Trending timepiece of leapfrog culture and gender: Hublot Big Bang Unico Emperor Gold Chain with watch

Zhang Yixing, a spokesperson for Hublot China, wears a Big Bang Unico Emperor Gold Chain with a scheduled watch watch.

跨越文化与性别的潮流时计:宇舶Big Bang Unico皇金链带腕表

In 2020, the Hublot Hublot Watch launched the Big Bang Unico metal chain belt material watch for the first time, 42 mm case. After the new design, the unique three -dimensional shape is perfectly connected through the smooth lines and smooth corners, making Italian fashion designer Chiara Ferragani and Chinese artist Zhang Yixing did not make an appointment, which means that the Big Bang Unico chain belt watch does not have the boundary between men’s watches and women’s watches. Dividement!

Hublot Big Bang UNICO Emperor Gold Chain Twitter Watch, model 451.ox.1180.ox / diameter 42mm satin polishing 18K emperor gold case / time indicator, date window, flyback timing movement / hub1280 unico automatic access chain The movement, the power storage for 72 hours / sapphire crystal mirror, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters.

The Big Bang Unico chain with watch inherits the classic “sandwiches” multi -structural case. It is made of a single metal material. The bracelet is composed of three sections. Using edges and chamfering construction, the echo of the border of the chain band is based on the structure of the handle, and the visual effect of the same exquisite texture and contrast with the case and the ears as the case and the ears. The noodle plate of the watch replaces the number at time, echoing the original design of the first Big Bang watch in 2005.

跨越文化与性别的潮流时计:宇舶Big Bang Unico皇金链带腕表

Equipped with Hublot’s homemade Unico movement HUB1280, with a dual -closing time mechanism, and four patented technologies, including the oscillating second hand clutch mechanism, the adjustable rolling bearing timing second meter, the spine wheel fixing system of the one -way gear, and the fine -tuning system of the indicator device installation device Essence Excellent self -made movements and exclusive gold materials are stylish and fashionable!

Brand spokesperson Chiara Ferragni wearing a gorgeous Big Bang Unico Emperor Golden Drill Chain with a watch.

跨越文化与性别的潮流时计:宇舶Big Bang Unico皇金链带腕表

2021 Chiara Ferragni and Zhang Yixing, the spokesperson for Hublot China, have unique tastes on fashion. The Big Bang Unico Emperor’s Golden Drill Chain watches wearing Chiara Ferragni, with her gorgeous style, exude a strong aura of fashion ladies!

And made his debut by the Korean idol group, Zhang Yixing, a Chinese artist Zhang Yixing, who appeared on the 200th album of Billboard in the United States with his personal album in 2018, used its diverse unique music and dance style, and has long been a watch collector for Hublot. In 2022, in 2022, in 2022, in 2022 Formally joined the Hublot Family. Zhang Yixing’s simple and sharp black suit, with Big Bang Unico Emperor Gold Chain with watch, perfectly presents the designer of the luxury trend of Hublot! The two trend represents the gender and region, not only showing the brand concept of Hublot’s “fusion art”, but also becoming the starting type of brand occupying a new generation of watch enthusiasts.