The suit control has been seen. After the autumn, there are all kinds of “small suits”, and the trend has temperament

Wearing a small suit in autumn can help us create a classic daily image, but also create a super -super -super -style style. The suit control is over, and female friends can wear it directly and can be stacked to the bottom.

When choosing a suit, we must choose the material of the clothing. Lightly material clothing is not only very comfortable to wear, but also shaped a minimalist style.

The above types are more slim -fitting clothes. You can choose to match some tight jeans. Such clothing can be worn with two words, “Advanced”.

The high -level dark color can wear a sense of thinness. The best -loosening small suit is best matched with tight black clothes, which can lengthen the lines of the legs.


Light brown suit can be matched with wide -leg trousers and straight pants, which can create a cold and handsome style for us.

Small suit is one of the super versatile items in autumn. When matching this kind of clothing, we can not only choose the pants of the same color as a match to make the whole look more atmosphere.


At the same time, we can also choose some contrasting colors to design a very handsome style. We can wear some black -brown backgrounds to improve personal temperament.

Jeans and suits are very individual, and the slim, wide -legged, radish jeans can be matched with the super A version of suit.

The velvet light brown loose wide -leg trousers and black waist suits are well -visited. Whether it is jeans or wide -leg pants, it can be matched with the suit jacket, and it will not have a sense of disobedience.

The dark blue pencil jeans can shape the daily classic style with the suit. The dark blue denim is not only thin, but also very classic.


The gray mid -length suit jacket is more graceful to wear, so it is better to match with tights. Under the breathability of linen brown, it is really high -level with the black west suit. There is a handsome boy.

The lattice suit jacket looks particularly gentle and is suitable for some sisters of sisters. Moreover, this style of style is a gentle suit. As long as the upper body, you are the fairy. These fashionable suits are suitable for us to choose when we go to the streets.

The suits of mid -pants can also be matched with shorts to shape the feeling of missing lower body. These lattice suit tops add individual designs on the basis of classic styles, making their hit rate very low. In contrast, the size of these suits is large, and the shoulders are loose.


The colorful suit looks more dynamic, and the colorful suit is also specially commute. These suits have the design of shoulder pads and play a role in improving temperament. These shoulder pads can just play the right role, and will not leave too much sense of existence.


Although the front row of the suit is simple, it is essential. It is the key to regulating the overall style. I really want to weld it on my body! The solid color base is really suitable for the suit, whether it is single or stacked, it will not make an error.


If you want to create a casual fashion style, we can wear some medium and long dress or solid tube top skirt. Wind -keeping wind and warmth and temperament is a single product we must start in autumn.

The style of the suit is relatively formal, but regardless of the style, the suit is quite versatile. Suitable for matching with different styles, the style of leisure and occupation can be created, and suits are not easy to be outdated, which is very practical.