Choose a pleated skirt in summer, refreshing, comfortable and age -reducing, making people have to love

For fashion girls, although summer wear is relatively simple and cool and generous, it is easy to make people feel aesthetic fatigue. This is because most girls choose to wear short skirts and shorts, and they are often basic.


Because of this, in order to make their entire shape look unique, girls should pay more attention to the details of short skirts or shorts, so as to help them achieve the effect of upgrading the beauty upgrade.

For details, in addition to common holes and tassels, there are some well -known that are familiar to color matching, material, personality printing, and so on. All in all, as long as it is a dress that can enhance styling, girls must let themselves try it. In this case, not only can the clothing be improved, but the beauty of the styling itself will become rich and colorful.

Just like this young lady who chose a short skirt, the style of the skirt was cool and comfortable. Especially the skirt selected by the young lady is still a pleated skirt. Not only is she age -reducing fashion, but she can also let the younger sister fully show her youthful side. With the tailoring design of the high waist, not only can the leg lines be visually stretched, thereby showing more lengths, and the overall shape can also look light and tall and more layered.


In the top of the top, the younger sister is paired with a white shirt, aside from the design of the standard collar, and chose the design of the round neck collar. The style of this shirt is compelted with the temperament of the younger sister in an instant, and with the help of this shirt, the temperament of the younger sister seems to be artistic and pretty. Coupled with the method of putting the shirt into the skirt, the temperament of the younger sister’s whole person has a little more capable and generous feeling.

For such short skirts that are reduced and literary, shoes are naturally the most suitable for choosing sports shoes. The younger sister chose a pair of white stamps very carefully, not only fashionable, but also made the overall shape of the younger sister more vitality. Coupled with a long hair on the waist, walking on the streets of the city, the whole person looks beautiful and confident and chic.