Coffee Tour-Starbucks’s newly launched fresh grain filter

In order to cater to the increasingly fierce market competition in the Chinese coffee market and the increasingly diverse demand for coffee flavors, Starbucks China recently launched a new beverage-fresh grain filter.


Compared to the large pot of coffee filtering coffee pre -extracted by the coffee powder that was grinded the day before, this is now made after placing an order.

As shown in the figure above, the extraction pot used by Xianci Drop filter uses a semi -automatic “smart pot” developed by Starbucks. The biggest advantage is to avoid the unstable hand rushing of black skirts before. [Dog head]


It only needs to put the coffee powder in the water (the same is also steaming here, so the water injection is twice), and then the coffee pot controls the extraction time and flows out of the coffee liquid. During the extraction process, there is a color screen in the middle of the coffee machine to display the current extraction progress. When the extraction is completed, the coffee liquid will automatically flow out to the bottom cloud pot.

This fresh extract also gives coffee enthusiasts more free customization options. There are five options for coffee beans, namely: Starbucks Christmas comprehensive coffee beans, Starbucks rich roasted Christmas comprehensive coffee beans, Guatemala Ani coffee beans, Flona coffee beans, Kenya coffee beans.


Compared with the previous Starbucks American style, the coffee fluid produced is cleaner and smooth in the taste. The other flavors are basically not obvious (Starbucks fast food, after all, it is a large -scale chain store. Relatively speaking Lovers are better to turn right and turn right).

In general, thanks to the semi -automatic extraction pot developed by Starbucks, it can spread relatively high -quality and stable hand -made hand -coffee in large -scale chain stores. After looking at it, I still look forward to Starbucks subsequent new product research and development. After all As the most popular coffee giant, its occupation of consumers is still unparalleled in China.

Each progress is not only a choice for consumers, but also a pioneering and popular coffee culture in the national coffee market. Looking forward to the bigger and bigger domestic coffee market, domestic high -quality boutique coffee forces and international coffee giants larger the Chinese coffee market. To Chinese brands such as Manner and M Stand.