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“The future of Japanese movies depends on you.” This is Kurosawa’s evaluation of Japanese director Kitano.

At the age of 20, he dropped out of the jazz bar in Shinjuku; at the age of 26, he formed a talented (Japanese platform comedy, similar to China’s counter -dialogue) group “Two Beats”, which was all the rage; 42 -year -old debut “self -directed debut” The fierce man is famous; the 47 -year -old sudden car accident pain; 50 -year -old won the 54th Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Award for the 54th Venice Film Festival …

Kitano’s legend is not only in his career, but his emotional life and attitude of life have also been “worshiped” many times. The 72 -year -old Kitano Kitan and the original wife divorced, and after leaving the house, he remarried with a 18 -year -old woman; 74 -year -old scolded the opening ceremony of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. Women’s clothing and COS become anime characters.


Men are young, and they are still rebellious when they are old. This is used to describe Kitano Wu.


Kitano’s film style is very similar to its life characteristics: both the “knife” qualities such as good fighting, martial arts, arrogance, stubbornness, etc., but also have the rhyme of “chrysanthemum” such as peaceful, beautiful, pride, and pure. “Tutou City” and “Evil Evil” define violence with sword halberds and gunfires. “Summer of Jujiro” and “The Summer of the Year” accompanied the incomplete life to accompany them.

Although the playmates of Kitano were all underlying workers, taxis drivers, and underworld, his life also had a soft part. These experiences have become the main content of the movie “Asakusa Boy”.

“Asano Boys” is adapted from the autobiography of the same name of Kitano. The troupe is the director and screenwriter. Liu Le Youomi plays Kitano, Daquanyang plays the master of Kitano Kita, and the legendary stage comedy actor sees Qian Sanlang. The film is based on Tokyo Asakusa as the background. It tells the story of the protagonist Awu who dropped out of school and then went to Asakusa, and worshiped the story of Chizaruro, learning skills and gaining growth.


Compared with the full -view show of Kitano’s life, “Asakusa Boys” focuses on the love of Kitano Kitano, Kenji Chisaburo, the couple and apprenticeship: from the first appearance on the stage to play a funny short drama, to becoming a talented artist, and then to Master Heaven and man forever … However, the film is not a personal memory, but an Ukiyo -e -painting that coexists with tears.


The core of comedy is tragedy

In the 1960s, Asakusa, mixed fish and dragons, the theater comedy was tired. The times have changed. Stage comedies need to survive in the gaps. There is no independent performance place that is independent of her own.

In the previous second, the dancer made a lot of teasing things on the stage; in the next second, I saw Qian Sanshiro dressed as different characters and joked. It seems that the singing and dancing are rising, but the fatigue is full. A girl in the film said, “Even the acting form of stripping dance will only come to watch.” And the stage comedy is interspersed with fewer audiences.

In the film, there is a set of parallel editing, and the dancer on the stage dances for the livelihood. Awu in the background steals “idleness” and practiced the dance skills. Although life is not easy, they respond to all kinds of misfortunes with a positive and optimistic attitude.

In order to seek a better life, Awu, who dropped out of school, became an apprentice to see Qian Sanshiro. I was not interested in TV shows, and only believed in stage performances. Whether it is a stepping dance, an impromptu performance or on -the -spot strain, he sees a brain to teach it to Awu.

Qian Chun, who was forced to become a stripper, was a professional dancer who followed the troupe to perform in Japan. Today, singing is just an out of reach for her. Two people who did not change their hearts inspired each other and moved towards the goal.


Awu, who was a successful learning art, decided to go to the TV station to show his talents, and Qian Chun also performed a singing voice in his daily performance. But the dream journey did not have a smooth sailing. The theater can do whatever you want. Once you arrive at the TV station, you are bound everywhere; no matter how good Qianchun sings, the audience in the audience still wants to watch stripping performances.

Nevertheless, they still have to make fun. Take the stage performance, for example, all the burdens and paragraphs are obtained through the “offensive” of each other and apprentices.


The reason why Master saw the left hand was always wrapped in gauze because of the injury of the military factory during the war. The remaining four fingers except the thumb were gone. After learning about this, Awu compiled a joke about seeing the left hand. Who knew that Master was not only angry, but also interacted with him.

As a master, seeing deep opinions is generous; as a comedian, he can accept “offens” and find inspiration and fun from it.


An impromptu performance, which is based on the details of life. I also pretended to wear the wrong lady’s high -heeled shoes, just for the previous section of the heel; he also made fun of the principle of the TV screen, lying on the TV and trying to peek at the female performer. The embarrassment in life has become the source of comedy performances.

Even if the tragedy happened, they had to face it with a smile. Master was killed due to an accidental fire. Awu at the funeral stood alone in front of the obsessive statue and said the paragraph. The bitterness of comedy performers is self -explanatory, but this is also their belief: even if they have tears, they must finish the joke. This is also the best memory of Master Awu.


The death of Master symbolizes the end of an era, but France is like a lighthouse that never collapses, illuminating the road of Awu’s life.

I am a comedian, you stupid

Comedy actors also have dignity. The first lesson for Master to see Awu is to respect his career: the comedian must not be laughing, but to tease others (through paragraphs and limbs).


At the beginning of the stage, Awu needed men to dress up and play a female public relations. To this end, he made himself makeup into the appearance of “flowers”, which made Master dissatisfied: “The comedian must rely on performing to take a laugh, instead of using ugly makeup to make others laugh. How can there be a female public relations in the world? Makeup? You can make makeup “Let yourself be the most beautiful woman in the world”. “

Set up and perform with the character’s mentality, instead of performing some kind of public purposes.

The performer’s control is in his own hands, and he cannot lose objective standards because of the audience’s subjective judgment.

Awu was a little nervous when he came to power for the first time. In this regard, the deep opinion directly stopped the performance and accused the audience of: “He performed so badly, you applauded? This will only harm him.” I am a comedian, you are a fool. “

When Kitano Wu and the characters in his works speak in real life, they always love to add a sentence “You stupid” at the end. This mantra also appears in this film, becoming a symbol of the character inheritance of the master and apprentice. In the film, when Awu’s performance was performed, and when the audience ignored it, he also said the same thing. This is not to deny the audience, but to strictly discipline yourself and protect the dignity of the stage.

“Even if you don’t eat for three days, you have to dressed and show people.” Master was so decent and confident.

At that time, when I saw a hat hat, dressed in a dress, and a pair of pointed shoes, I was very eye -catching no matter where I went. Although the audience gradually became less and Franka was dissolved, but she went to the factory to find a deep opinion, and she was still polite during the interview. Even if we are impoverished, you have to live decently.

Master’s respect for occupation in exchange for apprentices’ deeds for dreams. After deciding to perform his talents, Awu left France. During the farewell, Qian Chun hugged him and fun, and she would not sleep with Awu. Because both are similar people, they have a pure ideal state, which is different from the superficial audience.

Life cannot be survived, but only keep moving forward. At the same time, the respect of occupations has made others respect Awu and see.


In the 70th Red and White Song Conference in 2019, Kitano Wu took the stage to sing the song “Asakusa Boy”. At that time, Kitano Wu was a good friendly friend who had a good friendly friendship and a sense of feeling, so he wrote this song.


When singing “Don’t say that we have abandoned our dreams, we obviously have two people who can choose from other ways”, Kitano Wu choked. When he switched to the director, he did not continue to perform. In the face of the old friends under the river, Kitano Wu had some blame: If he did not leave, he might be another situation.

But fate is so impermanent: everyone has different ways to go, and each art has a unique life cycle. In addition to sighing, we can’t do anything to keep our duties.

This song is not only the thoughts and encouragement of Beiye Wu’s old friends, but also a summary and summary of himself. After all, without the “Asakusa Boy” of that year, there is no Kitano Wu today.

Just as the last long shot of the movie “Asakusa Boy” shows: Adult Awu returned to France, and it was vividly vivid. The stage is no longer, so people are no longer, only the laughter in the fantasy dream is often accompanied by.

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