Hainan incorporates the vest preservation bag into the scope of the prohibition

China News Network Haikou, May 25th (Reporter Huang Yi) Reporter learned from the press conference from the “Hainan Provincial Outstanding Issues Rectification Plan” on the 25th that Hainan proposed 22 rectification measures to solve the 5 major issues of plastic work. Including the fresh -keeping bags such as vest -style fresh -keeping bags in the prohibited scope, and e -commerce is required to comply with Hainan related plastic prohibition regulations.

Since December 1, 2020, the “Hainan Special Economic Zone forbidden for one -time non -degradable plastic products” is officially implemented, and Hainan Province has been officially launched for half a year. Kong Linghui, deputy director of the Hainan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, introduced that Hainan has established a full -process closed -loop management system for “regulations+standards+lists+alternative products+traceability system”, but still faces many challenges. Non -degradable plastic products rebounded. There are many problems such as regulatory law enforcement and weak blindness, and prominent issues such as residents’ weak consciousness have aroused social attention.

Kong Linghui introduced that the “Rectification Plan for the Outstanding Problem of Hainan Province” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) proposed 22 rectification measures, and focused on solving the current five outstanding problems facing Hainan Province forbidden plastics. The “Plan” proposes that the price of biodegradable plastic products is appropriately reduced to solve the problem of excessive cost use of alternatives; optimizing the regulatory law enforcement system, solving the problems of weak regulatory law enforcement and blind spots; carrying out extensive publicity, solving the problem of not in -depth publicity and education; Evaluation and adjustment of shaping policies, eliminate policy and regulations, strengthen supervision and assessment, and compact the municipal and county governments’ territorial responsibilities.

Kong Linghui emphasized that the “Plan” is used to use a large number of fresh -keeping bags for shopping bags. It adjusts the plastic list and incorporates the fresh -keeping bags such as vest -type fresh -keeping bags into the prohibited scope to provide law enforcement basis for law enforcement departments. At the same time, different scenarios are distinguished to ensure the normal use of fresh -keeping bags such as food processing and production, and reduce the pollution caused by the use of fresh -keeping bags into other disposable plastic products.

Aiming at the current focus of controlling and extensive plastic plastics such as online shopping. Li Zhiping, Director of the Market Construction Division of the Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce, said that the Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce requires major e -commerce companies to promise to marketer the “prohibited plastic” policy on the website and remind cooperative merchants not to produce and use “plastic” in Hainan Province. Plastic products in the list do not sell or transport the “prohibited plastic” list in Hainan Province; ensure that the packaging box and plastic bags used by the platform self -operated products use degradable plastic products.

Kong Linghui said that in the future, Hainan’s plastic ban will continue to continue to improve policies and regulations, promote the development of the entire industrial chain of alternatives, strengthen law enforcement supervision and in -depth publicity, and form institutional innovation cases in multiple fields. (Finish)

Source: China News Network