New Bellen led the ultra -light running shoes, lightweight upgrades, breathable upgrades, comfortable upgrades

Light wing forward, New Baren led the ultra -light running shoes and went public lightly. In summer, everything grows, and the heat waves will become unscrupulous, so you can’t wait to break free of restraint. The hair is too long and heavy, the backpack is too heavy and too heavy, and the equipment is too thick and too thick. In front of the hot Cumbersome, let’s use “light” to unlock the new possibility.

Lightweight upgrade, breathable upgrade, comfortable upgrade, New Baren led the lightweight outsole, releases foot pressure, and enjoy the barefoot experience. Each step is zero burden, so that you will not conscious The light and breathable mesh, the naked eye mesh, comes with cool BUFF, effectively eliminate excess calories in the shoe body, and give you the breathability of cooling while running.


The light and smooth tongue, does not give the back to the back of the shoe. The heel sheet design, better fit the heels, can change the state casually, comfortable ankle, give the water cool and soft, and crowded in the water when running. , Running, every step is moving with freshness, taking you to attack the colorful and refreshing summer.

Sports life, every summer, all kinds of street shooting are sports and casual matching, but this year, New Baren leads the most popular street shooting artifacts! Starting smartly, the color is strong, like a colorful flower basket, the tide coffee has also been on the feet!

Breaking the appearance of conventional sneakers, subverting the awareness of ordinary sneakers, life limits our imagination, restricts us to travel, discover poetry and distant place, New Balen leads you to put on the scenery, let poetry and far away on your feet , Shining.

New Balen leading sports shoes not only has poetry and far away, but also more intimate in design; shoes are soft, not grinding feet, sweating and comfortable, lightweight and breathable, helping you run easily.

In the selection of materials, the details are all improving, comfortable and breathable, enjoy the jogging. In design, the unique color matching design, the color is clear, simple and generous.

At first glance, the upsurge of the upsurge, the personality of the personality, the new Balen led, shaping the new “foot” color.


The blood gene, the vitality fixes, the power is burning, only the gang of the playground, awakening the vitality factors, and the extraordinary motivation. New Baren leads sports shoes, comes with its own light, and continues to write the prelude to the development of the juvenile evolution.