MUJI MUJI’s 20 items are too easy to use!

Today, the rice ball wants to recommend you to the cold -to -seey cold brand


“Hen” MUJI

Speaking of MUJI’s shop, I don’t know if the little fairy has found that MUJI has no advertising, spokesperson, and complicated colors and styles.

However, the popularity of MUJI is still flying, and it can be said that it is very hanging. Look at the product of MUJI’s house, so small to food, big furniture, all simple and simple, without any pretentious carvings.


Make a Japanese -style minimalist style to the extreme

Therefore, it makes sense for such high popularity.

There are many friends who like MUJI in the rice balls. They are large to home and small as small as ball beads. Basically, they will choose MUJI. Every time I go shopping for two or three hours, I ca n’t come out at all!


But what the rice ball is to tell you is that although MUJI’s things are very good and beautiful, but the cost performance is not too high, so when you buy it, the little fairies are more cautious.

But there are also some Muyin good products

Very worth buying

It is easy to use and not expensive, the price is very high, and it is also favored by the Japanese. The rice balls below will give you all kinds of grass!

MUJI Double -headed cotton stick


Reference price: ¥ 25


This cotton remover stick from MUJI’s house is really easy to use! Cotton, soft, clean, hygienic, double -headed cotton swab, economical affordable, without fluorescent whitening agent, has antibacterial function,

Whether it is makeup or makeup remover, this cotton swab is a good helper.

MUJI’s cotton stick is still recommended! The touch is smooth, and the ball is not affordable. It can be handy when it is used for eye shadows or naturally fainting with the eyeliner. A box of 200 installations, the price is more expensive than ordinary cotton swabs,

But at least rest assured that the ingredients without fluorescent white agents!

MUJI has no bleaching cotton pads

Reference price: ¥ 27


This is really super easy to use, especially soft,

It’s so comfortable to use


, And there is no bleaching, it is particularly assured, the price is also very beautiful, cheap large bowls, cotton seeds can be seen by the naked eye, which is very good for applying to the face or makeup remover.

It is made of 100 % natural fibrous fibrous colors. One can be torn into 3 to 4 pieces to apply the face. The touch is very soft, can fill the surface of the skin surface, and even the nose and other dead angles can be wiped ~

Extension is excellent, and it is better to control the amount of lotion and lotion.

MUJI portable eyelash clip

Reference price: ¥ 45

A eyelash cotton that is using rice balls is really invincible and easy to use!

The legendary king


, Super portable design, the lasting eyelashes are not weaker than the specialized eyelashes!

It only takes three seconds to pinch the beautiful eyelashes of the curled, using a sliding structure, which can be placed in a small cloth bag. There is a spare protective side at the tail. A small eyelashes can be used for a long time!

MUJI sensitive muscle lotion

Reference price: ¥ 60

MUJI’s lotion packaging gives a pure feeling, the minimalist style is very textured, the sensitive muscle series, does not add any spices, alcohol, and other chemicals.

The stimulation of the skin is very small

There are three different types of different types of small fairy to choose from.


For sensitive skin, nothing is more important than mild.


This natural water based on the thick rock layer, no alcohol and no additive, fully meets the needs of sensitive muscles to pursue mild and peace of mind. Its design is simple, colorless and tasteless lotion, and the sense of existence is not high.

Because the irritation is almost zero, it will be at ease at any time.


MUJI Shurou gentle cleansing milk


Reference price: ¥ 68


The things of MUJI really push it all their lives. It does not add it.

Sensitive muscles and pregnant women can be known for their use,

Gentle texture, good care of the skin, and adding natural moisturizing ingredients citrus juice, cheap and easy to use, completely clean the skin while moisturizing.


This is really suitable for sensitive muscles

, Uniquely added the orange essence, mild and non -exciting. The packaging is also a representative of high value ~ As a four -free product without alcohol, fragrance -free, pigment -free, and mineral oil -free oil, there is no tight after washing the face and quality!

MUJI Liangpin Paper Paper Notebook 5 Volume 5

Reference price: ¥ 21

The rice ball thinks that this simple notebook is pretty, and it continues the consistent Um -induced cold style, environmental protection, surface leather paper cover,

Not easy to bend, smooth writing

Essence Whether it is a fluorescent pen or a ballpoint pen, it will not be transparent to the bottom, nor will it be stained.

MUJI automatic pencil

Reference price: ¥ 8


MUJI’s automatic pencil is simple and light. It uses a classic design of the tail -pressed type. The pen clip can be opened, which is convenient to clamp the pencil on the notebook. MUJI’s pencil is a classic 0.5 core, which is guaranteed and not easy to break the core.

The most suitable for the student party!


MUJI fluorescent pen MUJI

Reference price: ¥ 10

Compared with the traditional fluorescent pen, the MUJI’s fluorescent pen specially adds see -through windows on the slope design. During the use process, you can clearly see where the lines are scratched. It is especially suitable for the little fairy with obsessive -compulsive disorder!

This fluorescent pen is a double -headed fluorescent pen,

The tail is a simple round head design. You can make simple records in the book ~ There are five colors of yellow, green, blue, orange, and pink.

MUJI Portable Book Player

Reference price: ¥ 28

I believe that the students and office workers must have encountered a test paper/file when they go to school/to work. MUJI family


This portable book booking machine is quite light

, Can restore the growth bar, don’t worry about scraping the pen bag or supporting the pen bag ~

MUJI translucent pencil box

MUJI transparent scrub pen box that does not work

This pen box can be said to be a typical representative of MUJI! All the unnecessary designs and colors are omitted, and the pen boxes are divided into ordinary and two -stage type. The two -stage formula will add a small box of rubber, which can be opened separately. Little fairies can choose as needed.


MUJI spring gel ink pen

The pen head adopts anti -countercurrent design. It is not easy to break the water or the embarrassment of explosion. The writing is quite smooth. The main body uses renewable materials, which is not easy to slip. There are many colors to choose from. Oh.


MUJI home quiet aromatherapy machine

Reference price: ¥ 550


The most famous aromatherapy machine in the MUJI Home Furnishing Series, MUJI’s super cute white fat man!

Its aromatherapy machine can be used as a small night lamp and humidifier machine

It is useful for improving sleep quality, soothing fatigue and preventing skin dryness.

The lighting of the aromatherapy machine is adjusted with two gears. The atomization effect is adjusted by four gears. When the internal water is not enough, it will automatically shut down to ensure safety. The fog is spread through the ultrasonic.

Improve the air effects in the room.


MUJI U -shaped pillow

Reference price: ¥ 150

Everyone must know this U -shaped pillow of MUJI, it should have been pushed! It’s really hot some time ago, many people are using it, high -quality Tianzhu cotton,

Touch comfortable, extremely skin -friendly


, Also improve beauty.

It is really comfortable to use. In addition to being a neck pillow, it can also be used as a waist pillow, and the fabric is also very skin -friendly. Whether it is in the office, driving is a good choice.


MUJI Folding Comb

Reference price: ¥ 19


The biggest highlight of this folding comb in MUJI is

Use folding design

It can easily storage and organize the comb. Girls can easily put it in the bag. After folding, it will not take up too much space and avoid the wear of the comb.

At the same time, in terms of appearance, this folding comb is made of solid -color PP material, combined with the minimalist design style of MUJI, while maintaining high value, it is also lighter and portable.


MUJI slopplate elastic slippers

Reference price: ¥ 90

Many people don’t understand why a pair of home slippers are so expensive. For example, the rice ball doesn’t understand, although this slippers are really literary and beautiful,

I heard that the material is very soft

It is like stepping on the fine sand of the beach during the sunset.

MUJI strawberry white chocolate

Reference price: ¥ 18


MUJI MUJI’s snacks are rich in snacks. This strawberry sandwich chocolate is definitely a well -deserved star model.

It can be said that it is the head of the hen

Almost all of the friends who have been to the neon country have to buy early adopters.

The smooth and delicate white chocolate is wrapped in the middle of a whole strawberry, and the crispy bite is bite.

Rich in the taste

The natural sour taste can neutralize the sweetness and milk flavor of white chocolate, and it is more sensational to bite it.

MUJI Fruit Candid Cotton Carshmallow

Reference price: ¥ 9


The taste of cotton sugar from the hens is really comparable to the real candy company!

And the taste is very soft

, Small marshmallow, soft and sweet, fruit sandwich is sour.


Can be eaten directly or sprinkled on coffee. Or roast it in the oven on the toast, like sweet milk jam, it is too satisfying! Among them, the favorite of rice balls is strawberry sandwich marshmallow, soft and delicious!


MUJI Nan Gaomei and Wind Sugar

The little fairy who usually likes to eat talks must not miss this South Gaomei and wind sugar. Don’t look at its packaging simple and inconspicuous, but it is really real material, sweet and sour and invincible.


Boil the sugar into golden brown by the ancient system, and then add the frozen and dry South Gaomi. And each one is packaged independently, which will not be sticky at all.

MUJI green raisins white chocolate

The mellow white chocolate with a selected natural cheese exudes a strong aroma, and then wraps the natural sweet raisins.

The sweet and sour taste of the strait is just neutralizing the sweetness of white chocolate,


Don’t mention how enjoyable it is.


That’s it for the recommendation of the rice ball today. Let me talk about it first. The little fairies who want to buy them are best to go to MUJI’s official website, because the single items are more than the Tmall store, hehehe, the little fairies, which little fairies like MUJI. Single product? Intersection


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Talk about your favorite

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Reference price: ¥ 25

Reference price: ¥ 8


Reference price: ¥ 28

Reference price: ¥ 18