This is what middle -aged women should wear: waist top+skirt, elegant age reduction and beautiful

Putting is a manifestation of personal image. It represents a person’s aesthetics and pursuit. Even simple clothing can highlight the taste in the details. When women reach different ages, the beauty she is pursuing is also different. For middle -aged women, it is the attitude of being decent and elegant.

In this issue, let’s talk about the 50 -year -old woman’s wear to see how this Japanese housewife puts out a simple and high -level ones. It is recommended that middle -aged women wear more “waist tops+skirts” in autumn. Wearing fashionable elegance, let’s take a look:

搭 Japanese housewife wear


For 50+ middle -aged women, the most basic point of wearing is “promoting the strengths and avoiding weaknesses”, showing her good side, covering the disadvantages, and amplifying the advantages. Then it is more recommended to choose a waist top and skirt.


① waist top+skirt

The skirt is very tolerant of the body shape, and to a certain extent, middle -aged women can directly reflect the body and elegance they wear. The waist top has both the leisure and self -cultivation of a loose top, which is tolerant and showing the shape.

Loves waist top+black skirt


: The khaki band -lap coat, loose version, due to the waist design of the waist, the dress is particularly fashionable, and it can also show the shape. At this time, with a skirt, even if it is thin and high.

In 50+ women, in addition to waist tops, the use of belt is also important, and it can also have a waist effect. However, when choosing a belt, pay attention to that compared with the fashionableness of the wide belt, the thin belt will be more versatile and elegant.

Light brick red top+skirt

: Although the loose cotton and linen top is comfortable, it is easy to loosen and intangible. At this time, an additional belt of the same color is the best way to resolve. The addition of V -neck design, watches, earrings, etc., highlights the exquisiteness and demeanor of the dress.


In addition to choosing the waist design, the short top design of the neckline design such as V -neck and Fang neck also has a thin and high effect.


Gray top+gray white skirt

: The same color of the same color system is different, with a sense of layering, the embellishment of the gold earrings and the large hand ring, exquisite and detailed.

As far as middle -aged women are concerned, the length of the skirt should not be too short, and the length is below the knee and the ankle above the ankle is the most appropriate. Such a long skirt can not only modify the figure, but also maintain the women’s grace. When wearing a half -body skirt, with a pair of high -heeled shoes and a silk scarf, it is delicate and elegant.

② Dress dress


50+ women should pay attention when choosing long skirts, avoiding some old -fashioned and sloppy styles, especially when women with dull skin tone, yellowish, and poor bodies should avoid thunder points when choosing.

For example, all black skirts. Many fat women will first choose black, because they are thin, but in fact, the same color of black and thin will also look dull. Once it is not well worn, it is easy to have no spirit and span the entire shape. There are two points for black choices:

One is to expose skin, and the other is a sense of design.


Delogenic skin, that is, neckline, wrist, ankle (calf), must not be wrapped too tightly, otherwise it is easy to have a strong sense and strong sense of oppression.

The sense of design, such as perspective, lace design, etc., these designs can resolve the dullness of black and bring a trace of light. At the same time, it should be noted that for the whole body black, it is more temperamental with “lighting”, which can be accessories or color.


巧 skirt dressing skills

① Color selection

For 50+ middle -aged women, there is also the same to pay attention to the choice of color. The throwing of colors is also a kind of cultivation of physical and mental precipitation. Choose classic black and white, khaki, brown, or light Morandi, these light colors can give people a sense of beauty visually.

For example, the combination of white and light blue, the color is light, the light blue is refreshing and clean, the slit loose top is both casual and high because of small details, and the accessories of accessories are not simple. Comfortable, middle -aged women are a rare combination of temperament.

② Color matching skills

For bright or printed skirts, there are two ways to match the color. One is the mutual echo between colors, and the other is to wear the same color. The former is the old sense of solving the printed skirt, while the latter allows the dress to show its high level visually.

For example, when wearing a blue printed skirt, choose a blue top of the same color system with it. On the one hand, it echoed in color, and the other is to resolve the complication of the printed skirt.


For middle -aged women, they have to learn about the same color. Two combinations of the same or similar color can make the dress more uniform. For example, the combination of cream -colored skirts and the same color shoes is simple but highlighting temperament. The same color dressing not only visually extend the ratio of the lower body, which makes the dress very detailed, showing a good taste.


Well, about the wearing of Japanese housewives, this issue will be shared here. If you still have other questions about fashion, wear and other aspects, please leave a message in the comment area ~

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