Wenzhou 8 -year -old girl appeared on CCTV’s “Today Is Your Birthday” and stunned.

In the pop -up video recorded by the CCTV head station “Today is your birthday”, the girl Chen Ziyan and Liu Tao, Dili Reba, Yi Xi Qianxi and other star chorus were celebrated to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. The video was online on September 17th. As of 10:30 am on September 19, the number of viewing on Weibo reached 24.88 million, and the reposts, likes, and comments reached 1.06 million, 1.06 million, and 33,000, respectively.

Why can Chen Ziyan, 8 years old, can be selected to record this flash video? On September 19, the reporter contacted Chen Ziyan’s mother, Ms. Chen, and decrypted the “Birth of Birth” of Tong Xing.


On the other side of the phone, Ms. Chen said that Chen Ziyan was trying out and preparing a scenario shooting.


The appearance resembles “Little Jin Ming”

Co -organized by the Central Radio and Television Station and the National Museum, the song “Today is Your Birthday”, recorded by the Central Radio and Television General Station, Chen Ziyan and the famous actor Liu Tao sang the first paragraph of the song. The voice is clear.

As for the video shooting this time, the reporter learned that Chen Ziyan was actually a young “old star”.

Chen Ziyan was born in Leqing and went to Beijing with his parents at the age of 1. In 2014, 3 -year -old Chen Ziyan participated in the CCTV Children’s Channel “Little Wisdom Tree -Little Baby Singing” program. Because of this performance experience, she looks like “Xiao Jin Ming” and entered the audience’s field of vision. Since then, it has become the “frequent visitor” of CCTV. In CCTV’s “Very 6+1”, “Gold 100 Second” and other programs. Her figure also participated in the show of “Dad is back” from Zhejiang Satellite TV. In 2016, she played the role of “Wanjun” in “Children’s Not OK”.

Because the performance was agile and generous, in the flash video recording of “Today is your birthday”, the director group directly contacted Ms. Chen. Ms. Chen said that after entering the recording studio, Chen Ziyan sang only twice and completed the recording in ten minutes.

Hometown brands come to the door

In addition to participating in public welfare publicity performances, Chen Ziyan is also the spokesperson of multiple brands. In the winter of 2015, Chen Ziyan appeared at the famous children’s clothing brand “Beibeiyi” Park Road specialty store in his hometown to personally demonstrate his own winter dressing secret: warm and fashionable.

Ms. Zhang, the person in charge of “Beibeiyi”, told reporters that because she saw her lively performance in major programs, she was attracted by the spirituality of the little girl in this hometown. When Chen Ziyan put on “Beibeiyi” clothing, her sweet smile, playful and cute temperament, and ancient and strange character just explained “Beibeiyi” hoping that every child can have a colorful personality, optimistic and strong , Freedom.

In addition, she has endorsed to shoot Yili QQ Star -flavored yogurt, KAPPA children’s clothing sportswear, and shoots milk powder advertisements with the famous actress Liu Tao.

Performance learning

Singing, playing the piano, and dancing. Since the age of 3 years, Ms. Chen has asked Chen Ziyan to ask a professional teacher. In Ms. Chen’s view, Chen Ziyan is a stubborn girl. Although she has talent in singing, playing the piano is not her long item. When preparing Sicily dance music, etc., although she felt difficult to play, she still played hard, and sometimes it was an hour.


Because of the performance, Chen Ziyan’s homework often fell, so after the performance, she gave her homework to Ms. Chen’s prescribed action. “Fortunately, the knowledge of elementary school is relatively simple, and it is easy to make up. Ziyan’s grades are the top in the class.” Ms. Chen said.

Because she often appeared on CCTV, her name has made subtle changes in the relationship between classmates. Ms. Chen said: “Some classmates will sign her, and some classmates will not want to play with her because of her prominent.”

Ms. Chen feels that children are still young and should still take learning. Even if they have to follow the artistic path in the future, they must do a good job of discipline learning. “Elementary school school burden is lighter. She can cope with various performances. After entering middle school, the performance will slowly.” Ms. Chen said.

(The original title “Wenzhou 8 -year -old girl appeared on CCTV song flash, stunning opening”, the original author Wang Minjie, editor Wang Yanqiong)