A book worth reading in detail

Not long ago, a book that was thrown in the corner of the corner- “Counting the Sheep”.

It is written by Zhang Xiaofeng, one of the “Top Ten Prosperity in China”.This book is divided into four albums, namely me, a good words, a good shape of the body, and in fact, you and I are all passers -by.Each album is divided into more than ten easy -to -understand but meaningful small stories. These stories are very small in life, but in Zhang Xiaofeng’s writing, you can feel the wisdom of life.EssenceI am most impressed by a sentence in a story in the album: Can women who do not “wrap their feet” guarantee that they are not “wrapped” and “wrapped in the heart”?Her love for the world has a kind of persistence and perseverance, and her thinking about women and even human beings has benefited me a lot.Yu Guangzhong praised her that “the old place is so far away, and Lu Xun is not the case.” Whether you are a child or an adult, you are worth reading.