Women with elegant temperament will wear “body skirts” in spring and summer, high -level upper grade

In this spring and summer alternation season, as the temperature gradually rises, the clothing clothes are also replaced from various pants to skirts. Skirts are necessary items for every girl. It is very suitable for lazy people to solve the troubles of matching, but it is also easy to make the shape look too monotonous.

The shape of the skirt is relatively stronger. After all, in addition to the skirts, there are also various styles such as top skirts, jackets, jackets, etc., and the style is also ever -changing, which is more suitable for fashionables for concave shapes. Get fashionable,


Then I recommend everyone to choose a half -body skirt. Elegant women must be necessary, easily charm.

1. Selection skills of skirts

1. A -line skirt covering meat is thin

Because everyone’s body is different, there are wide legs and thick legs. In order to cover up the defects of the figure and show the advantages of the figure, you must choose the version of the skirt according to the characteristics of the figure. The A -line skirt is recommended to be more recommended One of them, its version is like the word “A”.

The upper part can be thinner waist, and the lower part can cover the legs

, Cover up the shortcomings of the figure.

The A -line skirt can be said to be suitable for most people, which is very practical and well matched. Selecting length according to the characteristics of the legs,

Short thigh selection short, calf thick selection medium long model

, Available. In order to use the A -line skirt to show its charm, you can choose a bright color style and match the basic color top. This shape is not only fashionable and beautiful, but it will not look too fancy, full of youth and vitality.

2. Light and light fabrics are refreshing and comfortable

Now that you come to spring and summer, don’t nostalgic for those thick fabric skirts, such as knitted, cotton and linen, etc. These fabrics are not only thick and impermeable, but also


Make the lower body particularly bulky and easy to press height.



Net yarn, chiffon


Waiting for light fabrics can better set off the atmosphere of spring and summer. These fabrics are comfortable and comfortable, have strong breathability, and have a good sense of elegance, which can easily highlight the femininity and romantic atmosphere.

3. Frequent simplified matching is more fashionable

In order to make the shape richer and fashionable, it is necessary to add some trend elements to one of the items, such as

Flowers, stripes, stitching, etc.

These elements can enrich the beauty of the shape, increase the visual experience, and better highlight the temperament and charm. However, when matching, it is necessary to pay attention to the combination of simplification, which can avoid being too fancy and messy, without the primary and secondary distinctions.

4. Use color to highlight personality


The most reflected way of personal charm and personality is the matching of color. Different colors of clothing can create a variety of different styles. If you like it

The style of a young girl, then you can choose a pink skirt


Not only showing white skin, but also very playful and cute, full of age reduction. In order to be too sweet, it can be matched with white tops to reconcile with pink to make the observation feel softer and durable.

If you don’t have the idea of ​​coloring color, you can try it

The same color of the same color for lazy people

It can not only reduce the troubles of matching, but also ensure the fashion sense of styling. It is the most difficult way to make mistakes.

However, the more bright the color, the higher the requirements for skin tone and temperament. If you do n’t have much grasp to control, it is recommended that you choose

Low saturation light color system

This type of color is more difficult to control, does not pick skin tone, visually fresher and eye -catching, and it can also create a stylish and fashionable shape.


Second, the matching demonstration of fashion experts

1. Knit sweater+skirt

The north is still in a cold spring at this time, so it is a good choice to wear a sweater when going out. It is warm and comfortable. You can choose different colors of knit sweater according to your preferences, such as blue, red, etc. It is also beautiful, with a pleated skirt with the lower body,

The slender ankle is exposed, refreshing and thin.

2, shirt+skirt


Shirts are a must -have item for women in the workplace, but if you match traditional suit pants, it will inevitably look too dull and formal, and it is difficult to highlight the temperament of women. It is obviously very different to replace the pants with a skirt.


It can not only ensure the capacity of the workplace, but also add a touch of femininity

Women’s charm and elegance can also be presented.

Well, the selection skills and matching methods of the skirt are introduced here. In the spring and summer, quickly put on the refreshing and elegant skirt and dress yourself beautifully.

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