The cold wave+wind, the temperature drops to zero! The cold wind is strong, the baby’s down jacket is arranged?


Parents in Shanghai, please note that a new round of cold wave is coming! Great wind, cold tide double blue warning high! Within 24 hours, the average temperature decreases up to 10 ° C!

Whether you can succeed in winter this time, it is time to arrange for the baby to get cold clothes. Essence Essence

In mid -December, it was said that the good winter was not delayed. Especially at noon, under the sun, you can feel the spring meaning. However, parents, don’t care, a new round of cold waves are on the road.

Double Wind, cold wave double blue warning

Cold wave warning

(Picture source: published in Shanghai)

At 17:00 on December 16, 2021, the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory was released

Cold wave blue warning


: Affected by the strong cold air in the north, it is expected


In the next 48 hours, the lowest temperature in this city will drop above 8 ° C

On the 18th, the lowest temperature in the urban area tomorrow morning

2 ℃


Suburban minus 3 ℃ to 0 ℃


Thin ice

, Local area



(Image Source:

Shanghai Early Warning Release


Wind warning

(Picture source: Shanghai Early Warning Release)

At 20:00 on December 16, the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory issued a large blue warning: under the influence of strong cold air in the north, it is expected

From the end of the night of the 16th to the 17th

The city will appear during the day

Level 5 gust 6-7 level

, Wind in the coastal areas and rivers and lakes along the river


Grade 7-8

Northwest wind.

The wind and cold wave warning have sounded, and many parents are eager to try it. Finally, they can wear the dual -11 large thick down jacket for the baby! Some elderly people also cheered their fists and prepared to wrap the baby in a circle.

(Picture source: People’s Daily Online)

But the more you wear?

It is easier to wear so much

Let the baby cool

And may increase

Risk of eczema

Essence So, in the face of cold weather, how to add clothes correctly?

Let ’s take a look with Tuo Youjun!

Children’s clothing judgment standard

Many parents, especially the elderly, have a little cold hand, and start to add clothes to the baby crazy. As everyone knows, children’s hands are normal. Their heart development is not as mature as adults, weak heart fighting, and poor blood circulation in the end. Therefore, heating ability is not as good as adults.

If children,

The neck, chest, and back are warm and have no sweating

; The hands and feet are slightly colder than the back, but it will not be too cold, indicating that there is no need to add further clothes.

Also, guarantee



Two cool

Three warmth, that is, “back warmth, belly warm, feet warm”. Back, abdomen, foot

They are all the focus of children’s warmth.

Keep children

Moderate back warm

Protect the spleen and stomach

Keep children

Warm feet warm

Er Liang, the head is cold, the heart and chest are cold. Don’t cover your head too tightly


Heat dissipation

Don’t be too heavy in the clothes in the heart

Guarantee children

Comfortable heart

Children’s dressing tips

When the cold air strikes, children can

Take a good warm sweater or sweater inside

A sweater or cotton vest, wearing a thick cotton jacket or down jacket

This is relatively light, and you won’t be in your hands while acting; once you get hot, you can take off the cotton jacket,

One piece of sweater and a vest of the warmth of the vest

It will not let the child be frozen.




Add pants, add a pair of autumn pants inside

; If the weather is cold, you can wear the soft on it

Cotton pants

Essence The waist of many cotton pants is wide rubber band, which is very loose.

Meet this

Gorgeous sky

When, remember to wear a windproof hat for the baby, or wear a jacket or sweater wearing a hat!

Children’s dressing reminder

1. It is not recommended to wear tight jeans for children

Intersection The tight jeans are hard and elastic.


It is not easy to wear and take off, and it is not convenient to move

;and also


It is not recommended to wear tight thick pantyhose




Don’t wear a rope sweater for your children!

The seemingly normal pull rope, once the child is pulled by the slider, the door, and even the unknown classmate, the child

It’s easy to be held, suffocated, and even die

according to rules,

Dades of clothing under the age of 7 must not use pull rope and cable. The pull rope and cables of children’s clothing 7-14 years old must not loosen

Essence If you have purchased it, remember

Pull the rope

3. Children

Play slide, take the elevator




Don’t wear a scarf,


Put the scarf into the child’s clothes

Essence Scarf as much as possible

Short -sighted

Do not wrap it with a scarf

There will be


Essence When we are a scarf

Don’t kill

Asthma children should not wear scarves


Don’t wear a hat for your children

, Dangerous sweaters and scarves with ropes.

5. Don’t give children

Wear too tight clothes or sleeves

Affect blood circulation

Don’t give the baby socks that are too tight

Over tight socks

Hold the baby’s ankle

, Blood cannot reach the footsteps smoothly, resulting in

Decreased calories on the foot, and even frostbite occurred


Do not choose pants with zipper or choose zipper to the top all the time



Essence With zipper clothes, children are not good

It may hurt the chin and pinch the skin. Especially little boys are more likely to cause unimaginable harm. Essence Essence

The cold wave is coming. Although it may be warm again in a few days, parents should pay attention to windproof and warm, and add clothing to the baby properly!

(Information source: Shanghai Release; Shanghai Early Warning Release; People’s Daily;, etc.)