Seeing a small Bumei Lingling’s big eyes in the market is so cute

Today, I helped a friend find Bomei. Although this Bomei did not take a bath, the big eyes were too cute. Bomei belonged to a small dog. At present, many people are called tea cup dogs. In fact, the tea cup dog is only a name.The size of the dog is relatively small and can be called a tea cup dog. For example, Chihuahua, Deer, Yorkshire, and the smaller Teddy can be called a tea cup dog.The dogs I saw today not only have Bomei, but also Germany, Labrador, Bian Mu, Teddy …


The price of the puppet cat is also a thousand feet. Such a fluttering cat has a docile personality and is very gentle and sticky.There are also rare leopard cats, and the leopard print is very sexy.

As many large cities are banned, small dogs and cats are gradually loved by people, but many friends do not know which dogs and cats are suitable for themselves to find Little Hei to chat together!