In addition to cotton, the newborn’s personal clothes should be paid attention to 8 details, and the baby is comfortable and rest assured.

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The newborn babies are like beauty without bones, not easy to pick up, let alone wear clothes.

The baby is about to be born, and the home will prepare newborns for the baby in advance, and many people know that the clothes prepared for the baby need to be “cotton”. In fact, in addition to the material requirements, there are many small details that also need to pay attention to parents.

“National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications” GB18401-2010 divides textiles into three categories: ABC, of ​​which only A product can be worn by infants and young children.

Pay attention to 8 details for newborn baby clothes

It is important to prepare clothes for newborns:

Safety and comfort

Essence That is, the baby’s dress is safe and comfortable, and the clothes will not cause damage to the baby, and at the same time play a warmth.


The baby’s clothes are diverse. The right clothes are convenient for parents to wear and remove the baby, which will also make the baby feel comfortable.


Usually most young parents prepare their children

Larger or fart jacket


Oblique coat


Candid -placket coat (monk clothing)

: Suitable for 0-3 months babies, generally combined with buttons and rope bands, and use rope straps on the side of the baby.

Fart clothes:

There is no jacket with trouser legs.

Oblique fart clothes

The two children of the lazy mother are almost wearing these two types of clothes. Dabao was born in spring, and the fart clothes were worn in summer. In the winter of birth in the winter, my sister was mainly wearing a thick fart clothes to the bottom.

The diapers will be changed many times in the confinement. It is very convenient to wear a fart clothes. Open the fart part to change the urine to the baby.

Both of these clothes can be changed when children change urine and not wet


Continue to protect the abdomen from being cold, it can also reduce the friction between the navel and clothes of the newborn.

Whether you choose these two styles of clothes, you need to pay attention to the following 8 details


Rope band: The connection with the clothes is firm and the length is appropriate.

Newborn clothes generally have 1-2 rope bands and 2-3 rope bands outside. The purpose is to fix the clothes. However, don’t be too long. After knotting it, after the knot,

The rope can not grow to the neck of the child and the mouth, nor can it be circled around the child’s arm.

“Technical Specifications for Infant and Children’s Textile Product Safety Technical Specifications” clearly stipulates the rope band: drawing rope belt, excessive band (exceeding the edge of the clothes), and the end decoration of the rope band

Not qualified!

Infants and children under the age of 7, except for belt,


There should be no rope stretching or tie on the back.

Too long rope will easily wrap the baby’s fingers, wrists, etc., and it is easy to strangle the baby. If it fails to find it in time, it will cause the baby’s blood to not circulate.

Therefore, when choosing newborns clothes,

The less the number of rope, the better, the better, the better the better.

2. Light -colored clothes

There will be more dyes and auxiliary clothes with darker colors, which are prone to coloring. The falling pigments will cause allergies, discomfort, pollution and other hazards to the baby’s skin; and

Newborns like to bite the clothes on the cuffs, so when choosing clothes, try to choose light -colored clothes.

The content of formaldehyde and other chemical preparations in dark clothes staining agents is higher than light -colored clothes; and particularly white clothes often have fluorescent agents, and real natural white is soft and even yellow.

In addition to the safe cloth of light clothes, it can also be able to

It is convenient for parents to find out whether the clothes are dirty and need to be washed, and light -colored clothes can feel comfortable and avoid stimulating the emotions of mothers after the birth.

3. Clothing decoration

Although the newborn can not move at will, but

He can lick and bite the cuff clothes.


Like my sister, I started to lick my mouth when I was born.

If there are a lot of decorations on the clothes, these small components are not connected to the clothes, so

Easy to fall off, mistaken in the baby. It is also easy to scratch the baby’s delicate skin during penetration.

4, line head:

Clothing should be meticulous, try to try


No line head,

The falling line is easy to wrap the baby’s fingers, or it is swallowed by the baby. The line head should be handled clean, the edges of the clothes should be smooth,

Sewing noodles outside the clothes


(Adult clothes sewing noodles are inside, so don’t say that the clothes of newborn babies are reversed!)

5, buttons:

The buttons are as plastic as possible, and the metal button will stimulate the baby’s skin in winter. Apart from

The buttons need to be firmly connected to the clothes, and it is easy to use, and it will not be unable to buckle or unsolved.

If the buttons are not easy to open or buckle, when the child starts to cry, and how can you unite your clothes, how can you say that it is not annoying?

6. Tag

: Newborn clothes

Tags outside the clothes

In this way, the baby’s side is relatively smooth, not easy to be scratched by labels, or stimulating skin discomfort.

7, neckline:

Babies’ clothes are generally fixed with buttons, but if

The neckline is too large, it is easy to leak wind, let the baby cool

8. Quantity of preparation: Newborn growth speed is fast,

So there is no need to buy too many or too expensive newborns.


Generally, newborns are born 50cm in length, and prepare 52 yards and 59 yards for baby,

52-yard clothes require 2-3 pieces, and at least 2 clothes with 59 yards.

If it is winter, you can prepare two more, so that even if the baby spit milk, it can be dry.

Every child needs different needs. For example, my boss had almost no vomiting at first, so the three clothes were enough. And the sister is either vomiting milk, or wetness, and 3 pieces are not enough to change.

If you find that the clothes are not enough, you will add a lot of clothes for laundry, and buy two more.

In short, for newborn

It must be safe, warm, and easy to wear, easy to wear and take off


Essence As for what style to choose, you can follow the habits of the caregiver.

In addition, six -month -old babies do not need to deliberately divide men and women, so it doesn’t matter pink or blue clothes. Whether it is the old clothes from other children or the new clothes they buy, they need to be cleaned and exposed to the sun.


When choosing a newborn clothes, the premise is mainly safety, the comfort is second, and it is convenient to wear and take off. Every time you change your urine, take a bath or change clothes, you must check the baby’s whole body skin.


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