Homemade black sesame paste

The hawkers outside the window were sipping: now grind black sesame paste, grain mixed grain paste.

The home is just a bit black sesame, glutinous rice flour. Why not make it yourself?

Just dry, wash the black sesame seeds, and drain for later use.


Fry the glutinous rice flour first and use the fire. This is to test endurance and patience, and keep turning to prevent uneven heating. Fry until slightly yellow, you can smell the fragrance. Shengqi for later use.


Then pour the cleaned black sesame seeds into the pot, and still use the fire. Because of the cleaning, the water was very large, and the hot air in the hot pot rose. After the heat dissipated, it continued to stir -fry. When he heard the sound of splitting, the sesame was cooked.

Prepare the cooking machine and add four cooked black sesame seeds to fried glutinous rice flour, crushed, bottle. When eating, add sugar according to your own taste and tune warm water.

You can also add cooked walnuts or peanuts. The same cooking machine is crushed, because these ingredients are high oil, and glutinous rice flour should be added when crushing to prevent the group from sticking to the group. You can add glutinous rice flour according to the crushing situation.

Although the process is cumbersome, isn’t it more fragrant if the black sesame paste made by myself? [Cover your face]