12 laundry solution assessment: Weilus’s decontamination performance ranked back, the carving card detected the disabled

Because of its low alkali, mild performance, not easy to damage clothing and hands, it has become more and more commonly used products for home washing clothes. How to choose laundry fluid? Is the cleaning effect of laundry solution of different brands reliable? Recently, the Guangzhou Municipal Consumer Council conducted a comparative test of laundry liquid to evaluate 12 laundry fluid products sold on the commercial supermarket and e -commerce platforms. The results showed that a sample (native to the United Kingdom) that the brand was called “Vejecy” failed to pass the total active object indicators. The two models involved in the unqualified environmental protection indicators were two brands of carving and Jialibao.

Test samples: The 12 samples of this comparison test are all staff members of the Consumer Council, and the staff of the Guangzhou Quality Supervision and Testing Research Institute are randomly purchased on the business super or e -commerce platform as ordinary consumers. Blue Moon, Langqi, Magic, Bilang, Weili, Vejecy, Condor, Tide, Flowers, Jialibao, Graphical Trademark (Buffy) and so on. 11 of them are ordinary laundry liquids, and one is a concentrated laundry.

Testing items: This comparative test is tested for the appearance, odor, stability, total active, pH, total five phosphorus, and decontamination power of dirty cloth.

Reference standards: Light Industry Standard QB/T 1224-2012 “Materials Loval Definition” and so on.

【Evaluation Objectives: Total Activity】

11 products pass the test,

Vejech activity content

not to standard

In this comparison test, the total active index of 11 washing fluid products has reached the standard. Among them, the active content of Jialibao full -effect laundry liquid is as high as 39.4%, which is the best product in all test brands. It is worth mentioning that a sample active content of a sample of a Jazz-lemon antibacterial laundry “Vejecy” is 7%, which is not tested by the total activity index.

It is understood that the content of active substances based on surfactants directly affects the strength of the decontamination capacity. Surface active agents can decocence mainly because of its molecular structure. The molecular structure is a hydrological base at the end of its molecular structure, and the one end is the hydrothermal base. The base, the binding of the oil end with the oil pollution, adsorb the wrap on the surface of the oil, rub it with force when washing the clothes. The oil dirt wrapped can be easily separated from the surface of the fabric, and at the same time, it is dispersed into the water to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Generally speaking, the detergent with high total active substances has relatively good pollution effects.

Principle of surfactant pollution

[Evaluation goals: stipulate the decontamination power of dirty cloth]


Tide white cleaning effect is excellent

The total review of Wiluli Langqi test

Washing the detergent can effectively remove dirt is a problem that many people focus on care, and the indicator of the decontamination power of the dirty cloth refers to the ability of the laundry to remove the dirt on the oil, starch and protein on the laundry solution.


It is stipulated that the dirty cloth includes JB-01 carbon black oil dirt, JB-02 protein dirt, JB-03 sebum dirt cloth. The results of this test show that 12 products have passed the decontamination test of dirty cloth in the standard. Among them, the branded brand is “Tide” high -efficiency laundry liquid (natural clothing) samples in the cleaning effect of carbon black oil dirty cloth; The performance in cloth and sebaceous dirty fabrics ranks “top”.

However, among the 12 samples, the three test results of the three test results of the Welp Antibacterial aerobic laundry solution and the Langqi sterilization laundry fluid are relatively backward, especially the cleaning index of Langqi sterilization laundry in protein dirt (0.9) It is 4.3 from Libai Xiangvia’s long -lasting fragrance laundry liquid (5.2).

The bottom -up data is at the bottom of the subject evaluation.

【Evaluation Objectives: Environmental Protection Indicators】

Edta and Jialibao all detected EDTA

With the higher requirements of environmental protection today’s social environment, consumers are also an important concern for environmental protection indicators when buying washing products. This comparison test detected environmental protection indicators such as alkylphenol polyoxide (APEO), ethylema tetrazide (EDTA), nitrogen titthic acid (NTA), and diharine titamine (DTPA). , Condor Sunsea Xiangxiang Laundry Laundry (Sterilizer removing odor) and Jialibao full -effect laundry solution 2 samples detect trace meal acetramine. In addition, Jialibao full -effect laundry liquid sample also detects trace alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether.

It is understood that ethylehunohoethane is an ideal complex, which can form complexity with most metals and is widely used in the detergent production industry. Ethylicohoethane is difficult to be degraded by biology in the environment. my country’s “Wash Products Environmental Product Certification Technical Requirements” clearly stipulates that tableware detergents, personal sanitary detergent and detergent products shall not be added to the tetramnole.

In addition, alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether is a non -ionic surfactant, which itself is less toxic, unstable in the environment, the degradation product has estrogen interference effects, and it is harmful to the ecological environment. my country’s environmental protection standards HJ 458-2009 “Environmental Mark Product Technical Requirements” prohibiting detergent products from using APEO as raw materials.

The bottom color is the detected disabled.

【Evaluation Objective: Remove incense effect】

Five products have more than 24 hours of fragrant fragrance

Libai incense time is up to 30 days

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly paying attention to the aroma of washing products, and some companies have successively developed various fragrance technology. At present, products such as “lasting incense” such as “lasting incense” can be seen everywhere. This comparison test also tested 5 samples that claimed to be fragrant in accordance with the test steps specified in the standard and the evaluation steps of the fragrance.

It is worth mentioning that the incense time of the 5 samples is more than 24 hours. Two products indicate that the incense time has passed the test. The 3 standards are said The samples are at least 48 hours. Among them, “Libai” Xiangvia’s long -lasting fragrance laundry liquid (New York fascination) has a fragrance of up to 30 days, which is the best product of 5 samples.

[Evaluation target: alkaline residual bacteriostatic effect]

12 samples “alkaline residue” items are excellent

“Flower” bacteriostatic effect is significant

It is understood that the laundry solution may be left in clothing during the washing process, and alkaline substances will cause the pH value of the clothing to increase. If people have been exposed to more alkaline clothing for a long time, it is easy to cause damage to the skin of the opponent’s department to a certain extent. In severe cases, the occurrence of sebum membrane causes dermatitis. The test results show that there are no alkaline residues after rinsing twice after two samples, which performs excellent.

In addition, this comparison test was tested for laundry liquid samples that claimed to be “sterilized”, “bacteriostatic” and “antibacterial” and other concepts (E. coli and Golden Pugacencella). The results showed that a soft laundry liquid sample called “graphic trademark (Bafifer)” was called “graphic trademark (Bafifit)”, and the bacteriostatic rate of Bacillus and Bacillus of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus were greater than 99.98%. Of the 7 samples that do not specify the concentration and time of action, the nominal brand of Jieba antibacterial -free laundry liquid sample for “Flower” is 95%of the bacteriostatic rate of E. coli. It is> 99%, which is excellent.

Consumer reminder: The more the laundry solution is not as good as possible

Low foam, concentrated detergent is more environmentally friendly

The Guangzhou Consumer Council reminds consumers that the more the laundry liquid is not dosage, the more foam decontamination capacity, the better. When it exceeds a certain amount, the washing ability will not be significantly improved. Not only that, too much foam is difficult to rinse, and it takes water and time. Today, low foam has become an important quality required by high -end laundry solution. In addition, the content of concentrated detergents is high, and only a small amount can achieve a double washing effect of ordinary laundry solution, and more water -saving and electricity, and can save packaging costs.

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