Women who are high -end in the gas field, love to wear “suits vests” at work, neat, elegant and high -level

The dressing in the workplace has always been a topic of discussion. In spring, the most common part of the workplace is the items such as suit jackets and shirts, but if you want a gas field to become more Powerful, I personally think that suit vest is a good choice.

Perhaps for some girls with a low body, they think that wearing a suit vest will be pressured. In fact, they can be selected according to different styles to help them present the fashion style. These combinations are worth learning from.


1. Gray vest matching series


Gray long vest+shirt+black pants

It is suitable for wearing some low -key colors in the workplace, and gray is the best choice. With long gray vests, combined with white shirts and black pants, it can show an elegant and charming state, making your temperament better. Essence

Light gray vest+high heel+skirt

In addition to gray vests, you can also choose light gray vests. This color is similar to that of rice white, but it looks more high than the white white.

For girls who are not good at coloring, choosing this color is equivalent to finding the basic color items, and the matching will become easier.

You can try gray vests, with the same color skirt, combined with handbags and high heels to create an elegant woman’s temperament. This kind of combination looks feminine, but it will not destroy the rigorous atmosphere in the workplace, and fashion matching looks even more. Neutrality shows the charm of the workplace style.


Second, white vest matching series

White vest+shirt+skirt


White vests are more suitable for the mix in early spring. Not only do you look fresh and elegant, combined with skirts and shirts, you can make early spring wear more romantic and atmosphere, helping you create a more fashionable workplace style.

Third, khaki vest matching series


Khaki color vest+black bottoming shirt+black straight pants

Khaki is a very classic and atmospheric color. It is very suitable to wear in the workplace. Combined with the black bottoming shirt and black straight pants, it will look more fashionable in the style of the style, which will not destroy the essential style of the workplace style.


Khaki color vest+handbag+high waist pants

For girls with a slightly fat figure, you can choose khaki vests with black bottoming shirts and high waist pants, which can achieve a significant and thin effect. With a handbag, it can improve the quality.


Fourth, black vest matching series

Black vest+bottoming shirt+skirt


Black vests will be easier to match, because the color is relatively basic, combined with bottoming shirts and skirts, which can make the temperament more intellectual and attractive.

You can choose gray vests with black vests. The two colors are more high -level. Combined with the skirt will make the style also become intellectual and charming. Geical women can try.


Black vest+round neck top+straight pants


The combination of workplace style does not need to be excessively feminine. You can choose a neutral style to create the feeling you want.

For example, the round neck top with black vests, combined with straight pants, can not only modify the figure, but also make the workplace style more prominent.


The creation of workplace style is not necessarily completed by suit jackets and straight pants. You can also try vests with other items to create a more fashionable workplace style. Which one of the above is your favorite set?

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