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Bao, 23 batches of masks such as Kang, cotton era unqualified, related to filtering efficiency, protection effect

Southern News reporter Yang Liyun

Do you have a mask quality of the protective article to pass? On May 6, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued the “Notification on the 2019 Provincial 4th Batch of Consumption and the 3rd Batch of Industrial Quality Supervision Satcharts”.

The results show that there are 37 batch masks that are unqualified, including 23 batch daily protective masks, 14 batch labor insurance masks. Unqualified items involve instructions, filtration efficiency, total leakage of the abandoned mask. Mainly in Kang, Cotton Age, Song Ji, Home to Baobao and other brands. Watson’s, Yongwang, Decathlon, China Resources Wanjia and other well-known dealers were named.

The Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has requested that the market regulatory bureau in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, carry out rectification and rectification review and investigation and management of the “closed loop” supervision in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and form a “closed-loop” supervision.

23 batches of daily protective masks unqualified

Revenue of filtering efficiency, protection project

The fourth quarter of 2019, Jiangsu Province Daily Market Authority organization and textiles, electronic appliances, light industrial products, food-related products and other four major categories of 34 kinds of consumer goods and machinery and security products, electrical products and materials, construction and decoration of The three major categories of materials such as materials were supervised.


For the daily protective mask, this total of 58 batches of products, the results show that 23 batches of samples are unqualified, the qualified rate is only 60.3%. Unqualified items are protective effects, filtering efficiency 2 indicators. Among them, there are 18 batches of products, and the filtering efficiency project of 16 batches of products is unqualified.

Southern reporter combed discovered that there were many famous brands, including the main kang, all cotton era, universal research, home to treasure, Jiu’an shield.

The notice shows that a batch of “mainly” granular protective masks produced by Guangzhou Antai Treasure Medical Devices Co., Ltd., filtering efficiency, and unqualified protection effects;

A batch of nominalized cotton anti-fog hang masks produced by Shenzhen Cotton Times Technology Co., Ltd., the protection effect is unqualified;

A batch of “maintenance” in the “maintenance” of Guangzhou Baozhuo Baoji Co., Ltd., the protection of the protection, the filtering efficiency, and the protection effect are unqualified;

A batch of “home to treasure” three-dimensional protective mask produced by Weihai Jingcheng Special Fiber Products Co., Ltd., filtration efficiency, unqualified protection effect;

A batch of “Madochy” in the production of Beijing Songnan Protective Dinging Co., Ltd., the daily protective mask, filtration efficiency, and the protection effect are unqualified;

Three batches of daily protective masks produced by Huzhou Jiu’an Shield Protection Technology Co., Ltd., unqualified projects involve filtration efficiency and protection.

It is reported that the filtering efficiency assessment of the filtering capacity of the daily protective mask on the particulate matter, where the filter material is a key factor that directly affects mask filtering efficiency and respiratory resistance.

Protective effects to assess the leakage of the mouthmap filter and the peripheral, breathing valve, and partial components. If the mask is poor, contaminants in the air will enter the breathing zone from the leak, affect the protection effect.

Decathlon, China Resources Wanjia and other sales


14 batches of labor insurance masks unqualified

In addition, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau checked the labor insurance mask 59 batches, and 14 batches of products were unqualified. Unqualified items involve 2 indicators such as filtration efficiency and total leakage rate of the abandon mask.

The results show that a batch of multi-platform green ship home life flagship store sales, nominally “green ship” self-absorbed filter anti-particulate respirator, filtering efficiency, and belt mask produced by Jing’an County Wanjia Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. The total leak rate is unqualified;

A batch of Decathlon (Shanghai) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Taizhou Heaven-German Lake Branch sales, nominally, the labor insurance mask produced by Jiaxing Juntai Medical Accessories Co., Ltd., the filtering efficiency is unqualified;

A batch of Wuxi China Resources Wanjia Life Supermarket Co., Ltd. Taihu Store sales, nominally “Fadish Nonplete” Disposable Non-woven Labor Insurance, Filtering Efficiency, and Carrying Mask The leak rate is unqualified.

Southern reporters have discovered that many well-known dealers have on the list, including Decathlon, China Resources Wanjia. In the 14 batches of unqualified labor insulation masks, there were 10 batches of the total leakage rate project of the abandoned mask product failed.

“Total leak rate” project is unqualified? According to the senior engineer of the Guangdong Medical Devices Quality Supervision and Inspection, Huang Minju, “The total leakage rate of the bellows” is a key indicator of the evaluation of mask performance. The project is unqualified. The mask component has a face of the mask or mask. The adhesion is poor. Bacterial, viruses, dust, etc. may pass the mask member or from the gap between the mask and the face into the nasal cavity, and lose the protection effect.

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23 batches of daily protective masks unqualified

14 batches of labor insurance masks unqualified