High -heeled shoes will grind your feet. How do I choose a pair of pointed high heels with a pair of feet?

Some time ago, there was a sister -in -law’s private message. I said: Is there any way to wear high heels without pain? Grow up so far, haven’t wearing a pair of comfortable high heels?

There are also intimate straight men and good husbands in the previous comment area: I have been married for so many years, and my wife has never wore shoes with heels; even if I pull to the mall, she always buys flat or sneakers. She said that she couldn’t stand the pain of high heels …

To be honest, my own first pair of high heels in life is TATA (domestic brand brand under Belle Group). Classic pointed black high heels, 6cm height. At that time, the mall was discounted. When trying to penetrate 35 yards, the right foot was a bit large and the left foot was just right. After trying to penetrate 34 yards, the left foot was appropriate, and the right foot was squeezed. Finally, I chose 34 yards.

The next day, I was worn at work. In less than 20 minutes, the entire ankle was sore. Two large blisters on the right foot. This memory is now.


Later, because of the work relationship, he had to wear high heels, so ignorant himself began to study what is shoe, what is the foot type, and what is a arch. Gradually, the feet of high heels I bought later became better and better.


If you want to choose a pair of good -looking and confident high -heeled shoes, it is suitable for you. Blind following the trend will only be more “painful”!


Today, Xiaomi analyzes how to choose high -heeled shoes for you!

1. You need to know what kind of foot type you are


The foot type is directly related to what kind of shoes choose. On the Internet, I can search for the common foot types of our ordinary people. You can refer to the right number to see what foot type you are! Today, I will talk about the first three types of foot in the crowd.

Egyptian foot:

I personally think it is the best foot type. The longest thumb, forming a slope in turn! Therefore, wearing pointed and round head high -heeled shoes is more suitable, and it may be more appropriate to oblique pointed shoes. What is diagonal pointed?

The most obvious difference between oblique pointed and pointed head is whether the central axis of the shoes is symmetrical from the toe to the ends of the shoe.

(Left: oblique pointed; right: Popularity)

The Jimmy Choo high -heeled shoes we like are mostly pointed.

This feeling of feeling is somewhat biased, which is diagonal pointed.

Roman foot:


The finger is basically flat, suitable for jumping ballet feet. The front part will be wide, and the foothold will be smooth! This foot type is the least suitable for pointed shoes, so if you are this foot type, it is not recommended to wear a pointed pointed for a long time, because the probability of difficulty in doing things will be relatively high.


Therefore, the choice of Roman feet, the square high heels may be more comfortable. Such as this:


Greek feet:

I am Greek’s feet, and the two toes will be longer than the thumb (the left two thumbs are a little overhead). I almost chose a high -heeled high -heeled shoes. Later, I understood why the previous TATA was grinded to explode because it was a pair of oblique pointed heads. The shoe was not suitable. It was really a painful pain.

Forgive me, take Jimmy Choo as a legend! Jimmy Choo’s pointed high -heeled shoes are basically pointed, which is very comfortable for Greek feet. The SR silver pointed high -heeled shoes I entered on May Day also belong to the pointed pointed, and the feet are really good!

Last winter, he followed a pair of By Far’s retro square head nude boots, really did not hurt me …

So, choosing the right shoe type is too important!


2. Foot type and code selection


Do you usually wondered if you are the same: how can others wear different codes? Or the same shoe code, how can the number of foot code different different?


Therefore, even after knowing that you are Greek or Roman feet, you still need to determine whether you are the standard foot type or characteristic?


A more comprehensive code selection chart is picked on the Internet for your reference!

Standard code: It is our daily say that we are not fat or thin, and the feet are moderate;

Choose a big size:

A. The outer bone of the thumb is relatively large and the feet are wide;

B, or the obvious 2 thumbs of the Greek foot;

C. The feet are fan -shaped to cause the feet width;

D. The feet are not wide and the feet are moderate, but the skeleton is small, and the back of the foot is more.

Choose a small one size: the foot is slender, you need to determine the length and width of the foot, then determine whether the number of shoe codes is matched;

My 35 -yard slender Greek foot usually chooses 35 yards. Last year, I chose a small size according to the suggestion. After choosing a small size, the two thumbs of the left foot really felt that I was abolished after the long foot.


Last summer, the 35 -yard fine heels were also 35 yards, but the shoes were much larger.


So when we choose shoes ourselves, the number is a relatively reference, we must look at the specific shoes!

(The book I entered by myself, I have a half -yard pad +followed by the post to show everyone, the fitting is still not good)


Until now, wearing pointed high heels is really not a problem for me. As long as you choose the right model, you can wear a lot better than other single shoes. (Silently, I even wore Bally’s high -top canvas shoes today, and the left heel was worn out)

3. The material of the shoes

Common: cowhide, sheepskin, pork skin and PU. Of course, pork skin is the most common inner, because it is breathable!

Sheepskin is relatively better in lines and softness. Fashion high street brand: ZARA and HM are mainly PU (cheap)!


In summer, it is softer and comfortable like the currently popular mesh, spinning, rough cloth, satin and other materials, which are more soft and comfortable.

Worried that the cortex is hard, you can start with the softer shoes. For example, ZARA ’s net eye splicing shoes this season.

Okay, here is here. I don’t know if you are helpful when choosing a high heels that suits you? If so, leave a message in the comment area to tell me!