Supermodel Miranda Keer wore a golden luxury skirt. Baroque style is shining, bright and advanced

The doll face supermodel is always in the fashion industry. They are always different people. They have a perfect figure and angelic face, and they will look younger than their peers.

Australian supermodel Milan Daker is a well -known baby face. She gave birth to three baby, and she still kept her perfect figure.

The 38 -year -old state is still very good. When meeting with a friend, a golden waist skirt wears a bright style.

Bling Bling’s shining golden skirt has a luxurious style, but the child always allows people to see her at first glance in the crowd, with a little sweetness in the cuteness.


Baroque -style diamond pattern, and three -dimensional tailored skirt version, with a noble and gorgeous texture.


Some soft nude color hollow skirts are dotted with shining silver sequins to create a romantic and gorgeous style. This kind of strong skirt can be made by ordinary people. And three -dimensional design, create an excellent feeling.


The design of this A -line skirt can actually make the leg curve more visually longer. She does not see three babies at all with such a perfect figure.


The scattered skirt is intertwined with the three -dimensional feeling,

Make your waist slimmer,

Some woven cut -out cuffs and skirts, with looming beauty, combine romance and toughness.

With a pair of shiny words with high heels, the bright and dazzling light blooms.

Even if she dressed up with a blewed friend, Miranda Kerr did not lose at all. She applied red lip makeup, she looked delicate and sweet, and her pink makeup was more age -reducing, as cute as peaches.


A pair of blue eyes are clear and touching, and the nude woven dresses collide with gentle glory.

The tall and tall cocoa, randomly pierced a ball head, showing a sweet smile, the extremely bright silver sequins are very magnificent, letting the irregular hollow lines shuttle,

Create a three -dimensional skirt, wearing it on the body will not be too close,


Instead, it will make the shoulders wider, and the overall shape is very resistant.

Not long ago, Kerr, who was together with the model friends, wore a simple black turtleneck knitted skirt, the hollow cutout on the waist revealed the sloppy small waist, wearing a white coat, this black and white collision out of the classic and beautiful temperament Essence

Fresh and natural light yellow skirt, use delicate folds to expose shoulder skirts, expose slender shoulder and neck curves, bubble sleeves and fold waist skirts to create a romantic girly atmosphere. Although 38 years old, it is 38 years old. She still has a sense of girl.


The sweet and romantic flower line shuttles on the skirt. A blooming flower is very playful. The exquisite suspender design and curly hair are painted with roses.


Supermodel Miranda Keer wore a golden luxury skirt. Baroque’s style was shining, bright and advanced. Do you think the Coco Baroque style skirt looks good?