very rapid.

This paragraph mainly introduces Zhongchuang space:

A. Future development trend

B. Different types and characteristics

C. Effect on economic development

D. The main source of funds

27. Aiming at the premature shape of the growth direction of grass -roots cadres and weak overall quality, in order to promote the construction of a composite cadre team and achieve the party’s strong army’s goal in the new era, a troops vigorously eliminate the “full -time dedicated”, “one specialty”, The concept of traditional selection and employment, through the form of sending school training, military and political replacement, and cross -term service at the grass -roots level of the government to break the professional boundaries. As long as the comprehensive quality is good, military and political cadres can be replaced, and technical cadres can be transferred to command cadres. Most grass -roots cadres in the troops have reached the standards of their own professional essence, related majors, and other majors understanding, and solved the problems of shallow experience, experience, ability, and quality of grass -roots cadres.

The author quoted the successful experience of the army to prove:

A. Grassroots cadres’ capacity and quality directly related to whether the target of the strong army can be finally realized

B. We must always adhere to the main channel of the grass -roots line as the selection and appointment cadre

C. The concept of “full -time dedicated” and “one specialty” will hinder the growth of cadres

D. Multi -job exercise is an important measure to build a composite grass -roots cadres

28. Some people believe that “to strengthen the implementation of the system, strengthen the supervision of the system implementation, and effectively transform our system’s system advantage into governance efficiency.” In fact, supervision and inspection are only a way to strengthen the implementation of the system. Converting the national system advantages into governance efficiency is a process. At least including system creation, effective implementation, supervision and feedback, etc., strengthening the implementation of the system cannot be limited to supervision, inspection and accountability. Wait.

This paragraph is intended:

A. Analyze and improve the necessary path and effective way to enforce the system

B. Explain how to effectively transform institutional advantages into national governance efficiency

C. Correct the wrong understanding of the role of supervision and supervision in strengthening the implementation of the system

D. Emphasizing the important role of legal system guarantee and German governance leadership in the enforcement system implementation

29. In Chinese philosophy, the “Taoist outlook” was originally associated with “nothing and noble”. It opposed two attitudes. One was “interpreting”, and the other was “in accordance with the vulgarity” Essence “From the perspective of Taoism, things are not expensive and cheap; with their own income, self -expensive and cheap; with vulgarity, nobles are not in the self.” “I” is expensive and “he” is cheap; from the perspective of Taoism, there is no difference in high and low and low -oriented. From the perspective There is no difference between high and low and low -headed people, and there is no difference between the court columns and the straw stems, the Peng and the bird.

The main introduction of this paragraph:

A. Judgment of the value of “Taoism”

B. The philosophical foundation of ancient equality concepts

C. The important position of “Dao” in ancient philosophy

D. Observation angle on the impact on ancient philosophy

30. Why is the development of the lease market relatively lagging behind in the past? Why is a real estate company more willing to adopt the “development of one -one -sale” model instead of “development -holding one -one rent” model? The root cause is that the lease demand is not strong; the root cause of the lack of leasing demand lies in different rights of rental and purchase. It is difficult for renters to enjoy basic public services as buyers. The right policy is to legally clearly stipulate the “rent -and -purchase the same power”, and to enjoy all residents enjoying the basic public services with the housing peeling, whether the purchase of a house is no longer provided by the difference between the basic public service.

2021 In the second half of the year, Sichuan civil servants test the real question

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line in turn is:

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line in turn is:

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line in turn is:

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line in turn is:

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line in turn is:

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line in turn is:

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line in turn is:

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line in turn is:

This text aims to explain:

A. The reasons why the rental needs are not strong

B. The reasons for “rent and purchase of the same right” need to be specified

C. The reasons for the development of the leasing market are relatively lagging

D. The reason why real estate companies are willing to adopt the existing model

31. People usually think that population explosion is a unique phenomenon in today’s era, but it is not. When the production technology has made major breakthroughs, it will accompany the spectacular population growth. The reason is obvious that the development of technology has led to an increase in productivity, which greatly increases the population that can support. From the beginning of the Paleolithic era to the late period, the population of the initial period was 125,000, and the last period was 5.32 million, an increase of more than 40 times, which was comparable to the population explosion that appeared with the previous technological revolution.

A. The similarities and differences in the law of changes in the ancient and modern population

B. The relationship between population growth and production technology

C. The important role of technological progress on human beings

D. Different Plastic Popular population changes in the population scale

32. Open the vicissitudes of the modern Chinese in modern times, and review the past of being bullied, aggressive, and divided by the Chinese nation. Each Chinese, especially Chinese soldiers, should always sound alarm clock: forgetting the battle. The place we can see is the enemy; the place where we can’t see is worry. _______. The thoughts of Malaysia Nanshan are more dangerous than the swords and guns in reality; the rust in the mind is more terrible than the corrosion of the muzzle cannon. In the new era, the soldiers of the Republic should ignite the wolf smoke deep in thought. Maintain the state of combat reserve for the pillow and attractiveness at all times, and work unremittingly to fight and win the battle.

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line of the painting is:

A. The real opponent is not the enemy on the battlefield, but the paralysis and slackness in the deep thoughts.

B. The ancient sayings are cloudy, “those who are worried about things are not worried;

C. Let’s have a “brain revolution” and promote the training of military training in the new era with an endless attitude.

D. Fighting and preparing to fight are the duty of soldiers. Worrying conscious

33. In conceptual point of view, the digital economy refers to the economic form of people through big data “identifying one by one to filter one by one to store one by one”, guide resources to quickly optimize allocation and regeneration, and then realize the economic form of high -quality economic development. From the technical level of big data, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, blockchain, to digital finance, new retail, and smart cities at the application level, they all belong to the category of the digital economy. In recent years, my country’s digital economy has developed rapidly and has achieved fruitful results. Especially in the context of increasing downward pressure on the current economy, the digital economy still maintains a strong growth momentum. According to statistics, the contribution of GDP growth in GDP in 2018 reached 67.9%, an increase of 12.9%year -on -year. This fully shows that the digital economy has _______.

A. Play a key role in guiding the rapid optimization of resources in the configuration and regeneration

B. Become an important engine to drive economic growth and promote high -quality development

C. Occasionally and more important positions in my country’s current economic structure

D. Become the main force to drive GDP growth in the current background of the economy


34 ._______. People usually think that chrysanthemums are not dead, but do not see “Shouke Jinying”. Jumping out of the barriers of dogma, breakthroughs of programming thinking, inspecting the truth, listening to the voices, and embracing broad social life, we will grasp the diverse reality, and win a more valuable life.

A. Observation and obtaining, thick accumulation and thin hair

B. For thousands of miles, go to the next level

C. I do n’t know the true face of Lushan, but I am in this mountain.

D. After fucking Qianqu, then Xiaoxiao, watching Qianjian and then recognition device


① At present, the urbanization rate of the permanent population in my country is 59.58%, and the urbanization rate of the household registration population is 43.37%

② Social governance is a basic topic of sociological research with Chinese characteristics, and it is also an important area that is possible to make outstanding research results

③ Therefore, a major task of social scholars in my country is to explore a path of modern transformation that makes Chinese society full of vitality and maintain order.

④ The basic principles of social governance are to stimulate vitality and maintain social order. The difficulty is that my country is in a period when China’s modern transformation task is relatively difficult.

⑤ According to the modernization experience of countries around the world, when the urbanization rate is around 50%, it is the most difficult period for modernization

⑥ In this context, the Party Central Committee proposed the concept of “social governance”

Re -arrange the above 6 sentences, the correct order is:


A. ④ ① ① ①

B. ① ④ ② ⑤ ⑤

C. ⑤ ②⑥ ③ ④ ④

D. ②④⑤① ③ ⑤ ⑤


① It is the same as gold and silver and food as an important wealth. It appears in historical wars and trade transactions. It has formed a huge economic circle centered on it.

② Although the original cavalry and the driver were replaced, a considerable part of these rows were converted into new travels such as armored soldiers and drivers, and they were re -entered into the social process.

③ With the development of technology, this phenomenon has completely changed

④ At the same time, cars and trains have greatly improved transportation capacity and efficiency, helping industries such as petroleum, and the rapid development of oil and other industries.

⑤ Human began to use more advanced tanks and armored vehicles in the war. It is about 100 years to squeeze the horses and trains into the car and train.

⑥ Horse plays a very important role in the process of human society

A. ⑤④ ⑥ ③ ①

B. ⑤ ③ ⑥ ④ ②

C. ⑥ ③I ⑤ ※

D. ⑥ ① ① ② ④ ④

37. After the rapid growth, social media is now facing the embarrassing situation of user burnout. In the final analysis, social media is just a tool for people to share opinions, insights, experiences, and views. How to use and manage well is the key. For the majority of netizens, it is the right way to make good use of social media, communicate with people, and obtain high -quality information. On the one hand, we must continuously improve their media literacy and learn to go roughly; on the other hand, actively manage their behavior and avoid the negative impacts of social media. For social media platforms, it is necessary to guide users to produce better content and effectively ensure the security security of platform users. Managers must optimize the functions and design of the platform, but also strengthen privacy protection.

Which question is the following question?

A. How to use and manage social media well

B. Why do users lose interest in social media


C. How to ensure user information security on social media

D. How users get high -quality information through social media

38. The development of new government media must not only pay attention to “shape”, but also pay attention to “real”. However, during the construction of new government affairs media, some places are greedy for more, operating multiple platforms, and consuming operators a lot of energy; some blindly pursue reading volume and fan volume. This kind of phenomenon makes the construction of new government agencies on the surface, but it is actually lively, but in fact, it has fallen into “the formalism on the fingertips”. It violates the original intention of the new government of government affairs, and also increases the burden on the grassroots. New government -affiliated media should avoid formalist tendencies such as “weight and light quality”, “heavy external light internal”.

This text intends to explain that new government affairs media should:

A. Innovate the operation mode, ask the government

B. Strengthen platform management and improve the level

C. Enrich the form of communication, enhance interaction

D. Based on the truth -based, pay attention to the performance

39. Oxygen is an indispensable substance on the survival of all creatures on the planet, and to some extent a sign of life existence. Is there such a symbol of life on the planet? Recently, researchers have discovered that hydrogen phosphate may be one of this logo. Hydrogen phosphate can only be produced through extreme anaerobic creatures, such as bacteria, microorganisms, etc. This feature makes hydrogen phosphate a symbol of a certain life. Hydrogen phosphate is one of the most stinky and poisonous gases on the planet, and exists in dirty places such as feces and depths of swamps. This swamp gas is highly flammable and can react with the particles in the atmosphere. If the alien planet’s hydrogen phosphate content is similar to the methane on the earth, the planet’s atmosphere will produce a iconic light wave, which is observed. Once it is confirmed that there is a hydrogen phosphate on the rock planet, there will be signs of life on the planet.

Based on this, if there is a hydrogen phosphate on a rock planet, the planet:

A. There is methane in the atmosphere

B. There may be oxygen existence

C. There is a swamp environment

D. There should be anaerobic creatures

40. Analysis of the celestial spectrum can judge the speed of the celestial body. Like the sound waves, when the “Doppler effect” is followed: When the wave source is close to the observer, the wave is shortened, that is, “blue movement”; when the wave source is away from the observer, the wave is stretched, that is, “red shift”. According to the degree of compression and stretching, the speed of the wave source can be quantitatively calculated. Astronomers compare the spectrals measured with the glowing spectrum in the laboratory to obtain the value of red or blue, and then calculate the speed of stars and galaxies relative to the earth. In particular, astronomers have found that most galaxies are away from the earth and combine the distance of these galaxies to infer the retreat of the galaxy to be proportional to the distance, which means that the universe is expanding. Returning back, the universe originated from a very small point.

What is most suitable for this text title is:

A. “Doppler Effect” everywhere

B. Celestial spectral analysis reveals the origin of the universe

C. The “red shift” and “blue movement” in the word universe

D. What did it look like before the Big Bang

41. There are more than 4,300 aquatic creatures in the Yangtze River, including more than 400 fish (including subspecies), and more than 170 types are unique to the Yangtze River. They are one of the most rich rivers in the world. Aquatic biology, especially fish, is a sign of the health status of the ecosystem of the Yangtze River waters, and the implementation of the key waters of the Yangtze River Basin all year round is to stop fishing and utilization in a period of time. The key move to the crisis is of great significance for improving the ecological environment of the Yangtze River and restoring ecological functions.

The main introduction of this paragraph:

A. The meaning of the restoration of the ecological environment of the Yangtze River Water

B. The changes in biodiversity in the Yangtze River Water

C. The role of aquatic creatures on the Yangtze River ecosystem

D. The main reasons for the key waters of the Yangtze River Basin all year round

42. The capture and use of personal data information does help financial institutions more accurately grasp consumer needs, comprehensively identify risks, and design products and services that are more in line with consumer needs. Therefore, in the era of big data, as long as consumers enjoy the convenience of information interconnection, they must pay the price of information transfer, which is a fair transaction. This view actually ignores the value of information and ignores the ownership of the information.

The author should not talk about it later:

A. The value and method of acquisition of personal information in the Internet era

B. Personal information is leaked or abused

C. The necessity of regulating personal information transactions by law

D. The impact of rectifying information transactions on the development of the digital economy

43. The concept of “patriotism” in the Han Dynasty began to appear in large numbers, marking the determination and formation of patriotism of the Chinese nation. Although the concept of “patriotism is like a home” during this period is mainly aimed at officials, the proposition itself contains universal significance. In the Jin Dynasty, “loyalty and love of the country”, as a political ethics, clearly combined the loyalty of the pre -Qin and “patriotic”, showing that the concept of “patriotism” has become popular. Since modern times, some people say that ancient China only knew loyalty and did not know patriotism. This was not in line with historical facts.

According to this text, it can be drawn:

A. In the Han Dynasty, the concept of “patriotism” has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts

B. The concept of “patriotism” is the further sublimation of loyalty thoughts

C. In ancient China, patriotism was preceded and more important than loyalty.

D. In the Han Dynasty and the Jin Dynasty, the requirements for patriotism for officials

44. The flood ofppt produces an interesting word- “Lifn PPT”. It refers not only to a bad presentation, but also a shy demonstrator, or both, making the audience feel painful. Its characteristics mainly include: first, as far as the content is concerned, it is not a necessary long manuscript; secondly, in terms of form, the page is filled with small and difficult to recognize fonts; Use the animation effect too much; in the end, the worst is that the demonstrator uses a monotonous tone to read the content of the slide, but in fact the audience can watch the screen by themselves.

Regarding “Lifthrous PPT”, the article did not mention:

A. Lack of content

B. Calling logic chaos

C. The form is not conducive to watching

D. Demonstrate lack of skills

45. It should be seen that most people choose to believe in others and are willing to put their own interests and demands in the social interaction activities of strangers. One important reason is that there is a complete set of standard legal systems and legal systems. Essence The legal system and legal constraints provides behavioral norms that can be relying on, followed, and adhered to. The law is the fundamental guarantee of building a social integrity. The social order needs a sound rule of law. The more sound the rule of law can escort the beautiful society.

The most accurate summary of this text is:

A. Social trust construction is a continuous strengthening process

B. Good social trust needs to be guaranteed by the legal system

C. Only a multi -pronged approach can create a honest and friendly social ecology


D. Trust is an important lubricant for the orderly operation of the social system

The third part of the quantity relationship

46. ​​In order to achieve industrial rejuvenation, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences conducted a survey of all natural villages in a certain county, and found that it was suitable for the natural villages that were suitable for planting A crops

Essence There are 25 natural villages suitable for planting C crops, and natural villages that are suitable for planting two crops account for the total number

In the county, there are at least how many natural villages that are not suitable for planting two crops:

This text aims to explain:

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line of the painting is:

The most appropriate one to fill in the horizontal line of the painting is:

Re -arrange the above 6 sentences, the correct order is:

A. 57


B. 67

C. 114

D. 134

47. Xiao Wang rides a bike to the unit at a speed of V -kilometers/hour. If the speed is increased by 20%, you can get to the unit 10 minutes in advance; if you ride at the original speed for 2 kilometers, then speed up 30%, or you can or you can or you can or you can or you can also use it. Arrive 10 minutes in advance. Ask the little king’s family how much kilometers from the unit:

A. 5.4

B. 7.2

C. 8.5

D. 9.6

48. The Academy of Agricultural Sciences sent 6 scientific and technological personnel to support the development of agricultural development in the three counties of A, B, and C, and each county distributed 2 people. Among them, 3, 3 and 2 are proficient in agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery technology, respectively. Two people are proficient in agricultural and animal husbandry technology, and are not proficient in agricultural and animal husbandry technology. It is known that the development of fisheries in Cing County only requires agricultural and animal husbandry technical experts because of unconditional development. Expert support of 3 types of technologies, ask how many different arrangements:

A. 4

B. 8

C. 15

D. 20

49. Now two working groups are sent to accept the results of rural revitalization work in the five counties of A, B, C, Ding, and Wu Wu County. Essence Asked if the task is randomly allocated as required, the results of the rural revitalization work in the counties A and B are accepted by the same working group:

50. Wang, Li, Liu, and Zhang participated in the test. Each person scored a positive integer. The peace score is 34, Wang and Liu scored 20, and Liu and Li’s score is 16. Ask Zhang’s more score than Wang:

A. 8

B. 10

C. 12

D. 14

51. In a certain project, the three engineering teams of A, B, and C, will be completed in 12 hours, 10 hours, and 8 hours, respectively. Now, in the order of “A -B -C -A · A …”, the three engineering teams are shifted. After 1 hour of construction, the class is changed. When the project is completed, the construction time of the A team A team is counted:

A. 2 hours 54 minutes

B. 3 hours

C. 3 hours 54 minutes

D. 4 hours

52. A company carried out a caring donation activity, and 50 employees donated 81.5 yuan per capita. It is known that the amount of donation of any two employees does not exceed 10 yuan. Ask the company to donate 83 yuan or more employees at most how many people may be:

A. 40

B. 42

C. 44

D. 46

53. The original number of people in a factory is twice that of the number of people in workers B. Due to the expansion of the company’s production capacity, the workers of the two workers, A and B. 0.5 times, the number of people in the factory after the recruitment is 1.5 times that of the number of workers in the work of workers.

54. Fruit farmers Chen Bo sold all the harvested fruits. The selling price was 5 yuan/kg of Apple, 6 yuan/kg of winter jujube, and 7 yuan/kg of sweet oranges. The ratio of the yield to sweet orange is 5: 2, and the income of selling winter jujube is 3400 yuan than sweet orange. Ask him how much the total income of the fruit sales is:

A. 22800

B. 23400


C. 24000

D. 24600

55. It is known that Unit A holds a school recruitment meeting on March X (X ≤ 10). Units B held a school recruitment meeting on April Y (Y ≥20). Known X+Y = 32, ask Y’s value:

A. twenty four

B. 25

C. 26

D. 27

Part IV judgment reasoning

56. From the four options given, select the most suitable one to fill in the question mark to present a certain regularity:

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

57. From the four options given, select the most suitable one to fill in the question mark to present a certain regularity:

58. From the four options given, select the most suitable one to fill in the question mark to present a certain regularity:

59. The picture on the left is a diagram of the outer surface of the cubic carton, and ask which one can be folded by it:

60. Divide the following six graphics into two categories, so that each type of graphics has their own characteristics or rules. The correct classification is:

A. ①④⑤, ② ③lu

B. ①②⑥, ③④⑤

C. ① ⑤Is, ②③④

D. ①②③, ④ ⑤⑥

61. Divide the following six graphics into two categories, so that each type of graphics has their own characteristics or rules. The correct classification is:

A. ①②④, ③ ⑤I

B. ① ⑤Is, ②③④

C. ① ① refine

D. ① ① ⑥, ② ④ ⑤

62. From the media refers to a new media that distinguishes from traditional media, that is, individuals pass on information to the outside world through the online personal platform at any place and time, conduct instant messaging with others, and share their true feelings.

According to the above definition, the following belongs to the self -media:

A. A evening news editor Xiao Zhou manages the public account

B. Professor Zhang established a personal WeChat public platform and published his own original poetry works.

C. Xiao Wang participated in the “female emotion in the workplace” live broadcast of the “Women’s Emotion in the Workplace”, which has received much attention

D. Photographer Kobayashi has published personal photography works on a famous photography magazine on a regular basis and is sought after by fans

63. Seeing righteousness refers to the statutory duties, legal obligations, or agent, and stand up to protect the national interests, public interests, or the safety of the personal property of others, and fight against illegal criminal acts or rescue, disaster relief, and save people with illegal crimes. Behavior.

According to the above definition, the following belongs to the righteousness:

A. During the daily inspections of a university security guard, he found that a laboratory was getting angry and quickly rushed into the laboratory to extinguish the fire, causing many burn on his face

B. Aunt Zhao saw a photo of Ms. Wang in the window of a beauty salon. After asking the beauty salon was not authorized by Ms. Wang, Aunt Zhao resolutely asked the beauty salon owner to withdraw from the photo.

C. Xiao Yang’s father dug the soil by the river, accidentally fell into a river channel of more than 3 meters. When he heard the call for help, Xiao Yang caught up and quickly jumped into the cold river water, rescued his father ashore ashore

D. Several children of Huang Laogu’s neighbor’s house were playing by the river. One of the children fell into the river and heard the children crying.

64. The random in the war refers to the time and conditions of the war of the war with the situation and conditions of the war, because they are flexibly and cleverly grasped and cope with the time that has been conducive to or inaccurate military operations.

According to the above definition, the following is the random that does not reflect the war:

A. I have no idle time, and I won’t come again from time to time

B. Knowing and knowing that he knows one another

C. Those who come to the coming

D. The soldiers are not normal, and the water is not normal.

65. Fragrance reasoning refers to the reasoning from the general conclusions that derives general conclusions from only words or a small number of cases. Such reasoning is often comprehensive and lack of persuasiveness.

According to the above definition, the following is not a fragmented reasoning:

A. Some parents let their children “go to school at home”, and some parents send their children abroad. This shows that the current test -oriented education is very problematic.

B. A famous Peking opera master wants to collect — a disciple, and he has no idea a few times. He is disappointed and thinks that young people now are more afraid of suffering.

C. Cai participated in the recruitment interviews of a company’s R & D personnel and expressed poorly. The interviewer determined that Cai’s technical ability was limited and decided not to be hired

D. A teacher adopted the money reward system in the class management to cultivate students’ economic awareness, but some parents expressed their dissatisfaction and believed that money could not pollute the child’s mind.

66. Common crime refers to the joint intentional crime of the two or more, and the joint intentional crime requires the joint prisoners to know the content and social significance of the crime, and hope that the results will occur. In crime, but crime with others.


According to the above definition, the following cases do not belong to the common crime:

A. Li and Yang’s husband and wife had a dispute with neighbor Huang because of drainage problems. After Huang’s injury fell to the ground, Yang did not implement rescue and quickly left the scene with Li. After identification, Huang was seriously injured

B. Zhou and Chen hated Liu Mou. The two discussed killing Liu, so the two illegally purchased guns and prepared to kill Liu the next day. However, Chen was scared, and informed Liu’s murder plan that night and reported to the public security organs with Liu.

C. Zhang and Wang did not know each other. One night, when Zhang entered a supermarket to steal the east, he encountered Wang stealing things in the supermarket, and the two looked at each other. After that, Zhang and Wang would sell the stolen things together, which made a profit of 22,000 yuan and 13,000 yuan, respectively

D. Xie Mou and Ding made theft of car together, and Xie gave the key to Ding to Ding. Later, Xie regretted that Ding Mou returned the key. Ding asked Xie Mou to configure him — after returning the key, Xie agreed. Later, Ding used the key to steal the car with his own configuration

67. Detective symptoms are a system error that occurs in medical research. It means that patients often seek medical treatment due to certain factors that have nothing to do with disease, which increases the detection rate of early cases. The degree of correlation between the disease and these factors causes system errors.

According to the above definition, which one of the following reflects the test of the syndrome:

A. Patients who like high purine diets to improve their cure after eating, and researchers have come to conclusions related to gout -related high -purine diet

B. Some middle -aged people appeared after chest tightness and palpitations, and found that they had early coronary heart disease. Researchers believed that chest tightness and palpitations were related to coronary heart disease

C. A medical examination center conducted a blood lipid examination for residents over 30 years old in the community. The elderly were happy to use blood lipids due to suspicion of blood lipids.

D. Women of menopausal women take estrogen and cause uterine bleeding. The clinic causes endometrial cancer to be found early, and those who are not taken are prone to leakage or late discovery. Researchers have obtained the use of estrogen during menopausal women to cause endometrial cancer. in conclusion

68. Selected understanding refers to different interpretations, conclusions and reactions to the same information spread by the media spread. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the audience has added many subjective factors in the process of understanding, such as inherent ideas, attitudes, stances, personal feelings, emotions, habits, the motivation and purpose of using the media, and so on.

According to the above definition, the following situation is a selective understanding:

A. Xiao Wu and Xiao Song often argued on the views in news reports

B. Xiaoting and Xiaofeng put forward different academic views on the issue of the news audience

C. Xiao Chen believes that watching current political news is interesting, and Xiao Li believes that style news is more exciting

D. Xiao Wu thinks it feels more like watching the news at night. Xiao Wang thinks that you can know early in the morning

69. Invisible poverty refers to a type of person who is not low in work income, but sometimes daily life is sometimes embarrassed due to unsatisfactory consumption.

According to the above definition, the following is not an invisible poverty:

A. A work in a large enterprise marketing department. I like to make friends and get my monthly salary. Usually invite friends to gather in three differences and five places.

B. Due to work reasons, the public relations department is paying special attention to dressing. Most of the monthly salary is spent on purchasing fashion clothing and high -end cosmetics, and the usual life can only be survived

C. Senior engineer C’s income is very good. After graduating from his son, he goes abroad to study for a master’s degree. Although the cost is expensive, B fully supports his son’s choice and live a frugal life at home.

D. Ding Xihuan lives a comfortable and comfortable life, and he rents most of the high -end communities with the income soon after just work. The daily life overhead can only be reduced as much as possible, or the overdraft of the card will be repaid for the next month.

70. Compensation consumption, also known as “revenge” consumption, refers to a special period or occasion that restricts people’s consumer needs. Once the restrictions are lifted, consumer demand will increase significantly, and it will even exceed reasonable categories.

According to the above definition, the following is compensated consumption:

A. After the economic crisis, residents ‘desire for consumption is sluggish. To prevent risks, bank residents’ savings deposits have increased significantly

B. Folk customs have the same month of shaving their heads, so when the lunar calendar arrived in February, the barber shops in the town were overcrowded.

C. Xiaoli, who has a monthly income of 2500 yuan, often swipes credit cards to buy brand -name clothing to catch up with fashion cards.

D. Lao Ding is busy with a business trip all year round. In order to compensate for his son’s neglect, he often bought him some valuable gifts.

71. Lost and hate effects are based on worrying about waste of resources and prefers to make irrational or wrong choices. This worry is usually not related to things itself, and its behavior is also inefficient.

According to the above definition, the following is the losses and hates:

A. For leftovers and leftovers, the elderly are often reluctant to pour it. Even if their children are opposed, they must eat as much as possible, even if they will eat bad their bodies

B. Watching a movie that was very hot recently in the theater, I found that I did not appetite at all, but many people still insisted on the field, because after all, I bought a ticket to watch this movie.

C. The old classmates paid his daughter in the WeChat circle of friends. Although the child’s dance dance was average, many students insisted on liked it every day, otherwise they would be afraid of hurting the old classmate’s heart.

D. Go to the piano training class with your child. Old Li has to wait for two hours outside the classroom. Although it is not willing, there are also gains. After all, the child will take the piano 10 exam next year.

A. A

A. A


A. A

B. B

B. B

B. B

C. C

C. C

C. C

D. D

D. D

D. D

72. Text: Information: Picture

A. Woodboard: Building Materials: Steel

B. Red: color: color

C. Plastic: Flood: foot basin

D. Window: curtain: fabric

73. Public account: New Media: Communication

A. TV: Electric: Consumption

B. Rice cooker: cooking utensils: diet

C. Mobile phone: communication tool: communication

D. Computer: Electronic Products: Types

74. Qinqi calligraphy and painting: Guqin: Go

A. Meilan bamboo chrysanthemum: plum blossom: orchid

B. Flower, Birds and Cordyfish: Chrysanthemum: Thray

C. Pen Ink Paper: Brush: 砚 台 台

D. Rivers and Lakes: Yangtze River: Yellow River

75. Sleeping for () is equivalent to () for physical health

A. Energy; running

B. Happy body and mind; work

C. Sleepwalking; waiting to work


D. Weight loss; aerobic exercise

76. Virus is equivalent to () to whale

A. Vaccine; whaling boat

B. Simple; huge

C. Doctor; fisherman

D. Bacteria; Panda

77. Formaldehyde, as an indoor air pollutant, is listed as carcinogenic and malformed substances by the World Health Organization. Researchers have discovered that under the coercion of formaldehyde, the rate of photosynthesis of the plant is reduced, the chlorophyll content of plant leaves decreases, and the weaker the plant varieties, the more resistant to the plant varieties. The faster the chlorophyll content drops. Therefore, the impact of formaldehyde pollution on indoor plants is related to the strong and weak resistance of plants.

If the following is true, the point of the above researchers can best refute:

A. The better the plant’s resistance, the higher the chlorophyll content, the more you can absorb formaldehyde

B. The changes in plant chlorophyll content are important indicators to evaluate their resistance and weakness

C. The effect of formaldehyde pollution on indoor plants depends on the size of the plant leaves

D. The rate of photosynthesis changes, the content of chlorophyll content of plant leaves changes accordingly

78. A study in Germany shows that the human brain will be reduced by 7%on average for a long time in the cold and uninhabited Antarctica. Therefore, people living in hot areas are smarter than those living in cold areas.

If the following is true, it can weaken the above demonstration best:

A. The results of this research have not been published publicly

B. The climate will have a huge impact on people’s intelligence

C. Cold people preserve more energy and tend to reduce learning and social activities

D. The results of the research are reversible, and the brains of the future after a period of time have basically returned to normal levels.

79. Some people suggest that the English Level 4 and 6 exams should change the unified examination model and implement social reform. It is organized by social institutions. College students voluntarily choose to apply for the exam. The university and employers are recognized independently. The unit recruitment of uniformly requests the grade test can make the English education of university get rid of the examination education.

If the following is true, it can weaken the above conclusion best:

A. College students voluntarily choose to apply for the exam to help students learn independently

B. Social institutions organize English exams to also lead to exam -oriented education

C. The recruitment of enterprises and institutions does not require uniform English results

D. English testing education is not just caused by the level 4 or six unified examination

80. With the development of targeted and immune treatment methods, a specialist recently announced that lymphoma has become the tumor with the highest control rate and the highest cure rate. Lymphoma is mainly divided into Hodgkin lymphoma and non -Hodgkin lymphoma Two categories, non -Hodgkin lymphoma is the most common type of lymphoma, accounting for about 91%of all lymphoma, and its cure rate is as high as 70%. The clinical cure rate of Hodgkin lymphoma can reach 80%. In addition to developed medical technology, the high cure rate is also related to increasingly incorporated tumor drugs in medical insurance reimbursement and improving the accessibility of drugs.

If the following is true, it can best support the above specialist demonstration:

A. Lymphoma is not a malignant tumor, and the cure rate is high

B. The high cure rate of lymphoma is related to the improvement of its control rate

C. If the medical expenses are increased, the cure rate of lymphoma will decline

D. The number of cure with Hodgkin lymphoma is more than non -Hodgkin lymphoma than non -Hodgkin lymphoma

81. A foreign middle school understands people’s expectations for basic education through visiting and investigating. The top four are allowed students to “have clear goals”, “can learn in action”, “can display problems in discovering and solve problems in the problem. “Power” “has the courage to enter strange fields.” Based on this, basic education experts pointed out that each child is an independent individual and should pay attention to the child’s personality experience and challenge the status quo, and the ability to solve problems, rather than a unified standard test score.

If the following is true, the point of view of the basic education expert best:

A. Teachers can also allow students to learn to solve unknown problems with existing knowledge in the unified teaching teaching teaching


B. The unified standard exam does not prevent students from establishing a clear learning goal and exercise to enter the courage to enter the strange field.

C. China’s educational resources are relatively scarce, and the uniform standard exams help reflect the fairness and fairness of education selection.

D. The teaching of large class system helps to stimulate students’ awareness of competition, cultivate their team cooperation and challenge the status quo, and the ability to solve problems

82. Scientists investigated a total of 3,532 men over 19 years of age and 3,532 women. The results show that men who do not eat breakfast increased by more than 3 kg within 1 year is 1.9 times that of breakfast; women who do not eat breakfast increased by more than 3 kg within 1 year is 1.4 times that of breakfast. Essence Therefore, they concluded that if they do not eat breakfast, the probability of gaining weight will be higher regardless of men and women.

A. Do not eat breakfast, men and women may not necessarily increase

B. The weight gain of men and women is mainly caused by sleeping in the morning

C. People under the age of 18 may not have research results in research

D. Compared to men, the impact of not eating breakfast on women’s weight is not great

83. Only by grasping the grass -roots level and laying the foundation, play the role of the grass -roots party organization’s fighting fortress and the role of the pioneer of party members, can the party building work of the organs be taken root. In order to continuously improve quality and vitality.

According to the above statement, which conclusion can be reached:

A. If you cannot persevere at the grassroots level and lay the foundation, play the role of the grass -roots party organization’s fighting fortress and the role of the pioneer of party members, the party building work of the organs cannot continuously improve the quality and vitality.

B. As long as you are persistent to grasp the grassroots and lay the foundation, give play to the role of the grass -roots party organization’s fighting fortress and the role of the pioneer of party members, the party building work of the organs can take root

C. If you can’t keep up with the times, reform and innovate, be brave to explore practice and be good at summing up experience, the party building work of the organs cannot continuously improve quality and vitality

D. As long as you keep pace with the times, reform and innovate, be brave to explore practice and be good at summarizing experience, the party building work of the organs can continuously improve quality and vitality

84. Tour guide: “There are two roads from Chaotian Palace to Golden Ding, one is the Ming Dynasty Shinto, and the other is the Shinto of the Qing Dynasty. Far, the steps of the steps are relatively large. “The pony who chose to go halfway through the Qing Dynasty, and found that there were many steps and steep in the Qing Dynasty Shinto. He could not help complaining that the tour guide misleaded him.

If the following is true, the difference between the above -mentioned tour guides and the pony can be explained:

A. The steps of Shinto in the Ming Dynasty are more and more steeper

B. Pony usually lacks exercise, and there is less mountain climbing

C. The steps of Shinto in the Qing Dynasty were mainly concentrated in the first half

D. The tour guide almost climbed the mountain every day, he said it was easy, but it was difficult for tourists

85. A property company provides residents with a 24 -hour navigation security service for 24 hours. The security guards are divided into white classes and night shifts daily, and one security personnel in each class work. The three security personnel are arranged every 3 days. In this round of class, the working conditions of the work of A, B, and C are as follows: ① No one continues to work all day; ② A, B, and C in this round There is a rest all day; ③ No one is arranged for all white or night shifts; ④ In order to ensure that the employees have sufficient rest, they cannot follow the white class after the night shift. In this round of class, the following situation may happen:

A. A resident has seen B to work for two consecutive days

B. A resident saw A and B at work for two consecutive days

C. When a resident went out during the day the day before yesterday and when he went home this night, he saw C at work

D. A resident has not seen C in work for three consecutive nights to go home for three consecutive nights

Part 5 Data Analysis


From 2011 to 2016, the added value of the service industry in some provinces

86.2011 to 2016, the largest annual increase in the province’s service industry listed in the data is:

A. Guangdong

B. Jiangsu

C. Shandong

D. Zhejiang

87.2013 — From 2016, the year -on -year year -on -year growth rate of the added value of the service industry in Shandong Province is:

A. year 2013


B. Year 2014

C. 2015

D. 2016

88. In 2016, the proportion of the value added of the service industry in Guangdong Province accounted for the sum of the value -added value of the service industry in the fourth province:

A. Less than 25%

B. Between 25%and 28%

C. Between 28%-32%

D. Higher than 32%

89. In 2016, the GDPs of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces were 7608.6 billion yuan and 4648.5 billion yuan. The proportion of the value -added of the service industry in Jiangsu Province in that year was the proportion of GDP to Zhejiang Province:

A. Less than 3 percentage points tall

B. 3 percentage points above the height

C. Less than 3 percentage points low

D. 3 percentage points or more

90. What can be launched from the above information is:

A. From 2011 to 2015, the cumulative value added of the service industry in Jiangsu Province exceeded 15 trillion yuan

B. From 2012 to 2014, the added value of the service industry in Zhejiang Province exceeded 150 billion yuan per year

C. In 2015, the total value added of the service industry in the table increased by more than 10 % compared with the previous year

D. In 2016, the added value of the service industry in Shandong Province exceeded 80% of Guangdong Province

In 2016, the national cotton output was 53.43 million tons, a decrease of 26.2 million tons from 2015.

The decrease in sowing area is the main reason for the decrease in cotton production in my country in 2016. Following 2014 and 2015, the area of ​​cotton sowing in 2016 continued to decrease. The area of ​​cotton sowing in 2016 was 3376.1 thousand hectares, a decrease of 420.5,000 hectares from 2015. In terms of regions, the area of ​​cotton sowing in Xinjiang decreased by 99.1,000 hectares in 2015, a decrease of about 5.2%; the area of ​​cotton sowing in other provinces decreased by 321.3 thousand hectares, a decrease of about 17%.

From the perspective of the cotton area, the cotton area of ​​the Yellow River and the Yangtze River Basin continued to reduce production in 2015. Among them, the cotton -sowing area of ​​the Yellow River Basin decreased by 147.8,000 hectares, a decrease of about 14.3%; the number of yields increased by 63.3 kg, an increase of about 6.0%; the output decreased by 10 million tons, a decrease of about 9.2%. The area of ​​cotton sowing in the Yangtze River Basin decreased by 160.7 thousand hectares, a decrease of about 19.8%; the production of the yield decreased by 68.3 kilograms per hectare, a decrease of about 5.9%; the output decreased by 23 million tons, a decrease of about 24.6%.

Although the largest cotton -sowing area in cotton -producing cotton areas in my country has decreased, due to the increase of 151.5 kg per hectare of production, cotton output still reached 3.594 million tons, an increase of 91,000 tons over the previous year, an increase of about 2.6%. The proportion of Xinjiang cotton production accounted for about 67.3%of the country, an increase of about 4.8 percentage points over the previous year.

91. In 2016, the area output of cotton units nationwide than the previous year:

A. Drop 6.8%

B. Drop 3.9%

C. Rise 2.6%

D. Rise 7.2%

92. In 2015, the cotton order in the Yellow River Basin was:

A. 1118 kg/hectare

B. 1092 kg/hectare

C. 1055 kg/hectare

D. 1003 kg/hectare

93. In 2016, the Yellow River Basin, the Yangtze River Basin, and the cotton production of cotton -producing cotton -producing cotton are compared with the previous year:

A. Reduce 68,000 tons

B. Reduce 21,000 tons

C. Increase 21,000 tons

D. Increase 68,000 tons

94. In 2016, the largest decline in cotton sowing area was:

A. National cotton sowing area

B. Yellow River Basin cotton sowing area

C. Xinjiang cotton sowing area

D. Cotton sowing area of ​​the Yangtze River Basin

95. What cannot be launched from the above materials is:

A. From 2014 to 2016, the area of ​​cotton sowing in my country has decreased year by year

B. In 2015 and 2016, Xinjiang cotton production accounted for more than 60% of the country

C. In 2015 and 2016, the proportion of Xinjiang cotton sowing area accounted for more than 50% of the country

D. In 2016, the cotton sowing area and production in the cotton area of ​​the Yellow River Basin and the Yangtze River Basin were reduced

In 2016, the total retail sales of social consumer goods throughout the year were 33231.6 billion yuan. According to statistics from operating location, the retail sales of consumer goods in cities and towns were 285.814 billion yuan, an increase of 10.4%; the retail sales of rural consumer goods were 4650.3 billion yuan, an increase of 10.9%. According to consumer types, the retail sales of goods were 29651.8 billion yuan, an increase of 10.4%; catering revenue was 3579.9 billion yuan, an increase of 10.8%.

Among the retail sales of goods above the limit, the retail sales of grain, oil, food, beverages, and tobacco and alcohol have increased by 10.5%over the previous year.上年持平,日用品类增长11.4%,家用电器和音像器材类增长8.7%,中西药品类增长12.0%,文化办公用品类增长11.2%,家具类增长12.7%,通讯器材类增长11.9%,建筑及Decoration materials increased by 14.0%, automobiles increased by 10.1%, and oil and product categories increased by 1.2%.

If the following is true, it can weaken the above conclusion best:

The annual online retail sales were 5155.6 billion yuan, an increase of 26.2%over the previous year. Among them, the retail sales of online goods were 4194.4 billion yuan, an increase of 25.6%, accounting for 12.6%of the total retail sales of social consumer goods. Among the retail sales of online goods, eating products increased by 28.5%, the products wearing products increased by 18.1%, and the use of products increased by 28.8%.

96.2013 to 2016, the fastest year of the total retail sales of social consumer goods was:

A. year 2013

B. Year 2014

C. 2015

D. 2016

97. In 2016, the retail sales of the goods above the limit of the enterprise in my country, the proper sorting is correct:

A. Cultural office supplies > Communication equipment category> daily necessities

B. Furniture > Chinese and Western Pharmaceuticals > Architecture and Decoration Materials

C. Automobiles > Cosmetics > Grain, food, drinks, tobacco and alcohol

D. Household appliances and audiovisual equipment > clothing, shoes and hats, needle textiles> oil and product categories

98. In 2015, my country’s online goods retail sales accounted for the proportion of the total retail sales of consumer goods in that year.

99. For example, since 2016, the annual increase in the total retail sales of social consumer goods remains unchanged. The total retail sales of social consumer goods exceeded 40 trillion yuan for the first time:

A. 2017

B. 2018

C. 2019

D. 2020

100. What cannot be launched from the above information is:

A. From 2012 to 2016, the total retail sales of social consumer goods exceeded 140 trillion yuan

B. In 2015, the total retail sales of urban consumer goods accounted for more than 80%of the total retail sales of consumer goods in that year.

C. In 2016, the retail sales of the goods above the limited limit, not all categories were growing.

D. In 2016, the proportion of catering revenue accounted for the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by less than 0.4 percentage points year -on -year