How to wash the air conditioning filter by yourself

Wash the filter element once a month

Under normal operating conditions, the service life of an original air conditioner filter element is 30,000 kilometers or a year. If the air -conditioning filter element is often cleaned, the service life of the air conditioning filter element can be extended.

The master suggested that it is cleaned once a month, especially the summer in the air conditioner. If the vehicle has used more than 20,000 kilometers, it is recommended to replace the air filter element. At the same time, the master said that there are two inconvenient places for DIY to change the air conditioner filter. First of all, the position of the air filter is found, and the second is that some models may need to disassemble a few more screws in the process of disassembling and installation.

DIY replacement fee: about 50 yuan

4S shop charging standard: The price of air conditioning filter element is about 150 yuan, and the working hours cost 50 yuan.

The location of the air conditioner filter element

Different models of air conditioning filter element are different, there are two main types: 1. Some air conditioning filter elements are covered by a diversion tank under the front windshield of the car. When replacing the filter element, first lift the engine cover, remove the card with the fixed flow sink, remove the flow sink, and you can see the air conditioner filter element. 2. The air -conditioning filter element of most home car is located in the storage box under the windshield in front of the co -pilot. It is very convenient to remove it. You only need to remove the storage box and you will see the air conditioning filter inside.

Replace the tips:

When you go to the 4S store to change the air filter, it will rarely help you clean the sponge grid. The sponge with oil under the paper grid is a barrier of the car air -conditioning cleaning air. Because of the trouble of cleaning, 4S shops rarely do this process. However, when DIY replaces the air conditioner filter element, you can wash it yourself: After washing with ordinary laundry powder, knead it with your hands with your hands, and then use toilet paper to adsorb excess oil and place it back.

DIY replacement steps

The air -conditioned filter element of some models is under the front windshield of the car.

Step 1: Open the debris box and pull down the small hook on the right

Step 2: Squeeze on both sides of the debris box and squeeze it in.

Step 3: This is the air conditioner filter element grid, and the cards on both sides can be dragged out.

Step 4: Pull out the filter, install a new filter element, and return to the debris box.

Cleaning reminder: The filter element of the air conditioner is very easy to stick to a lot of dust. Use the skin tiger and high pressure to blow off the dust. Do not wash it with water, otherwise it will be easy to waste.

Replacement prompt: The use of activated carbon filtering function in a section of air -conditioning filter element will decline, so you can go to the auto parts market to buy adapted air -conditioning filter elements for replacement.