Body and velvet warm underwear slim -shaped sexy cold refusal to bloated

Of course, it is also necessary to be warm, and of course the temperature and the temperature must be the most important problem for warmth and beauty at the same time. How to combine thinness and warmth? Choosing a super -shaped body and slimming and warm underwear has become the top priority. Get rid of the traditional warmth and thickness and thickness. The warm underwear of the body not only shows curve beauty, but also heats up in the inside, which is more cold -resistant. Don’t hurry up to prepare a set, be beautiful, and self -cultivation.

Perfect touch, soft skin -friendly, such as the baby’s skin is the most delicate comfort. The sexy lace lace is inlaid on the minimalist round neck, embellished with a romantic elegance. The first -class tailoring makes the overall lines smooth, the slim -fitting three -encirclement design, no longer bloated, shaping is more graceful. The inner layer of healthy and natural warm plush fiber is non -irritating, and high precision softness brings you an excellent experience.

美体加绒保暖内衣  修身塑形性感御寒拒绝臃肿

Simple and stylish round neck design, with a wide -necked port design, make the upper body more comfortable. The exquisite blooming design and light lace brings beautiful pictures, making it still elegant when wearing warmth in winter. The position of the pants waist is widened, which is to reduce the abdomen, and no longer squeeze the sense of compression of the abdomen. Add high -quality fabrics with velvet can prepare for you comfortable winter. This winter is beautiful and moving.

To be sexy, keep warm, good look. Soft and high -bullet fabrics, seamless and non -tailored craftsmanship, let the body naturally slim after wearing, and the curve is natural. Sexy lace big U -collar, charming and sexy manifestation, is extremely charm. The outer layer uses renewable fiber, natural healthy, soft and skin -friendly. The inner layer is high -density thick and high -elastic velvet. While it is soft and warm, while greatly improving the warmth rate, it gives skin infant -level care.

美体加绒保暖内衣  修身塑形性感御寒拒绝臃肿

The design of the cartoon pattern is full of childlikeness, showing lively and playfulness. After three -dimensional cutting, we will create a comfortable and comfortable experience. The firming foot and mouth design, more sticks and ankles, beautiful at the same time increase warmth. Selected naturally without pouring inside, soft and non -irritating, super strong, comfortable and warm, easily lock the body’s calories, resist the cold outside, and enjoy the warmest feeling.

Enjoy the comfort and nature given by nature, so that the skin can breathe smoothly. Ultra -soft Model skin fabric, healthy, environmentally friendly light and breathable. After the sewing of the advanced 3D imported sewing machine, the clothing is firm and durable, and it is not easy to deform. The beef tendon and wide pants are designed, and wearing it for a long time. The neckline and cuffs that complement the bonding color fans not only keep warm and windproof, but also create trendy fashion elements in visual effects. It also needs to be beautiful.

The body shaping the body, elegant to the end. The ecological fabric is comfortable on the surface, the feel is smooth, and the texture is clear and delicate. With the design of the dark lines, it highlights the elegant soft temperament in the low -key. The original ultra -soft velvet design, thick but without any bloated, upper body effect, three -dimensional slim, and elastic fabric, will not have a sense of restraint, more comfortable and warm.

美体加绒保暖内衣  修身塑形性感御寒拒绝臃肿

Lace lace is beautiful and beautiful, better set off women’s sexy and elegant, and versatile fashion. 3D three -dimensional tailoring, keeping warm and slimming, lighting the S sexy curve, not bloated in winter. Ploves are perfectly fitted with the body curve, slimming and thin, unique and beautiful buttocks, and super soft velvet fur comfortable and pleasant, blooming beautiful moods. The playful and lively wave dots embellish the women’s prettyness, adding a little different charm.

When the luxurious texture blows it on the fingers, close the eyes and enjoy this beautiful taste. High -elastic fold collar, exquisite and elegant, enhance women’s charm, show the gentle and soft beauty. The warmth design of the shifts makes the vision more beautiful, highlighting the novel concept of personality. Instead of loose pants waist, super comfortable. The crotch three -dimensional 3D tailoring, comfortable to wear. The fleece thick pants and feet are closed, it is not tight, and warmth.

美体加绒保暖内衣  修身塑形性感御寒拒绝臃肿

Not only as simple as keeping warm! 100%body -shaping version type, which meets two requirements for warmth and body shaping. The effect of imitation of the body shaping coat supports the chest, completely copied to the version of the warm underwear, and the deep gap is more full of shape. The waist and abdomen are sewn with a high -back fiber fabric, and the immediate abdominal plastic waist effect of the shadow does not deform many times. Adding fluffy hair to increase the warmth, and it cannot be durable. Exquisite and neat feet side pressure lines, high -end brands show extraordinary.

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