Novel: The man was slammed hard on the desk because he sat on the desk because he was sitting on the desk.

In the office.

Qi Shao was lying on the pink boss chair made of Xiao Xuerman, and his feet were crossed.

The pointed crocodile leather shoes are placed on the desktop that is not dyed.

He was holding 1916 in his mouth, swallowing the clouds and fog.

Don’t treat yourself as an outsider at all.


The door was pushed open, and Xiao Xuerman came in.

“Qi Kang, why are you sitting on my chair? Come down, the money is ready for you.” Xiao Xuerman saw this scene, very angry, frosty.

She has no better face for this kind of wealthy son.

“Shirman, you are too stingy. Shirman’s clothing company earns so much money a year, but your own office is so simple that the young master thinks that he has entered the door.” The interchange is still resting on the table.

It seems that Xiao Xuerman is an outsider, and he is the master here.

“What are you pretending to be in front of my wife and roll me down.”

After drinking a strong drink, Qi Shao seemed to be kicked and fell off the chair, vomiting blood, obviously the five internal organs were damaged.

“Who is it? Who dares to hit me? Qi Wu, where did you die?” Qi Kang lay on the ground and shouted.

Qi Wu, he said, is a personal bodyguard specially hired by the Qi family. It is very capable. It is said that the monthly salary is as high as 50,000 yuan.

Every time he encountered trouble in the past, Qi Wu came forward to solve it easily.

I remember the most dangerous time. In the bar, he conflicted with the local snake for a girl overnight. The other dozens of tattoos rushed together, but Qi Wu was put on the ground.

Therefore, Qi Kang is very confident in Qi Wu’s combat effectiveness.

“What are you talking about him?” Tang Yu grabbed a hip in his hand, lifted a person in, and threw it aside.

Qi Kang was careful, isn’t this Xiao Xueman’s fool’s husband?

Alas, why did the big man lying on the ground look so familiar?

I rely on Qi Wu!

“You fool …” Qi Kang said halfway, just swallowing.

Qi Wu was fainted so powerful.

He was not a stubborn person, and immediately changed into a face.

“I said on the phone on the phone, come here to take the diamond pendant compensation, Shirman, how do you instruct me …” Qi Kang worked hard to calm down and organize the wording carefully.


“Shirman, can you call it?” Tang Yu strode over, picked up Qi Kang’s neckline, and slapped his cheeks over.

The two front teeth were beaten on the spot, and he was stunned, his face was full of blood.

It has never been taught like this.

“Tang Yu, hold his hand quickly.” Xiao Xuerman drank.

She was not blame Tang Yu, but worried about him. After killing Qi Kang, the Qi family would not give up, and most of the Tang Yu could not live.

In the past two days, she found that Tang Yu has changed a lot.

He no longer likes to eat sugar, and he is more organized to speak, but he is very simple and rude, and he hits people.

Tang Yu heard Xiao Xuerman’s voice, quickly closed his hand, and ran to the fish tank to watch the red goldfish.

It seems that nothing happened just now.

He was still the same as before, Xiao Xuerman was a little disappointed.

“Qi Kang, this is an eight million check, you take it well, don’t come to me in the future.” Xiao Xuerman threw the check out.

“You are really willing for this fool.” Qi Kang reached out to get a check.

“Damn, it is worth it to change his mouth and change it back to eight million. But this hatred, I must report.” He thought in his heart.

“Do you really take it?” Tang Yu came over again, stomping in his hands.

“Ah! My hand, my hand. Ah!” Qi Kang shouted in pain.

The ten fingers are connected, how much it hurts.

The bones of the entire palm were all broken, and it was abandoned.

“This is the diamond pendant you bought.” Tang Yu took out the “diamonds” particles he picked up last time from his pocket, sprinkled on the ground, crystal clear.

“Isn’t this a diamond at all?” Xiao Xuiman woke up.

“You ask him?” Tang Yu said.

“Qi Kang, what is this?” Xiao Xuiman asked sharply.

“This is the diamond bought at the auction.

I saw Tang Yu’s heel increased a little, and rotated to the left and right.

“Ah!” Qi Kang shouted in pain. “I said, I said. This diamond pendant is fake, and I find someone to imitate it.”

In the same means, the same tricks, he has used many times, and he has not known how many superficial sacity, but he actually worshiped the girl’s body of golden green tea.

But this time, he planned to Dakeng.

“Shameless!” Xiao Xuiman scolded.

Not only did he scold Qi Shao, he also scolded himself.

She is also an ordinary girl.

That day, she was almost seduced by this fake diamond pendant, and was tempted by this fake diamond pendant.

Temptation has always been there. If you are not seduced, you can only say that this temptation is not big enough for you.