What is the structure of the solid wood sofa solid wood sofa

The wooden sofa is also called solid wood sofa, which refers to the sofa made of wood as the main frame material, called wooden sofa. The inner frame of the sofa consists of several wooden parts in accordance with different styles, assembled by combination such as samples, nails. The basic production sofa process of the software part is to install the bottom band and spring on the frame, which is covered with hemp cloth and paving, and the fabric is finally covered. The production of wooden sofas has a long history. Because the wooden frame is convenient, there are many styles, and it is more comfortable and soft to use. It has become the first choice for sofa production.

There are also shortcomings of wooden sofas, mainly because there are more auxiliary materials, complicated production processes, and high technical accuracy requirements. Because the wooden sofa is mostly handmade, the cost is time -consuming, so the cost is higher. At the same time, most of the wooden sofas are relatively bulky and are inconvenient. With the continuous progress of the processing process, the sofa of the square materials and the curvy bending of the square material is also widely used. The structure is light and flexible, and the processing is more convenient.

Wooden sofas can be divided into two categories: one is a sofa made of traditional springs and brown silk as the main elastic material; the other is a sofa made of polyurethane foam plastic or latex sponge.