No matter how good the legs are, the pants are not good, and the pants are selected and matched, and the legs are thin and thin.

Many girls think that the figure determines everything, and the clothes are not good -looking, mainly because their body shape is not beautiful enough. There will be some effects of weight and body shape, but it is not an overwhelming factor. By wearing, you can help your own advantages to strengthen, which is why you need to learn matching. Take common pants, many people will be fat, because it is not appropriate in terms of style. The main points of the following options can be quickly understood, and it will be fashionable if you choose the right.


In April, it is not necessary to put on shorts directly, and the trousers still dominate, but its trousers can be adjusted slightly.

Nurple pants are shorter than the basic trousers, but it has the effect of naked ankles, and it is naturally thinner to look at it.


Army green nine -point pants

It can help the ankle to have a generous display opportunity. Through the manifestation of this line, it can also lengthen the lines of the legs, which is suitable for people with a short leg or a ratio of five or five points.

However, the shaping of cropped pants does not require too much time or energy. As long as the fabric of the pants will not be too smooth or too heavy, you can adopt the form of curls to convey the original conventional pants dressing conversion For the style of nine -point pants and even scholar pants.

For example, this white cropped pants can be rolled up directly to quickly create the length of the nine -point pants, and it can also flexibly switch the layout of the trousers to form a diversified dress.

Today’s pants design does not have the same sense of vision at all. It is that it can be changed from multiple parts to reverse people’s inherent monotonous impression.


Light -colored jeans

It is used to cut the cropped pants, and it also uses it

Short and back -long

The subtle differences make it different from the details. This method is also a solution that can focus on highlighting the ankle, and the color of the pants is fresh, and the layout of the picture must be refreshing.

The length of the pants can also have a great impact on the style. The pants fabric created by the cropped pants will not completely wrap the entire foot, so it will look very neat and smooth lines. If it is replaced with a mopped pants, it is obviously more trouser legs, and it will also cover the surface of the shoes. It mainly plays a sexy role.

Such as this

Mopped trousers

The original pants type can easily cause a bulky impression. But after adopting fresh colors, this short board can be relieved.


The reason why pants can show a diverse design are the main reasons for constructing different styles. In addition, the version is loose or tight, and it is also a major factor in consideration.

If you choose jeans, like


In the form, you must pay attention to whether the elasticity of the denim fabric is good and superior, and consider whether its ductility passes. However, no matter how flexible this type of pants are, it will still be exposed to the flaws of the legs, and it is suitable for people with long legs to try.

Between the width between the tights and the wide -leg pants is naturally straight pants, which is also a pants that people particularly love. In winter, you can plug in autumn pants inside. It is not bloated. By spring and summer, you can also wear it alone to beautify the leg shape.

Like this

Blue straight pants

The straight trousers it adopted will not be too loose, and the leg lines created by it are still smooth and beautiful. With the cutting of cropped pants and fresh colors, it is very suitable for use when the weather is hot.

Simple jeans can fully poke the women’s aesthetics, and can shuttle back and forth between various styles, without much worry. After choosing a version, it is better to put aside whether the legs are fat or fine.


For example, this denim wide -leg pants, because the fabric is not particularly soft, it can form obvious contour of the leg, which helps girls to modify the insufficient leg lines.


There are many points for selection of pants. In addition to the length and tightness mentioned above, its fabric also affects the wearing experience and dressing effect.


Seeking a more comfortable dressing effect, you can choose good fabrics and have soft performance pants. After adding the design of wide -leg pants, it can enhance the sense of verticality several times. For example, this pink wide -leg pants, the color has a personality, the style is very wide, and the legs are not squeezed.


The more loose pants, the easier it is to create a free and easy state. The more slim -fitting, the more you have a sense of restraint on your legs. In the two seasons of spring and summer, it is not suitable for the use of trousers that fit the legs too much to replace it with wide -leg pants.

Dark blue wide -leg trousers

, Also have sufficient vertical sense. In terms of loose pants, it is more swollen than conventional wide -leg pants. The upper body can adopt a slim -fitting clothing to avoid widening up and down.

If you are always fat in pants, it must be that the type that is suitable for you must be selected when choosing a model. Its style needs to fully fit the personal leg conditions.


Like this dark gray pants, the vertical sense also obviously retains. On the one hand, the lines of the legs can be covered by the fabric, and the other is to pull straight legs.

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