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“China Economic Weekly” reporter Li Yonghua | Fujian Jinjiang Report

In the new era of high -quality development, the rise of clothing power is just at the time.

On July 13, the China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce disclosed that according to RMB, from January to June 2021, my country’s clothing exports were 464.02 billion yuan, an increase of 29.25%year -on -year; 9.02%over 2019.

At present, China is the world’s largest clothing production country, exporter and the most potential consumer market. In 2020, there were 170,000 clothing companies in China, 16.2 million employees in the industry, and a total of 71.2 billion pieces of clothing. In 2020, the total domestic market clothing sales were 4.5 trillion yuan, with an export of 137.4 billion US dollars.

Many leading companies have performed very well in the first half of the year. For example, the seven wolf (002029.SZ) released the performance trailer that in the first half of 2021, the company’s net profit rose 2.1 to 2.9 times year -on -year. Reporting Bird (002154.SZ) had a net profit of 105% to 135% in the first half of the year.

Some institutional research reports said that the clothing industry is the “brightest star” of the consumer sector in the second half of this year.

On June 19, Chen Dapeng, vice chairman of the China Textile Industry Federation and chairman of the China Clothing Association, said that since its establishment, especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese clothing industry has continued to grow and grow. China’s overall steps for China. Entering the world’s clothing manufacturing strong country, in the face of a new period of development, the Chinese clothing industry must take advantage of the steps to accelerate the pace of innovation, and strive to build a fashion power that has created, contributed and promoted to the world in 2035.

Liu Li, a professor of Beijing School of Clothing, believes that clothing has a lot of cultural connotations. To shape the global brand image of Chinese clothing, domestic clothing companies like seven wolves should shoulder responsibility. “Now, their design is not lost to international big names, but the international influence is still lacking. The overall enhancement will become better and better in the future.”

As one of the representative brands of the national men’s clothing, it has been profitable for 31 consecutive years. It has been unpredictable for 21 consecutive years. “Seven Wolf”) provided a typical case of high -quality development of the clothing industry by the wolf -like hard work and strength.

In the opinion of Zhou Shaoxiong, chairman of the Seven Wolf, under the new development pattern, the Chinese clothing industry is on the road of high -quality development. In the future, it is necessary to make efforts from the original ability, brand upgrade, intelligent manufacturing, consumer scenarios, digital applications, and other aspects. In order to create a real world -class clothing brand, it is necessary to fundamentally express China’s attitude to the world. “As a Chinese enterprise, seven wolves have a responsibility to express their fashion attitude and integrate Chinese culture into products.”

The newly upgraded seven wolf boutique club image shop

High -quality development is inseparable from brand upgrade


The rise of domestic goods, young people who look at the world have different consumption concepts

The high -quality development of the clothing industry, brand upgrade is the only way. In the new era, new opportunities for Chinese companies.

Because of the donation of 50 million yuan of materials to help Henan, the domestic sports brand Hongxingrk was surprised. In just a few days, its official jitter sales reached 110 million yuan.

Behind the strong consumption of “Mongolian Circle”, the chairman of Hongxing Erk is the comprehensive rise of domestic goods and a different view of consumption of the new generation of young people who look at the world.

Dr. Zhu Keli, the founding dean of the National Research Institute of Economic Research and Dean of the Bay Area New Economic Research Institute, believes that the time of the younger generation has jumped into consumption -dominated time, and companies such as seven wolves must seize the opportunity of the upgrading of old domestic products brand and try to post as much as possible. The younger generation has further enriched the Chinese elements of Chinese brands.

Zhou Shaoxiong said: “Now, we have proposed the brand strategy of ‘Chinese attitude, Chinese eggplant, and Chinese seven wolfs’. It is to hope that through clothing as a carrier, focusing on the eggplant category, conveying Chinese attitudes, conveying Chinese culture, and expressing our spirit of struggle.”

Facing Fang Xing’s trendy national style, Fang Jianhua, chairman of Huimei Group and founder of Inman brand, said in an interview with the “China Economic Weekly” reporter that young people more and more like Chinese culture, which is the opportunity of Chinese brands.

The social responsibility and environmental awareness of the millennial generation have gradually increased. When purchasing products, in addition to the quality of high -quality products, they are also very concerned about the meaning and stories behind the brand.

Create a brand matrix around the needs of the younger generation on the international stage to compete with international brands on the same stage

However, Guo Yan, a professor at the Business School of the Beijing School of Clothing and an expert at the China Clothing Association, told the reporter of China Economic Weekly that most of the original audiences were “daddy generations, such as the seven wolves, such as the seven wolves, etc. “, Catering to young men or neutral fashion trends is a direction,” traditional sales channels and brands must change. “

For the seven wolves, it is a lot of challenges to get young people. Zhou Shaoxiong was not afraid, but instead believed that the seven wolf’s brand attitude naturally had genetic advantages that attracted young people. “For so many years, it has been the bravery and struggle like a wolf for so many years. It has always been the brand’s attitude that seven wolves want to express, which is also in line with the characteristics of young people. In the future, this will be clearer. I believe it will be welcomed by young people. Let young people put Chinese culture on their bodies. “Zhou Shaoxiong said.

On the brand matrix, Zhu Kelai analyzed that clothing companies should attach great importance to the younger generation represented by the “Z Generation”, such as the post -95s and post -00s, and pay attention to the “Chinese brand” and “Chinese attitude”. The time window for the rise of the national style, focusing on changes in the unique aesthetic and other needs of the younger generation, to create a new category direction that adapts to new needs, and form a differentiated, diverse, personalized, and even exclusive brand matrix.

At present, in addition to the main standard “Seven Wolf” products, the seven wolves actively develop new brands through the “incubation+investment merger” model, forming “seven wolves” plus “16N” and “Wolf Totem” (wolf totem), and international light luxury brands ” Karl Lagerfeld’s brand matrix.

“Wolf Totem” is the young series of seven wolves hired international designers to design independently. It is the perfect embodiment of traditional Chinese culture and new fashion of young people.

At the Seven Wolf Men’s Museum, the reporter of “China Economic Weekly” saw that the wolf totem series reflects a lot of national elements. The image of the peacock and the pornography of Tonghua in Quanzhou.

The Wolf Totem series also launched a trendy game -after using the pattern on the clothes with APP, AR interaction can be achieved. “This is the cultural application of image technology. It is cool and many young people like it very much.” Zhou Shaoxiong said.

Zhou Shaoxiong said that wolf totems will go to Milan every year. “We are trying to connect with international fashion. They are competing with international brands on the international stage. In this process, we have learned a lot and obtained a lot of peers. Agree.

“Everyone who has a problem is diversified.” Focusing and professionalism is the general trend.

A survey data shows that among the top 20 domestic market share in clothing brands in 2020, 12 domestic brands account for 55%.

Li Ning, Anta and other domestic brands have become the market for the market. On June 15th, Gaozhang Capital 1 billion Hong Kong dollars invested in Tsobu International (01368.HK) to ignite the market’s enthusiasm for domestic goods.


In Guo Yan’s opinion, after experiencing the trough of the industry in previous years, whether it is Li Ning, Anta and other sports brands, or companies such as seven wolves, Yagore, etc., the reason for its can be rejuvenated because these companies have returned to their main business in recent years. “Industry associations often say that any problems are diversified.”

Guo Yan introduced that the clothing industry process is very complicated. There are 40 or 50 craftsmanship in denim, and more than 200 production processes in the suit; and each different category is different. Doing woven, division of labor is very detailed. “

Focusing and professionalism is the general trend.

The seven wolf research and judgment, with the new market trend of consumer groups, personalized demand, and rational consumer awareness, the entire clothing industry is facing new transformation and upgrades. Re -examine and focus on the core main business, continue to upgrade products and services, and explore potential opportunities for markets with changes and innovation, and become a new task for all clothing brands.

Zhu Kelai emphasized that the costume companies created explosive models and explosion points are dazzling, but the value of the brand tightly anchoring the brand is the king.

In 2020, the seven wolf clearly stated on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment: return to the original intention to pay tribute to the design and upgrade the brand’s core as the core. On the basis of continuing the brand DNA elements Fashion character has achieved a new balance between inheritance and innovation.

In terms of product structure adjustment, Zhou Shaoxiong emphasized that the reason why they must focus on eggplant grams is because to move from the past business to fashionable and young, they must have good product carriers. The formal dress and dresses are obviously inappropriate. It can express the fashion attitude well; the second is that the seven wolves have always been the “king of eggplant”. “This is our core competitiveness. History cannot be lost. To inherit well, we must not only be Chinese eggs, but also the world. The eggplant “.

Zhou Shaoxiong analyzed that in the past, men’s clothing was mainly business, and suit and leather shoes were the mainstream. Now, men’s clothing has begun to move and neutralize, and the overall trend has changed. Traditional men’s clothing is normal for development bottlenecks.

To this end, the seven wolves want to find the future trend, and to find the common things in the attitude of different young consumer brands, that is, “challenge” and “struggle”. Seven wolves have accumulated more than 30 years in this regard, which is the company’s unique advantage.

Based on the precise analysis of the target groups of the post -80s and post -90s, the seven wolves showed a trajectory that gradually tended to be younger, sceneized, and attitude.

Seven Wolf Wolf Cultural Locomotive Eggplant Exhibition Area

Product detection center

Senior craftsman is making eggplant grams

Technology has become the pillar of high -quality development of clothing domestic products

The clothing industry is actually an industry with very high technology content

At the same time as brand upgrades, the quality of Chinese clothing is also increasing, and technology has become the pillar of the rise of clothing domestic goods.

According to the “People’s Daily” report, in January this year, Gao Yong, secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary -General of the China Textile Industry Federation, introduced that from the perspective of comprehensive capabilities, my country’s textile industry chain from the category, output quality, production efficiency, autonomous process technology equipment In terms of, generally reach international advanced or leading levels. Not long ago, the report released by the Chinese Academy of Engineering for the “Strategy for Promoting Manufacturing Power Construction for 2035” shows that the textile industry has become one of the industries that my country live in advanced positions in the world.

Gao Yong said that during the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” period, to achieve the high -quality development of the textile industry, the key is to enhance the independent innovation of cutting -edge science and technology, the brand’s timely and soft power, the ability of green development, and the ability to control the international supply chain. Good industrial chain supply chain shortcomings.

Shan Zhongde, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the president of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Aerospace, pointed out: “The textile industry should realize the upgrade from ‘to’ to ‘to the fineness’ and finally to the” good “. Intelligent manufacturing. “In Shan Zhongde’s view, we should continue to promote intelligent high -quality textile equipment for research and development, improve efficiency, performance and digitalization, truly realize automatic perception, smart decision -making, and automatic execution. At the same time, actively develop service -oriented textile manufacturing , Promote personalized custom production models.

Guo Yan also believes that the clothing industry does not seem to have a high threshold. In fact, it has developed to this day, which is already a very high -tech industry.

“Good factory buildings, good equipment, good workers” take out good products

The Seven Wolf China Men’s Museum is a sewing machine with a mark of time, which can be said to have witnessed the technological upgrade of the Chinese clothing industry.

In the early 1990s, the Chinese clothing industry faced a shortage of economic environment. As long as clothes were made, they would not worry about selling, and companies do not worry about making money.


However, Zhou Shaoxiong told the China Economic Weekly that at the beginning, their original intention was to be a high -quality brand, the Chinese’s own brand. A good second -hand “brother card” sewing locomotive, and two “Lenteda” and “Tanjima” computer embroidery machine, recruited dozens of outstanding female workers from the local area to produce the first eggplant.

“Good factory buildings, good equipment, good workers” take out good products. Unsurprisingly, all the products of the seven wolves were sold out. “This has given us a lot of confidence. After coming back, it quickly expands production.” A Egyptian customer even found the address on the clothes tag, and since then became a loyal customer of the seven wolves. After a lapse of 30 years, Zhou Shaoxiong talked about the initial success, and it was still difficult to hide his excitement.

From the beginning, the quality advantage brought by technology has laid high attention to the seven wolves to manufacturing and quality. To this day, the seven wolves still do not relax the quality of clothing. In 2020, they won the “National Top 100 Quality Integrity Benching Enterprises” medals.

Zhou Shaoxiong said that after years of precipitation, the seven wolves have formed a strong quality management system and supply chain control system, and combined with the global excellent suppliers to ensure the quality of the company’s products. , I have participated in the formulation of dozens of related industry standards such as “Egggome Standard”, “Washing and Solving Clothing”, or the only unit to participate in drafting as an enterprise, and pick up the “Advanced Unit of the Standardization of the National Clothing Standardization Technology Committee of the Year ‘. Waiting for heavy awards “.

Intelligent manufacturing has become a standard for new workshops for clothing companies. It only takes 7 days from receiving orders to shipments as soon as possible

As diversified and small batch of production has become the normal state of the clothing industry, almost all leading companies are adjusting their production system. Zhou Shaoxiong said that the use of 5G and Industrial Internet to achieve flexible production is the focus of the clothing industry manufacturing link.

“China Economic Weekly” reporter learned from multiple clothing manufacturers that intelligent manufacturing has become the standard for new production workshops, and production efficiency has been greatly improved. Many companies have only 7 days from receiving orders to shipments. In comparison, Zara, a fast -known global fast fashion leader, takes 3 to 4 weeks.

Quick response is not only the new capabilities of my country’s clothing industry, but also the continuous iteration of Chinese manufacturing capabilities. The person in charge of a cross -border e -commerce company said that in order to control the cost and minimize the inventory, they are generally “small batch, multi -product, high frequency” ordering model. This is only Chinese supply chain. Can be profitable in the case of ensuring quality. “Everyone who does cross -border e -commerce knows that flexible manufacturing and agile supply chain are the most basic equipment. If you can’t do this, don’t play.”

Online and offline integration, e -commerce helping the clothing industry to accelerate the development of the clothing industry

Channel changes, is the offline store shop a source of profit or a profit black hole?

From the 1990s to 2012, the chain stores spreading throughout the urban and rural areas used to be a place for heroes.

In the 1990s, the clothing industry was still in the traditional wholesale stage, but the seven wolves introduced a franchise model, which changed the single model of traditional wholesale trade only output products -both output products and brand image.


In 1995, the seven wolf opened the first chain store. “The dealer carried the cash loaded by a sack, as long as he grabbed the seven wolf goods, it was to make money.” Zhou Shaoxiong recalled the popularity of the business of the seven wolf stores at the time. This move kicked off the prelude to the seven wolf chain system, and also created a precedent for joining the Fujian clothing. The seven wolf brand stores have expanded rapidly, and retail networks are spread all over the country.

By 2012, there were a total of 4007 stores in the seven wolf offline stores, which was its highest peak. The company’s revenue reached 3.477 billion yuan and net profit was 561 million yuan.

The flowers are like brilliant, but Zhou Shaoxiong, like a wolf, smelled the dangerous smell floating in the distance in the distance.

According to statistics from the National Business Information Center of China, the growth rate of the retail sales of clothing products in hundreds of large -scale retail enterprises across the country in 2012 decreased by 8.1 percentage points compared with 2011, and the volume of various types of clothing increased by 2.00%year -on -year. Slowing 2.9 percentage points is the minimum growth rate in the past 10 years.

The entire clothing industry is facing an inflection point. In 2013, the retail sales of men’s clothing across the country increased negatively.

From 4,000 chain stores to shrinking to 1,000, this is the current situation of Benny Road.

Three years of loss of 3.1 billion yuan, closing the store 3,000, Li Ning was in such a difficult situation.

“Chain stores have fallen from 4,000 to 2000, shrinking half.” This is the concern of some observers from the outside world for seven wolves.

The emergence of e -commerce has changed the channel structure of Chinese clothing companies.

In 2008, Taobao Mall was launched; in 2009, Taobao’s “Double Eleven” shopping festival was born; since then, there are “618” and “Double Twelve”.

After the new period of online consumption proportion has been increasing year by year, the common problem faced by the clothing industry is that many offline stores are a source of profit or a black hole in profit? The balance and integration development of online and offline is the homework that every person in charge of each consumer brand must do.

Seven Wolf Group Xiamen Hai Platinum Logistics Co., Ltd.

The continuous improvement of e -commerce penetration is the opportunity to optimize offline channels

Zhou Shaoxiong admits that the emergence of e -commerce has greatly impacted the business model and brand shaping model, and seven wolves have also entered a critical moment of secondary entrepreneurship and transformation and upgrading.

Don’t let go with the original channel, or find a new breakthrough?

Seven wolves advocate “challenging life”. Zhou Shaoxiong said that at the time, it was found that the extensive growth method of excessive relying on channel expansion in the past was unsustainable. The company took the initiative to adjust the channel positioning, shifted from “extension expansion” to “endogenous growth”, and actively explored new online and offline integration. Retail model.

In response to the decline in the profit of the store, the seven wolf reported in 2012 that “the company shifted more focus from opening a new store to the rectification of old stores” and “continuously increasing the attempts of e -commerce.”

The change is difficult. Beginning in 2013, the seven wolves decisively closed some inefficient and invalid stores to ensure terminal profits, while continuously optimizing and upgrading offline channels. Offline channel management tended to refine, intelligent, digital, and continued to improve the quality of single store operations.

In 2019, the business income of the seven wolves reached a record high, reaching 3.623 billion yuan, and its offline stores have successfully reduced to less than 2,000.

The Seven Wolf later concluded that e -commerce greatly extended the tentacles of sales and brought new requirements for offline stores. The expansion of the terminal store is no longer the first priority. The service quality of the terminal and the customer experience have become the core competitiveness. Since 2013, the Fujian men’s clothing has gradually entered the closing shop and adjustment cycle, and the channel strategies of each company have shifted from “expansion” to “upgrade”. Under the current business environment, the expansion of large -scale extension does not meet the industry trends.

Channel upgrades do not mean giving up offline.

The Yangtze Securities Research Report believes that the penetration rate of e -commerce has continued to improve, especially in the context of the 2020 epidemic, offline channels ushered in the tide of closing shops, and the industry clearly accelerated. The quality of channel quality (adjustment position, expansion) “or” accelerated expansion “has continued to optimize the quality of the representative brand channel. After experiencing changes in the external environment and its own deep changes, the domestic product brand has been recalled by the market.

The practice of the seven wolves verifies the correctness of the above logic. Through digital technology and terminal consumers to establish direct contact, seven wolves form various effective interaction and services, adding a new model to offline sales, and building a big data -driven online and offline integrated smart retail benchmark store.

According to reports, in the construction of digital stores, the seven wolves have launched a smart multi -star system to build a digital system in the terminal, goods, and field digital systems, and change from consumer data change perception. Zhou Shaoxiong revealed that “After intelligent and digital, the seven wolves launched the 11th -generation flagship store. As soon as they came out, they were very popular with consumers. The sales performance of many old stores increased very quickly. Some stores increased very quickly. Also ‘rectification and expansion’ (rectification, transformation, expansion) more than 200 stores, and more than 150 new stores are opened according to the new model. “

Embrace e -commerce, pass online and offline

On the one hand, the seven wolfs are online quality and efficiency, and on the other hand, they caught up with the new trend and build a new retail model. Zhou Shaoxiong said that the seven wolves were one of the earliest companies in the industry to embrace e -commerce.

Even more valuable, the seven wolves enjoyed the Internet dividend in the channel change. In 2011, the sales scale of seven wolf e -commerce companies exceeded 100 million yuan; in 2012, it expanded to 180 million yuan; in 2013, it reached 290 million yuan.

What is not well known to the outside world is that as one of the leading companies in Chinese men’s clothing brands, except for eggplant shirts, seven wolf belts, socks and other subdivided products in the e -commerce market, they are ranked first in the market. Men’s underwear, underwear and other products It is also at the forefront.

Online consumption showed strong vitality in 2020. On the one hand, the epidemic has prompted some offline consumption to transfer to online, and more and more consumers are more accustomed to ordering online. On the other hand, local governments have also actively promoted the development of the online economy.

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the national online retail sales were 1176.1 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 10.9%over the previous year. Among them, the online retail sales of physical goods were 97,59 billion yuan, an increase of 14.8%, accounting for 24.9%of the total retail sales of consumer goods, an increase of 4.2 percentage points over the previous year.

The Seven Wolf 2020 reported that the industry actively embraced new channels and new gameplay, and accelerating the opening of online and offline has become the general trend.

During the epidemic in 2020, seven wolves accelerated the embrace of “new retail”, “live broadcast”, “mini -program” and “all -member marketing” became a wide range of operating methods to be promoted to each store, and online and offline integration became the norm. In 2020, the seven -wolf online business revenue was 1.461 billion yuan, accounting for more than 40%of the total revenue.

On April 20, 2021, the seven wolves initiated the theme of the “Wolf Type Dynamic Rejuvenation” on the vibrato. In the list of Douyin clothing, shoe and hat, seven wolves also rose directly from 13th to the second place.

Zhou Shaoxiong emphasized that at present, the company’s channel adjustment is basically in place. “Although the number of channels is reduced, our overall quality is rising” “Seven wolves have never lost money for so many years. 100 million yuan in cash, this year is the first year of the new business model verification. At present, the development momentum is very good. “

Looking at the world, all brands with world -class influence are inseparable from time.

In Guo Yan’s opinion, Chinese companies like seven wolves have the opportunity to internationalization and make scale, like those international brands, “thousands of stores in the world, can be seen everywhere,” However, there are still many homework to do.

Liu Li believes that the leader of Chinese clothing companies must first have the courage to make an international brand. Then, “Looking at the next 20 years and 30 years, the current Chinese companies have to be to be their own. Be a good design. “

In this regard, Zhou Shaoxiong has both a sober understanding and a long -term vision. He emphasized that over the years, Chinese brands have achieved great development. From the simple imitation in the past to its own ability, the manufacturing level and the supply chain foundation have also surpassed the world. However, there must be a long process to truly make a world -class brand and make Chinese design and Chinese life wisdom. “To truly do a good job of the development of national brands, we still have to resist loneliness. In the past two years, we have actively adjusted the growth rate of enterprises. After adjustment and upgrading, the company’s development has gradually improved.”


Seven wolves want to be a brand with a Chinese attitude

——Turo Zhou Shaoxiong, Chairman of the Seven Wolf

“China Economic Weekly” reporter Li Yonghua | Fujian Jinjiang Report

Zhou Shaoxiong, Chairman of Fujian Qipu Wolf Industrial Co., Ltd.

“China Economic Weekly”:

From the robe and horse gown to Zhongshan, from blue -gray to personalized, the changes in century -old clothing, how do you think that the fashion trend will evolve?

Zhou Shaoxiong:

Clothing is a aesthetic exploration, an external manifestation of the way of thinking about the spiritual world. From this perspective, history often shows the future. The Seven Wolf has an ancient men’s museum, which tells the history of the development of the entire men’s clothing since ancient times. Clothing has never been static. From Qin and Han dresses to cheongsam of the Qing Dynasty, each era has its own unique fashion, and often can see the performance of the integration of different ethnic culture. Since modern times, the Westernization Movement has a dress after the Westernization Movement. Zhongshan costume has been transformed from Japanese students, and Japanese student clothing has been transformed from the style of Western clothing. In the period of the Republic of China, there were gown and horse gown and suit dresses.

After the reform and opening up, the Chinese are more open and tolerant. After 2010, people’s aesthetic levels are continuously improved, especially the new generation of education levels and wider vision. Their pursuit of clothing has been from the simplest physical needs. Transform into the spiritual needs of clothing. On the whole, people’s pursuit of clothing is more diverse and personalized, and it will also show more obvious layers.

Clothing is originally a personalized consumption. Every brand has a certain customer base, it is impossible to cover all the needs. Therefore, we must further explore the cultural connotation of the seven wolf brands, increase the cultural attributes of clothing, build a multi -brand matrix, and use different brands to meet different customer base needs.

At the same time, the seven wolves must adhere to the DNA that can be inherited, maintain the coherence of the brand style, but also develop products that can communicate with the new era and the new generation. At this time, the seven wolves have entered a new period of development.

As a brand of more than 30 years, how does the seven wolf build young people’s brand cognition?

We will be a multi -brand company. We call it a brand with attitude, which can inherit a century -old brand and penetrate the boundaries of age.

With an attitude of expression, it is no longer restricted by age. Young people have an attitude, and mature people also want to express attitudes. As a product, there is no age. The design logic of the product is called “the classic is not fashionable and fashionable.”

The wolf is a symbol of the brand attitude: the struggle is more than, the courage to move forward, and the team cooperates. Seven wolves use fashion inheritance classics. We look for the basic skeleton in the classics, but in the form of expression, combined with the current popular elements and color languages, pattern language, forming a inherited, recognizable, and consistent product structure to reflect our usage of us Value proposition, brand attitude.

What do you think will be innovative and developed in the Chinese clothing industry?

The clothing fashion industry is a highly competitive industry, but this industry is another eternal Yangyang industry. It is not high, it is easy to cultivate new entrepreneurs, and at the same time, it is quickly eliminated. In this industry, we have done it for 31 years, and it is really not easy from a certain perspective.


However, compared to many century -old companies abroad, 31 years are not long. We still have a long way to catch up. Of course Speaking is also an encouragement.

The Seven Wolf was an important force leading to the development of brand enterprises, and has always been regarded as the most opportunity to become a international -level multi -brand operation company. What is international operating company? In other words, we not only have our own original brands, but we also have some internationalizations that can affect the brands of other markets.

How should Chinese clothing brands affect the world with fashion?

Today, although China is a big fashion country, it is not a fashion power. Our fashion design concept and level have greatly improved, but most of the fashionable elements are affected by foreign countries. We can only form a popular element of national tide in China, and we cannot affect the national tide of others. China has not yet affected the world’s fashion designers, and our fashion products have not really gone out.

Therefore, we are responsible for the development of the industry and contribute to China in the process of soft power. If China’s soft power can lead the world, then we are the real power.

What are the development goals of the seven wolves and long -term development?

Our goal is very simple, focusing on the core category of eggplant, expressing Chinese attitude, and becoming the leader of Chinese fashion eggplant. Next, we plan to use eggplant grams as a carrier to convey China’s attitude, convey the concept of sustainable development, convey natural and harmonious symbiosis, and advocate a culture of wolf -nature. In addition, we also promote the green transformation of production methods to create sustainable eggplant grams.

“China Economic Weekly”:

“China Economic Weekly”:


“China Economic Weekly”:

“China Economic Weekly”:

Zhou Shaoxiong:

Zhou Shaoxiong:

Zhou Shaoxiong:

Zhou Shaoxiong:

The first vision is to build a fashion industry group with a market value of 100 billion yuan, focusing on creating the core competitiveness of superior categories. We acquired the Karl Ragfi brand. I believe that this international brand representing fashion symbols should have huge room for extension.

In the second vision, we need to provide a quality and quality fashion product for 100 million users.Now, we have more than 10 million users and strive to reach 100 million users within 10 years.

The third vision is to create and build a stage for fashionable dreamers.We build a supply chain service platform, build a service platform for capital service investment, build a service platform for organizational talent structure, and build a digital empowerment service platform.

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