How much natural gas does 24kW wall -mounted boiler use per hour? How to save gas for wall -hung boiler heating?

In theory, 24KW gas wall -hanging boilers use 2.7 cubic meters of natural gas per hour. This is the result of the data based on the low thermal value of natural gas. When the actual investment is used normally, because the wall -mounted boiler is not burning continuously with a continuous rated load, the natural gas used per hour is about 0.7 cubic meters per hour.

Gas wall -mounted boiler, also called


Gas heating hot water furnace has dual functions that provide heating and living hot water, and are mainly used for home users who are independent of self -heating. For independent heating, everyone naturally pays attention to its gas consumption to control the cost of heating. However, the gas consumption of gas during wall -hung boilers is not a constant value, which is related to many factors.

In this issue, Aquarius home, based on the understanding of wall -hung boilers, take the commonly used 24KW wall -mounted boiler as an example to give you a detailed issue of its gas consumption.


Theoretical calculation

Taking a 24KW gas wall hanging boiler as an example, 24KW is the rated thermal input power and the maximum thermal output power, and the conversion is about 86.4 mega coke. Its fuel is natural gas, and the thermal value of the general civil natural gas is about


35 trillion coke/cubic meters. Generally, the conversion heat efficiency of gas wall -mounted boilers is 90%or more, and we are calculated at 90%for the time being.

Then 24kW gas wall -hanging boiler theory rated the rated work per hour of natural gas consumption: 86.4 ÷ 0.9 ÷ 35≈2.7 cubic meters

This value is the calculation result under the maximum load conditions of theory, which can also be regarded as instantaneous gas consumption. This value is generally used for the reference value of the gas pipeline design. Generally, in the early days of the heating of gas wall -mounted boilers, such a consumption is reached when high load running. The gas wall -mounted boiler, which is actually running normally, is not such a high consumption.

Actual consumption

For the actual consumption of the wall -mounted boiler, it is precisely a statistical value. The wall -mounted boiler is mainly used for heating, so it is generally calculated according to the heating thermal load.

According to experience values, 24KW wall -mounted boilers can meet 160 square meters of house heating, while 1 square meter house requires about 0.1 cubic meters of natural gas burning heating.

Then, 160×0.1 ÷ 24≈0.7 cubic meters

In other words, 160 square meters of houses need to consume about 0.7 cubic meters of natural gas per hour.

The values ​​in this are all experience values. There must be some errors. This is mainly because the heating environment is very different, and there are many factors that affect. For example, in real life, the same size of the wall -hung boiler is installed. The amount is not the same. It can only be said to be within a scope.

This is a value calculated based on experience, but it is not meaningless. At least when you use wall -mounted boiler heating, you can have a numerical reference to optimize heating facilities to achieve the purpose of saving gas.

How to save gas for wall -hung boiler heating?

The above mainly introduces the gas consumption of the relevant gas wall -mounted boiler. We can clarify that the gas consumption in the actual use process is not a fixed value, which is related to many factors. If you want to save gas, you need to optimize these factors that affect gas consumption to achieve the optimal gas consumption. The main factors are as follows, and it is likely to save a lot of gas if it is done.

1. Wall -mounted boilers with the installation power and heating house matching

Here are the selection of wall -mounted boilers. The main basis is that the heat load required by heating houses is used to match the power size of the wall -mounted boiler. You cannot choose too much power, and you cannot choose too much power. There is a waste of power excessive power. The power is too small and can not be brought. Only when the size of the size is appropriate. When it is running, most of the time is the best working state. the best.


First of all, if you know the heating load of the house, you can directly choose the corresponding power. If it is not clear, you can refer to the recommended value issued by the wall -hung boiler manufacturer. Generally, the house area is used to match the power.

Of course, according to some experience figures, the power of wall -hung boilers is generally selected according to some experience figures. This must be taken into account the specific thermal efficiency of the wall -mounted boiler and the specific thermal insulation conditions of the house and the needs of the hot water. For example, a 100 -square -meter house theory 15kW has enough wall -hung boilers. However, considering the thermal efficiency and demand for hot water in the wall of wall -hung boilers, you may need to choose a larger one. Select 18kW and 20KW. Other square meters of houses can also be referred to.


In short, one point is to choose a gas wall -mounted boiler with power matching, which is a key point for saving gas.

2. Optimize heating system

The wall -mounted boiler is mainly heating. The efficiency of the heating system also directly affects the gas consumption of the wall -mounted boiler. For example, the floor heating system is installed but laid a wooden floor with strong insulation. Therefore, a similar situation should be avoided.

If the heating system installed in the home, optimize the pipelines and adjust the corresponding valve to achieve the balanced heat dissipation of each radiator. And if the floor heating is used, try not to cover some more difficult heat dissipation cushions on the ground, such as carpets or floor mats. In this way, it can be better, improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the heating system, heating well indoors, and reduce gas consumption.

3. Reasonable setting the heating temperature of the wall -mounted boiler or increasing the temperature controller

When the wall -mounted boiler is heating, the temperature of the general floor heating should be set to about 50 ° C, and the heating system should be set at about 60 ° C. The temperature of the temperature should not be set. If the temperature is set too high High load work will also cause gas problems, and the indoor temperature is too hot and uncomfortable.


Friends who usually go to work during the day can set the temperature of the wall -hung boiler during the day to 5 ~ 10 ° C slightly lower, and keep it in warmth. Do not turn on the daytime at night. It does not save gas, but makes the indoor uncomfortable.

For conditional users, it is recommended to install an external thermostat with a wall -hung boiler, and reasonably set the heating temperature to maintain the indoor temperature constant while saving gas consumption.

4. Pay attention to house insulation

House insulation performance directly affects the gas consumption of wall -hung boilers, so pay special attention to the warmth of the house. First of all, it is recommended that you seal some of the windy doors and windows at home. Users with higher layers of height can try to make a ceiling. If the outer wall of a conditional house is best to keep insulation. Related indoor ventilation suggestions are made when the outdoor temperature is high. Do not open the door at will to ensure the insulation performance of the room, so that the use of wall -mounted boilers will save a lot of gas.

5. Maintain and maintain wall -hung boilers in time

In the process of long -term use of wall -mounted boilers, there are certain losses during the long -term use, such as carbon accumulation produced in the combustion room, scales in the heat exchanger, etc. These will affect the thermal efficiency of the wall -hung boiler. But not paying attention to timely maintenance, it may not be able to reach the third level of energy efficiency in the end.


Therefore, it is necessary to keep the maintenance and maintenance of wall -mounted boilers in time. This is not complicated, but it is necessary to ensure that the wall -hung boiler is in a good combustion state, which will naturally save gas.



For the gas consumption of the wall -hung boiler, in the article, the commonly used 24KW wall -mounted boiler is used as an example to give you the theoretical calculation and actual analysis of the two aspects. The theoretical gas consumption and actual consumption of the wall -mounted boiler are two large values. The main reason is that theoretical calculation is only calculated based on the rated power. In actual heating Working more often is a process of heat preservation. Therefore, during the actual heating process, the gas consumption of wall -mounted boilers is much smaller. The specific consumption has a lot to do with the heating environment. Therefore, if you want to save gas, you must optimize these heating environments. The article mainly mentioned five aspects for everyone, you can refer to it.


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