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How is a pair enough, cost-effective workshooting personal selection collection

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Creative position statement:

Personal experience sharing …


In the autumn and winter, although the southern is still more than 30 degrees, autumn and winter shoes seem to be ready to get ready. Summer high temperature, breathable running shoes are naturally the first choice, then in autumn and winter, what shoes should you wear? Before, I almost wearing basketball shoes or outdoors to board the boots in winter. And now is a uncle, although it is still a love of the shoes, but everyday is still going to wear. Boots, as a man in autumn and winter, a pair of or fine or thick boots, with a thick pants, is a very suitable autumn and winter.

The tooling boots are itself, such as log woodworking, repair road, equipment engineers, such as high-intensity work, many people will confuse the workshops and outdoor boots. In fact, the tooling boots are not suitable for long-term outdoor hiking, because the tooling boots are too payment of protection, and durability, so in sweating, lightweight, it is not more important to stand, not walking, So everyone must don’t want the authentic work boots to go to the foreigner.

Typical is large yellow boots, from outdoor work shoes from log wood, not outdoor hiking …


But now there are still many indoors, outdoor boots and military boots stupid stupid styles, for this style, mixed, it doesn’t matter.



The purchase channel of the workshooting boots, I feel that the “God price” of these 2 years is much smaller, especially the opportunity of Haitao’s leakage is less and less. So we purchase or buy in a shopping node such as 6.18 / 11.11, pay attention to the brokeout channel of this site is a very good choice.

About Haitao, Amazon’s overseas purchase can be said to be very convenient, after meeting the conditions, you can freely ship, which can save a lot of weight.

There is also the information summary platform such as “different overseas purchases”, with Messi Department Store, Fifth Avenue, BloomingDal’s, other European and American department stores and brands, and a platform can cover most overseas purchase platforms, not It is also very convenient to use a platform, and it is also very convenient, only one button is required, waiting for the goods to send home, do not need a global US gold card payment, transfer and other complex operations.

Shoe recommended:

Working boots, because I am not a tool to enthusiast, so I like the style of the US, the high-end goods in Japan, the high-quality goods in Japan, usually, the purchase of the discounts of major websites, belongs to the price / performance ratio Very high. Therefore, the recommendation here is very limited, please forgive me.



Cat itself is a very famous construction machinery company. Cat’s workshops are naturally very hard, and the tool properties are very strong. I personally think that Cat’s boots are the most closest to the original role of the tooling boots: is cheap, the materials are not top, but the last shoe is relatively large, the comfort is very good, it can be said that there is no need to run together, very suitable for the practical party .

Although Cat is relatively placed on the shape, it is really meticulous, and it is true that the line seam is used.


Crystal sole is also one of the characteristics of CAT. My suggestion is to try to choose crystal sole, not black rubber.



Timai should not say too much, 10061 can be said to be one of the most popular boots in this site, and it is also a must-have forces. In fact, the PRO series of Timai is a tooling boots (that is, with Cat), but because the PRO series is too hard, the selected person is not too much.


Say, I like the shoes, but I am not 10061. The reason is, because 10061 is too popular, it is difficult to buy. And this is a downgrade version, and the official website of Guanji North America has less than 50% off, so I tried to refer time, such as this pair.

Do not look at the sole, actually with 10061, just no dog teeth, there is no decorative edge (right, 10061 dog tooth edges). There is also a leather lining and anti-fatigue insoles.

Many people say that the boots of Timai need to work together, actually in my opinion. The comfort of Timai’s boots is very high, and it is basically wearing a thick sock. Quality, Timai is not worried, I walked in this double boot in the underground garage full of 5 cm. It was not leaking.

Our Asian is generally short, if you are like a big jeans like old black, proper five or five points, so my personal experience is pants in pants legs, and don’t put it inside the boots, this looks like this Just a lot.

Be happy


Its music is also a very familiar shoes, often there will be a big discount, the quality is also very guaranteed, I have bought a lot of shoes. Below, this double boots I wore more than 8 years, although some aging was worn, but they were still very comfortable, and there was no degumming.

Its music is a tool for reform, although it is not authentic enough, it will be easier to match, suitable for daily wear, and do not have to engage it.



Bostonian is a sub-brand produced by high-end business leather shoes. It has a hundred years of history. It has always been honored and luxurious, and it is a very popular footwear brand in the US.


This pair of workfoots is also a modified version, with a classic white background and along the strip structure, and the sunshine is also a rivet hole exposed design. However, above the upper, there is a lot of techniques of boots, such as single sutation, fine laces and narrow pointers, and more.


On the leather, although it is a cowhide, the skin is polished, there is a feeling of hips.

Because of the improvement, this pair of shoes is also more suitable for normal wear instead of “old.”

Red wing


I think that my uncle like me should have an impression, at least in East Asia, the red-winged boots, or it is still necessary to return to the “top flow” wood village Tuo, with one person to hold the entire red wing brand. (Don’t laugh at 00, the aesthetics of the year)

The red wing can be said to be the starting point in the tooling boots, but the solid specific structure (I actually feel more suitable for semi-solid structure, because the whole white is sticky), solid to excessive materials, need to work together to wear …


875 is my favorite red wing, and the flagship product of the red wing, the eldest son, the white configuration is more young, and the foot feeling is slightly comfortable (slightly flexible on the white). It can be said that it is the way to play retro or play shoes.


My personal suggestion is to give the red wing a pair of sneakers insoles, then wear a thick sock, so at the beginning of the day, the foot is more comfortable. Or can also consider the practice of classic football shoes, moisturize the skin of the upper, then take it, so you can accelerate the running process. However, after running, the red wing is still very comfortable, although it is easier to wear, but it can also be very convenient, a pair of two years is no problem.




8111 is also the classic style of the red wing. Compared with the 875, 8111 more in line with our traditional impression of boots, the applicable age layer is also broader, and the difficulty of matching is also reduced, and the old shoes are better than new shoes …


Because the sole is a traditional adhesive, plus oil is gently wiped with a soft dry cloth to remove scratches, so it is easy to manage it. The disadvantage is that the new foot feel is not good, sports shoes and thick socks are standard …


Dana was founded in 1932, and the shoes were more common in my opinion, and it belongs to the tooling, military boots or outdoor style design, which is more difficult to define. But because of this, Danna’s shoes are matched, and there is a relatively high flexibility, especially the short face boots of his house, and a lot of casual clothes.

Moreover, Dana’s benefits is that the foot feel is much comfortable, and it does not require a red wing as a hard work.


Moreover, Dana is the intimate partner of the V-bottom and G membranes, which will be very suitable for classmates for the modernization of boots. However, my personal opinion is that the V bottom is optional. If the G film is not always the water, don’t go, breathable performance will be better.



In my mind, Chippewa is the boom of the red wing. This “seven Baby” is not high in Asia with the red wing. It will only know if the tooling enthusiasts will understand.

As a brand that is often placed together, ChipPewa ​​is not only lower than the red wing, but its workmanship and comfort are better than the red wings.

Many people in Chippewa will say that they are hand-made, in fact, not all handmade. However, the contrast of the red wing boots is uneven, and the “American style” in the left and right, Chippewa will work more fine, from the appearance, the phase is better.

Most of Chippewa’s leather uses famous leather manufacturers’ material materials, although there is also a solid character, but the leather is not as “hard” as a red wing, and it is easier to be slightly smooth.

There is also Chippewa’s 型 is also very suitable than the red wing “show”.


Finally, inserting a boots I just bought, still on the trailer: Ross & Snow Phillipe Waterproof Boot


It belongs to the cold door, Ross & Snow is a US-small hand-made shoes, and several “old drivers” in the field of shoes in the field are jointly founded, and they insist on using the above-in-one hair sheepskin. To respect the traditional design, technology, bring you a comfortable feet that has never experienced the comfort while respecting the traditional design and technology.

The name of Ross & Snow is also from two kinds of high-value and strong winter geese. I hope their shoes should be free to give you the most comfortable companionship in all the outdoor hiking or in the bar.

The shoes are very mixed, and the boots are equipped with “hunting boots” design elements, which is the city I like outdoor style.

However, the configuration is very luxurious, Italy, the waterproof leather plus the dyed real sheep skin in the Iceland, plus the V bottom, as the winter boots in the southern cold weather is not yet.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to share with you in this article in this article. I have introduced a single product in this article.

In addition, it is also very good looking at the sweatable sports boots, and you can choose a lightweight friend.

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